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The Steelers 2010 Draft Class was named one of the Top 10 in the PFF Era

Throughout his 22 years of operation as GM and Soccer Operations Director for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Kevin Colbert had some very successful drafts overall.

Of course, Colbert brought in 22 different drafts of Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu, Heath Miller, Ike Taylor, David DeCastro, etc., but Colbert put together for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010. Few people exceed the long distance of.

The classes are center Marquis Pouncy (1st round, 18th overall), wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders (3rd round, 82nd overall), and wide receiver Antonio Brown (6th round, overall). It featured headline names such as (195th). There was also outside linebacker Jason Warrills (2nd round, 52nd overall). He was pretty productive before his shocking retirement in 2015 ahead of free agents.

Colbert’s Dad was also featured in the 2010 Draft class. He has bitten outside linebackers Tadeus Gibson, Guard Chris Scott, and Defensive Tackle Doug Worthington, indicating that the draft is not an accurate science. That said, he also did some in the cornerback Crezdon Butler, linebacker Stevenson Sylvester, and Jonathan Dwyer’s running back, which helped the Steelers compete at a high level in black and gold. I found a player with a useful role.

Overall, the 2010 draft hole was great not only for Colbert, but also for Black and Gold. So, according to Michael Renner’s rankings, it’s no wonder that the 2010 class was ranked 7th in the Pro Football Focus overall draft class. Thursday morning.

The Steelers’ 2010 class finished 8th in the 2018 Indianapolis Colts and 6th in the 2019 Tennessee Titans.

“Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders, and Marquis Pouncy are all common names. It doesn’t have to be justified to include them,” Renner wrote about the Steelers 2010 draft class. “But where this draft jumps the great 2018 Colts long distance is the addition of Jason Worilds. If you didn’t follow the Steelers and football well in the early 2010s, how would Virginia Tech’s products be? You may have forgotten how good it was. Worilds has evolved into a quality starting edge with top 20 results in the last two seasons as Steelers.

“After playing 2014 at Transition Tag, Wallils was to hit a free agent in 2015, but instead of signing a big deal, he was shocked to pursue other interests. I’m still 34 years old and I don’t know where the Warrills arrived. “

The Wallils were a painful defeat, and the Steelers did nothing wrong with losing him. He decided to pursue a new call in his life, moving away from football and leaving a considerable hole for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Still, when he was in the field, he was pretty good and graduated as a Top 20 EDGE Defender in 2013 and 2014. During the season, he recorded 8.0 and 7.5 sack while running well overall.

With the exception of the Wallils, Pouncy held a solid position in the Steelers until he retired after the 2020 season. During his time at the Steelers, Pouncy started 134 games and played in nine Pro Bowls. Six of them finished their careers and won two First Team Allpro Awards and three Second Team Allpros.

Of course, Brown was one of the most dominant wide receiver runs to date in the NFL’s history from 2013 to 2018, twice at the reception (2014 and 2015) and two at the yard. He led the league (2014, 2017) and won a total of 7 professionals. A bowl trip in his time with black and gold, four straight first team allpro praises, and one second team allpro honor. He was as dominant as they historically came to that position, and he was seized in the sixth round of 2010.

Next is Sanders. He spent only four seasons in Pittsburgh, but overall he had a pretty strong career. While in Black and Gold as part of the Young Money trio with Brown and Mike Wallace, Sanders made 2,030 yards and 11 touchdowns with 161 passes. After four seasons, he went to Denver, where he spent six seasons and won the Super Bowl XLIX in 2015. In total, Sanders played 12 seasons and had 704 career receptions with 9,245 yards and 51 touchdowns.

Overall, it was a very good class for Colbert. There may actually be two Hall of Fame in the Hall of Fame and Brown, so it should actually be a bit higher on Renner’s list.

Given that he was just starting to find his game as an outside linebacker on the Steelers system, I wonder what he could have done if Wallils hadn’t retired shockingly at the age of 27. Worth thinking. With his retirement, Bad Dupley was selected in the first round of 2015 and eventually went well.

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