Gotv Lite Channels List

Updated GOTV Lite Channels List

In this article, we will discuss the Updated GOTV Lite Channels List. If you are considering buying a GOTV or GOTV lite decoder soon or you already have one, then, carefully go through this article for some important updates. We will also be sharing an updated GOTV lite channels list.

GOTV, just like the DSTV, is produced by a popular broadcast corporation known as Multichoice. It is the most pocket-friendly and convenient bouquet available in Nigeria which is owned by DSTV Multichoice. After the TV set, a functioning GOTV decoder is another piece of equipment you will certainly find in an average Nigerian home.

This says a whole lot about how invaluable this gadget proves to be. Many exciting local and international channels are available to viewers on GOTV. It is the only DSTV substitute that uses DVB-T2 technology, a cutting-edge digital terrestrial broadcasting innovation for channel clarity.

GOTV Nigeria is presently the quickest growing pay TV in the country with existing packages that have made other pay TV in the country sit up and provide clean plans and affordable decoder prices. GOTV was first launched in Oyo state capital (Ibadan) as GOTV Nigeria with about 20 channels then.

Apart from Nigeria, GOTV is also available in African countries like Zambia, Ghana, Uganda, Malawi, Namibia, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Some of the GOTV packages include GOTV max, GOTV jolly, GOTV jinja, and GOTV smallie.  

GOTV decoders cost between N9,000 and N9,500 depending on the place and period of purchase. The various GOTV packages have prices ranging between N900 and N4,500 per month.

However, if you do not want to pay this much and still want to have fantastic channels to lighten your day, then you would definitely love this other version of GOTV decoder, which is the GOTV lite package.

GOTV lite employs a broadcasting technique similar to those used by networks like NTA and AIT, but with superior video and audio quality. GOTV lite is literally the least costly GOTV bouquet in terms of price and it is the best bet if you want a subscription price for as low as four hundred Naira per month.

At a very reasonable and inexpensive monthly membership price of 400 Naira, you are guaranteed to receive 18 channels with categories of entertainment, sports channels, and four local networks, to add.

With these and more other juicy packages available in the GOTV lite, I’m sure you already cannot wait to have a first-hand experience of the fun. More so, we will help you out by providing the whole updated GOTV lite channels list for 2022.

Updated GOTV Lite Channels List

The updated GOTV lite channels list provides access to 23 channels at a very friendly rate of 400 per month. Below is a complete list of Gotv lite channels according to the categories they fall under.

The Local Channels

They share news, and important updates relating to society, and sometimes display family dramas. The updated GOTV lite channels list cannot be complete without listing these channels.

They are;

  • Liberty tv
  • Rave
  • Ntai
  • Silverbird
  • Ait
  • Channels
  • Mitv
  • Lagostv
  • Wazobia max
  • WAP
  • ONTV max

The Religious channels

Are you a Christian, Muslim, or the like? These stations in the GOTV lite channels list are there to serve you with respect to your religion. Faith Broadcast Network, Emmanuel TV, and Dove TV are Christian channels, while the Islam channel is for the Muslims/Islamic religion. They are;

  • Faith broadcast network
  • Islam channel
  • Emmanuel tv
  • Dove tv

News and Commerce

These stations available in the GOTV lite channels list focus on international News and important updates. They are;

  • eTV Africa
  • Al Jazeera
  • TVC news

Entertainment and Movies

  • GO channel
  • Galaxy TV
  • Trybe tv
  • STV


  • SuperSport Blitz


  • Jim Jam


  • Afro music English


  • TVC Entertainment

In the updated GOTV lite channels list, you have the option of paying annually or even quarterly. The annual cost of the GOTV Lite bundle is N3,180, while the quarterly cost is N1,080. To save funds, you can also pay N410 monthly.

In summary; GOTV lite channels’ current price list

  • N410 per month
  • N1,080 per quarter
  • N3,180 per year

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How to Pay For one of the Packages in GOTV lite Channels list

Updated Gotv Lite Channels List

Do you want to purchase a GOTV lite package? Follow these steps below for a quick and easy purchase:

The first check is to pay at any GoTv outlet near you or you can pay through the online platform using Quickteller. Also, many banks have added the GoTv subscription to their online payment applications.

So you can make the GoTv online payment through your bank’s applications or shortcode. Some persons prefer to use this Gotv subscription online payment platform available on their bank app or via shortcode which makes it simpler for them to pay for any Gotv package online.

For further information, contact GOTV Nigeria online through their customer service platform which is:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Twitter handle:
  • Facebook page:
  • You can also dial the GOTV shortcode on your phone which is 4688 or the GOTV Nigeria USSD number which is *288*1#.

How To Install Bouquets of the GOTV Lite Channels List

You can quickly set up your GOTV by requesting it at the store where you purchased your starter pack. The installation is usually done for a minor fee. Alternately, you may do it on your own by following the ‘how to guide’ that comes with the pack

By now, you should have your GOTV functioning and begin to enjoy your free initial subscription. The package is quite a fascinating option.

Other GOTV packages and prices available, with their number of channels;

  • GOTV Joli; 82 channels cost 2,460
  • GOTV max; 65 channels cost 3,600
  • GOTV jinja; 57 channels cost 1,640
  • GOTV lite; 14 channels cost 400 monthly


The GOTV channels you may access depend on the package type you choose. Although this bundle has been designed by GOTV Nigeria so that no viewer is left out, at least one or more channels are available but some channels, however, cannot be accessed without upgrading the GOTV package.

As such, the level of access to channels and packages is based on your subscription plan. Therefore, customers who want to use the GOTV often pay a monthly charge and then receive the channels listed in their subscription plan.

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