Yoruba States In Nigeria

Yoruba States in Nigeria – All You Need to Know

The Yoruba States in Nigeria which is referred to as Ilẹ̀ Káàárọ̀-Oòjíire or Ilẹ̀ Oòduà in the indigenous language – Yoruba, is the homeland and region of the Yoruba people in West Africa.

Yorubaland is located in West Africa, specifically in Southeast and Central Benin, Southwest Nigeria, and East-Central Togo

It spans the modern-day countries of Benin, Nigeria, and Togo, while covering a vast area of land, measuring about 142,114 km2 or relatively, 60% of the land area of Ghana.

Nigeria houses 106,016 km² (74.6%) of this, 18.9% lies within Benin, while the remaining 6.5% is in Togo.

Prior to recent times, a portion of these regions was known as “Yoruba country.” The geocultural space is estimated to contain about 55 million people, and the majority of this population are ethnic Yorubas.

Cultural Heritage of the Yorubas

The earliest artifact of the Yorubas is the Ifẹ̀ artifact, and dates back to 500 BCE

The Oyo Empire in the Yorubaland in 1300, the British Colony in 1862, the French Colony in 1872, Dahomey (now Benin) in 1904, and Nigeria in 1914. The Yorubaland was founded by PYIG (Proto Yoruba-Itsekiri-Igala)

Yoruba States is Composed of





Ekiti State

Kogi State

Kwara State

Lagos State

Ogun State

Ondo State

Osun State


Oyo State



Of the thirty-six states in Nigeria, eight are Yoruba states.

List of Yoruba States in Nigeria

Ekiti State

Kogi State

Kwara State

Lagos State

Ogun State

Ondo State

Osun State

Oyo State

From the above, Kogi State is partly located in Yorubaland while most of the Yoruba settlements in Edo State are primarily in Akoko Edo LGA.

The Regional Capital States of The Yorubas in Nigeria

  1. The Economic capital – Lagos/Eko
  2. The Political capital – Oyo
  3. The Cultural/Spiritual capital – Ilẹ̀-Ifẹ̀

Oyo-Ile was formerly the Political Capital of the Oyo Empire

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The Yorubas operates on a Monarch type of Government

• Oba – King

• Ògbóni – Legislature

• Olóye – Chiefs

• Balógun – Generalissimo

• Baálẹ̀ – Village/Regional heads in Western Yorubaland

• Ọlọja – Village/Regional heads in Eastern Yorubaland

Total Land Area of the Yorubas

142,114 km2 (54,871 sq mi)

The Highest elevation

1,055 m (3,461 ft)

The Lowest elevation

−0.2 m (−0.7 ft)

Population estimate of the Yoruba States as of 2015

~ 55 million

The Yorubaland Density

387/km2 (1,000/sq mi)

Demographics of the Yoruba States in Nigeria, Benin and Togo

• Language


• Religion

Christianity, Islam, Yoruba religion

Time zone

GMT (Togo), WAT (Nigeria, Benin)

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The Major Cities/Towns in The Yorubaland

The major cities or towns on the Yorubaland, are the largest cities or towns of the Yorubas. The list below was compiled based on the 2016-2018 estimates

  1. Èkó (Metropolis)

Region: Lagos State

Population: 23,437,435

This Metropolitan region of Lagos comprises 16 out of Lagos State’s 20 LGA.

This means that the major cities of the Yorubas in Lagos are all the Local Government Areas in the state except Badagry, Epe, Ibeju-Lekki, and Ikorodu

  1. Ìbàdàn

Region: Oyo State

Population: 3,675,000

This area consists of the 11 LGAs in Ibadan Metropolis

  1. Ìlọrin

Region: Kwara State

Population: 1,120,000

Ilorin is made up of 3 LGAs, namely: Ilorin East, Ilorin South, and Ilorin West, though it has outgrown suburbs into Asa.

  1. Ìkòròdú

Region: Lagos State

Population: 1,005,551

Based on the 2018 LASG estimate, the area majors from Ikorodu Local Government Area

  1. Òṣogbo (Conurbation)

Region: Osun State

Population: 820,000

The Osogbo conurbation comprises Irepodun, Osogbo, Orolu, Olorunda, and Egbedore LGAs

  1. Abẹ́òkúta

Region: Ogun State

Population: 777,000

Summation of Abeokuta North, Abeokuta South and Odeda

  1. Ifọ̀-Àkútè-Ìjòkó (Conurbation)

Region: Ogun State

Population: 750,000

This comprises a large urban sprawl based on Ifo, Akute, Ajuwon, Ijoko townships

  1. Ọ̀tà

Region: Ogun State

Population: 733,400

Comprises Boripe and Ifelodun LGAs

  1. Ilé-Ifẹ̀

Region: Osun State

Population: 701,100

Summation of Ife East, Ife North, and Ife Central but excluding Ife South as it is not within the Ife metropolitan area

  1. Àkúrẹ́

Region: Ondo State

Population: 662,800

Comprises of Akure North and Akure South LGAs

  1. Ọ̀yọ́

Region: Oyo State

Population: 602,000

Comprises of Atiba, Oyo East, and Oyo West LGAs

  1. Gbaglé

Region: Lagos State

Population: 555,162

Made up of the Badagry Local Government Area

  1. Adó Èkìtì

Region: Ekiti State

Population: 465,000

The main population is based on the Ado Local Government Area of Ekiti State

  1. Ògbómọ̀ṣọ́

Region: Oyo State

Population: 420,400

Consists of Ogbomosho North and Ogbomosho South LGAs

  1. Òde Oǹdó

Region: Ondo State

Population: 390,000

The Urban Area of Ondo is based on Ondo West Local Government

  1. Ìkirè-Apọ̀mù

Region: Osun State

Population: 337,200

This is a summation of Irewole and Isokan LGAs

  1. Ìṣàgámù

Region: Ogun State

Population: 325,000

This city is a large township whose population Center base is on Sagamu township but with an urban sprawl from Ikorodu

  1. Ìkìrun-Ìrágbìjí

Region: Osun State

Population: 323,900

Made up of Ife East, Ife North, and Ife Central but excluding Ife South as it is not within the Ife metropolitan area

  1. Ọ̀ghọ̀

Region: Ondo State

Population: 300,000

Majors from the Owo, Local Government Area

  1. Iléṣà

Region: Osun State

Population: 292,300

Summation of Ilesa East and Ilesa West LGAs

Geography of the Yoruba Land

The Yoruba States in Nigeria have varieties of tourism centers and geographical locations. Some of them are:

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