Best Accounting And Auditing Firms In Nigeria

Top 5 Biggest Accounting and Auditing Firms In Nigeria

Several companies in Nigeria have delved into accounting and auditing firms.

Most of these consulting firms and tax advisories in Nigeria are individuals and separate bodies from an organization of independent companies.

These member organizations are well known for their profound services in forensic accounting and auditing as we have highlighted in this post.

This post contains the biggest and best five accounting and auditing firms in Nigeria.

Accounting and Auditing Firms in Nigeria

Accounting and auditing are both crucial firms in not only large but also small organizations.

Due to the monetary exercises and tasks that organizations are involved in, there is a need for them to accurately forestall shortcomings.

These business firms guarantee that companies and organizations with an archived and arranged recording of exchanges in precisely extrapolating budget summaries delivered by an organization.

Accounting and Auditing firms are also referred to as tax advisory organizations. They ensure that most organizations succeed and make progress on the industries at costs that are not over their budgets.

Tax advisory organizations assure that the records of organizations are adjusted appropriately to properly reflect the authentic monetary status of the companies or organizations under their maintenance.

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Top 5 Biggest Accounting And Auditing Firms In Nigeria

The following are the Top 5 best Accounting and Auditing firms in Nigeria this year


KPMG is the leading Accounting and Auditing firm in Nigeria, owing to their quality and top-notch services in the industry.

KPMG makes the top of the list in any rank showing the best, biggest, and most productive accounting and auditing firms in the country.

The advisory services by KPMG are asking the best because they encourage organizations to set their potential for advancement.

The firm has been operating in Nigeria since 1978. Since their launch, they have continually been delivering multidisciplinary proficiency services to conventional and international associations in the Nigerian business area.

With over 38 accomplices and more than 1000 regular and diligent staff, KPMG shows their supplemented strengths and commitment in the Accounting and Auditing Industry.

The organization work with industrial skills and abilities in auditing, accounting, tax, and advisory services.

KPMG as a tax advisory organization has worked for and with meant customers in the general population; in private areas and corporate bodies in the country; and also in some other few nations where they assist with modifying business execution and activities.

The image of KPMG is regarded universally, as part of the main international accounting organizations descried by international standards-setting bodies, capital business sectors, and regulators.

They are the fastest developing accounting association and are continually advancing and forming better relationships with their customers. This administrative body continually strives to meet its customer’s transforming needs.


Price water house Coopers (PwC) is one of the biggest accounting and auditing organizations in Nigeria and also an international accounting, auditing, and tax advisory firm in the country.

It comprises a body of firms present in more than 157 countries of the world having over 276,000 staff and individuals who are focused and targeted to express quality services in accounting, advisory, auditing, and administration services.

This conscientious auditing firm is one of the major expert service firms in the country, having workplaces and offices in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt; with over 31 occupant accomplices and 1000 staff.

They are goal-oriented on filling in as a force for great deliverability, trustworthiness, and top-notch answers for the issues that confront the capital business sectors and the organizations.

Service delivery with smart sense is one of the aims at the bleeding edge of these Accounting and Auditing firms.

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Deloitte is enthusiastic forensic auditing and accounting firm with a large number of focused experts in independent companies all across the globe, to deliver counseling, accounting, auditing, tax advisory, charge, risk management, and other customer-related services.

Deloitte and Touche is a part of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), an organization in Nigeria and the most developed native expert service firm in the country. The service firm was structured in 1952 by Mr. Akintola Williams, the exemplar of the accounting profession in the country.

Ever since their first launch, Deloitte has established a solid framework in a significant number of African urban communities and has efficiently attempted a conglomeration of counseling tasks and business advisory services for customers in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

With a powerful blend of individual connections, broad localized information, national and international wherewithal, the organization can offer the best services to their customers and address their issues with a competent approach.

Being one of the largest local accounting and auditing firms in Nigeria, with customers all around Nigeria, they maintain and keep an overall global presence.


Ernst and Young (EY), are one of the biggest accounting and auditing firms in Nigeria with their base headquarters in London. This international tax advisory firm is one of the biggest organizations of independent accounting companies all through the world.

The workplaces and offices of Ernst and Young are situated in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, and the organization is targeted at assisting their customers in dealing with their hardest issues.

At EY, they are submitted to assisting associations with tackling their hardest difficulties and facing their most noteworthy aspirations. They do this through their five assistance lines – “Assurance, Consulting, Strategy and Transactions, and Tax.”


This is another one of the accounting and auditing firms driving accounting and auditing services in Nigeria.

McKinsey has influenced the consistent development of Nigeria’s economy and quickened its improvement since to get their arrival in 2002.

Their group of devoted and highly esteemed specialists from Nigeria and around the world helps the government and its officials pioneer and reform key organizations, extend foundations, producing skills, and structure the development of major monetary areas in the country.

They also give Nigerian companies that drive to pick up, step up their games and become national and international champions in the accounting industry.

With their apparent number of years of offering auditing, accounting, and tax advisory services to organizations in Nigeria, they with their partners and staff to convey renowned accountancy services to their customers through their various offices and firms.


We have been able to detail the top five biggest Accounting and Auditing firms in Nigeria in this write-up. These organizations are the best in service delivery not only in accounting and auditing but also in tax advisory and other business areas.

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