Top 10 Best Baby Diapers In Nigeria

Top 10 Best Baby Diapers in Nigeria

The baby care industry is filled with a lot of baby diaper brands in Nigeria. As a nursing mother, it is only natural that you select the from the lot the best baby diapers in Nigeria for your baby.

Baby Diapers are disposable pieces of soft or thick tissue-like materials fastened around babies’ bottom to avoid staining of urine and poops on clothes. You should consider the baby diaper’s absorbent nature, softness, and ability to prevent rashness and irritation before choosing any.

Today we will be talking about the best baby diaper brands in Nigeria and their features.

Top 10 Best Baby Diaper brands in Nigeria

Top 10 Best Baby Diapers In Nigeria
Best Baby Diapers in Nigeria

1. Pampers;

There is a probability that you call every baby diaper you have ever bought ‘Pampers’. That is how popular Pampers diaper brand is in the baby care industry.

Pampers is one of the leading baby diaper brands in Nigeria with international standards. It’s produced by Procter & Gamble (P & G) which is one of the fast-moving consumer goods in the world. Check out the top baby cereals in Nigeria for your baby

The diapers brand since its introduction to the market in 2000 has grown to become a household name. Also, Pampers has a good absorbent nature which is capable of preventing any leakages or staining.

Furthermore, pampers diaper comes in different sizes and shapes which includes;

  • Pampers Premium Care Value Pack size
  • Pampers Growing Baby Bundle Pack size
  • Pampers Baby-Dry Carrier Pack size
  • Pampers Premium Care Value Pack size
  • Pampers Premium Care Carrier Pack size
  • Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo Pack size

2. Molfix

Molfix is another top International baby diaper brand in Nigeria which is produced by Hayat Kimya Nigeria LTD. With its headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey, the diaper brand has a presence in over 100 countries in Nigeria.

Also, Molfix diaper is the choice of many nursing mothers as it gives babies protection against rashes and irritation. Not only that, it keeps the skin dry and healthy.

It also prevents leakages of urine and feaces because it is absorbent. Molfix diapers are readily available Nationwide whether in Urban and rural areas at affordable prices.

3. Dr. Brown

Have you heard of Dr. Brown’s baby diapers? It is one of the best baby diaper brands in Nigeria which is sold by Wemy industries. Dr. Brown’s baby diaper was first produced in 1981 before it is widespread in the Nigerian market in 2014.

Dr. Brown’s baby diapers give babies uninterrupted sleep both during the day and night by preventing wetness. It is soft, smooth, and comfortable yet can be bought at affordable prices.

There are many sizes of Dr. Brown Diapers that is available in the market. Some of which includes;
Dr. Brown Diaper (Mini), Dr. Brown Diaper (Midi) and Dr. Brown Diaper (Maxi).

4. Cuddles Baby Diapers

Similar to other top best baby diapers in Nigeria, Cuddles Baby Diapers give full protection over leakage of poops and baby urine. It is designed with a wetness indicator that alerts nursing mothers and informs them when to change their baby diapers.

Cuddles Baby Diapers is best at keeping the baby’s bottom dry as well as preventing irritations and rashes. The baby diaper brand is currently produced and marketed by Fidson Healthcare PLC.

5. Huggies

Huggies is also one of the leading baby diaper brands in Nigeria. With over 175 presence in different countries, Huggies sells different sizes and shapes of diapers for different babies. The American Multinational diaper company is known for producing quality diapers with intrinsic value.

It is best at preventing leakages as well as preventing rashes or irritation. You can get Huggies Little Snuggles for babies under 0 months and Huggies Little moves for babies in their first month and above.

6. Dry Love Nigeria LTD

Dry Love Nigeria LTD is also one of the best baby diaper brands in Nigeria. The indigenous diaper brand has been operating for over 20 years in Nigeria.

Also, Dry Love Nigeria LTD produces soft, and comfortable diapers with good absorbent nature.

7. Prince and Princess Baby Diapers

Similar to all other top best baby diaper brands in Nigeria, Prince and Princess’s Baby Diapers also produces quality diapers at affordable prices.

With over 8 years of presence in the Nigerian market, Prince and Princess Baby Diapers keeps babies comfortable. Although it is scarce and not readily available in Nigeria.

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8. Virony Baby Diapers

Does Virony Baby Diapers sound familiar? It is one of the most popular baby diaper brands in Nigeria. Different sizes and shapes are produced at the quality and affordable prices. Below are the sizes of Virony baby diapers available for sales;

  • Sweet baby normal packing
  • Sweet baby economical packing
  • Smart baby economical packing
  • Smart baby normal packing
  • Lovely baby normal packing
  • Cute baby normal packing
  • Cute baby economical packing

9. Baby Hugg Diaper

The 9th best baby diaper brand in Nigeria on our list is the Baby Hugg Diaper. We recommend this baby diaper brand because of its absorbent nature and ability to keep the baby dry throughout the night and day. Also, it is highly effective in preventing skin irritations and rashes.

10. Sun Free Diaper

Sun Free Diaper is the last but not the least good baby diaper brand in Nigeria. It is popular for its super absorbent padlocks which are effective in preventing itchiness and wetness when used. It also has 3D leak-prevention layers that are capable of absorbing fluids.

Also, Sun Free Diaper is made comfy for babies as its waistband can be fastened and re-fastened for baby easy movement.

List of Adult Diapers in Nigeria

For some reason, older adults sometimes need to use diapers to prevent staining of feaces and urine on their clothes. Being old comes with a lot of inadequacies. Below are some of the Adult diaper brands in Nigeria.

  • Pampers Adult Diapers
  • Virony Adult Diapers
  • Moflix Adult Diapers

Final Thoughts on Baby Diaper Brands in Nigeria

Unlike the olden days when clothes are used, diapers are more reliable, comfortable, and hygienic. You do not need to be concerned about stains, odor, and rashes as most of the best baby diaper brands in Nigeria on our list covered all this.

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