Best Online Stores In Nigeria

Top 10 Best Online Stores in Nigeria

Online shopping has become a trend in the modern world, and in Nigeria as a nation. Finding the best online stores or shops to make purchases from has also become difficult. Here we highlighted ten of the best online stores you can shop in Nigeria.

Young people most especially are into the eCommerce industry, and of course, they are always excited when they make a purchase and it came as was ordered.

You might have observed or been a victim of “What I ordered vs What I got”, whether on the internet or through a personal encounter. Trust me you wouldn’t want to experience that from any online store.

No matter how cheap an item is presented to be in an online store in Nigeria, you should not buy it till it’s confirmed that the online store is verified.

Even some verified online stores in Nigeria now scam their customers; how demeaning!

Luckily, you have come across this post, and as we wouldn’t want you to be victimized by online shopping scams; Do well to read this post in detail to understand why the out-listed stores are the top ten online stores in Nigeria.

Not only are these the best stores to shop online in Nigeria, but also, they rank among the cheapest online stores in Nigeria with good customer service.

Top Online Stores in Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria –

Jumia is one of the most popular e-commerce websites in Nigeria. It was founded in May 2012, as a Nigerian version of The online has been rated the most visited e-commerce website in Nigeria by Amazon’s Alexa. This also added to the increased popularity of the online store.

Jumia is not only Nigeria’s most prominent e-commerce site where you can shop online, but also, the online shop that allows you to sell your products and services.

Jumia is set apart from other online shops in Nigeria due to the different products you can access on the shopping site. Whether it’s groceries, jewelry, cosmetics, apparel, gadgets, foodstuffs, etc; you can find it on the site.

They also provide discounts on gross purchases and organize black Friday sales, among other discount sales methods.

Konga (

This online store was established with a desire to make precise availability and speedy delivery of purchases at the convenience of the customers.

Konga is a megastore, and owns warehouses stock-piled with goods and positioned in key cities like Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt to ensure efficient and quick delivery.

The online store allows small businesses to sell and facilitate their product sales on a variety of goods on their website. They also give out valid promo codes for discounted offers on goods placed on their website.

PayPorte (

PayPorte, the e-commerce giant tagged as Nigeria’s preferred online retail store. was launched in September 2014. It has continued to thrive and make productive ROIs in the e-commerce industry since then.

The products available on the website were made to cater to a diversified audience among youths and young literate professionals.

PayPorte partners with local businesses, thus helping them secure more sales by displaying their products on its platform. This gives them access to new clients, wider logistics coverage, and a better chance to expand their businesses.

Kara (

Kara is one of the best online stores to shop from in Nigeria. With the thousands of visitors on their website, Kara offers a wide collection of Electronics, Mobile Phones, Electrical Supplies, Gadgets, and other technological products at the most subsidized prices.

Kara owns a marketplace where companies and business owners are allowed to offer and showcase their wares.

VConnect Nigeria (

VConnect was fondly known as Nigeria’s business listing website before the website launched an open marketplace for businesses to feature their goods and services.

VConnect is one of the first successful business directory websites to emerge on the Nigerian web. They recently moved into the e-Commerce industry and seem to be yielding positive results as a forward move.

Vconnect is one of the online stores where you can partner and be committed in business with a company that breaks new grounds in customer service and pre-and after-sales assistance.

Customers who shop in their online store are assured of premium quality services at affordable prices with logistics and payment facilitation.

Jiji Nigeria (

Jiji Nigeria began in 2014, is one of the fast-growing free online stores with an advanced and classified security system.

Jiji provides a hassle-free solution to buy and sell almost anything.

Even as Jiji is popular for its wide range of products, there are some scammers registered on Jiji. You must be aware of the seller or dealer and the type of products you wish to purchase, before moving ahead to make payments for the products and/or services.

Check the reviews made by other customers, if it is fitting then you can make payment for the products.

As a retail seller or business owner, you can share free classified ads of your products and goods on the website and make maximum reach and profits.

OLX Nigeria (

OLX services are unlike the conventional practices of online stores; they offer an information-filled website where buyers and sellers can interact or transact.

Business owners are allowed to display and put out designs and post ads under specified categories. This gives the online store a structured design ensuring the faster location of products of interest.


For the purchase of smartphones, electronics, and electrical appliances, SLOT is the number one quick online stop store.

They have a wide array of retail shops selling electronic devices and gadgets across Nigeria.

The platform offers great after-sales services and clientele experience. SLOT has existed in Nigeria for quite some time and has been in the business of e-commerce.

Printivo Store (

Printivo is one of the best online stores in Nigeria that deals in prints. It provides customers with free template designs created by indigenous artists, crafters, and designers across Nigeria.

Printivo Store aids designers and print providers to sell their prints and designs to customers all across the country, making positive returns and profits.

Printivo store is an online marketplace for only print designs.


Escapade is a top online e-commerce platform that focuses on products from recognized and familiar brands.

It is a trusted site for the purchase of electrical gadgets, home appliances, construction supplies, and fitness equipment in Nigeria.

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We have not exhausted all the best online stores in Nigeria in this post.

That those stores weren’t mentioned here, did not mean that they are not legit shopping platforms.

Most online stores in Nigeria are verified by the CAC and provide quality services to their customers. However, we outlined the top ten of them.

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