Nigerian Immigration Service: How To Become An Immigration Officer In Nigeria

5 Easy Steps On How To Join The Nigerian Immigration Service And Become An Immigration Officer in Nigeria (2022)

To become an immigration officer in Nigeria is the same as joining the Immigration Service in Nigeria. The Nigerian Immigration Service was formed by the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) in 1958 as one of the regulatory bodies in Nigeria. There is a certainty of job security when you become an immigration officer in Nigeria. Working with the Nigerian Immigration Service assures you of continuous remuneration in the public service.

The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) openly recruits new officers into its departments. This is a public organization under the Federal Government of Nigeria. The Nigerian Immigration Service is charged with the responsibility of controlling travels coming in and out of Nigeria.

These Immigration officers stand in as public and private security personnel at the country’s borders to manage the immigration in the country. To become an immigration officer in Nigeria, you will first need to complete a NIS recruitment form. We have highlighted the procedures needed to become a NIS officer in Nigeria, and what it takes to become an immigration officer in Nigeria, among other necessary details.

NIS Salary Structure

How much do Nigerian Immigration Officers earn? That is probably one of the commonest questions in the minds of the NIS applicants. There are lots of people who wish to be recruited under the Nigerian Immigration Services. Of course, everyone wants to know what’s in for them; the salary structure of the Nigeria Immigration Service officers.

The salary of a Nigerian Immigration Officer begins at an annual salary of N720,000, which gives you N60,000 monthly.

There are four levels of service under the Nigerian Immigration Service. There are also ranks that determine how much a NIS officer is paid. A senior officer at the Nigerian Immigration Service can earn up to N1,200,000 each year. This means that to earn the most at the NIS, you need to work yourself to get to the top of the industry.

Requirements For Becoming An Immigration Officer In Nigeria

The following are the necessary requirements to qualify for the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment before you can become an immigration officer in Nigeria

  1. Candidates who wish to become a Nigerian Immigration officer must be Nigerian citizens
  2. Applicants of the Nigerian Immigration Service must be between 18 to 30 years of age.
  3. Male applicants of NIS must be up to 1.65m in height
  4. Male applicants of the Nigerian Immigration Service must have a chest width not less than 0.87m
  5. Female applicants of NIS must be up to 1.60m in height.
  6. Candidates of the NIS must be physically and mentally fit.
  7. Applicants under the Nigerian Immigration Service must not have any involvement or record with criminal and financial crimes.
  8. Candidates are to obtain a medical report of their current health status when applying for a position at the Nigerian Immigration Service

How To Apply For The Nigeria Immigration Service Online

After going through the prerequisites for the NIS application, then you need to get the application form online. Below is the step by step guide on the online application for the immigration service in Nigeria

1. Online Application

First, you need to know when the recruitment process for the Nigeria Immigration Service begins and when the NIS recruitment form is out. After getting yourself acquainted with the period for the online application of NIS, you need to visit the official website of NIS where you can kick start your application.

Next is to pick an option under the Immigration recruitment website for the position of an Inspectorate, Cadre, Assistant Cadre, or Superintendent. Before checking any of the options, ensure that you reach the minimum requirements for qualifications. Next is to click on the “Apply for the job” tab that will be displayed on the screen. On application, you will be required to fill out the primary information on the NIS recruitment form to confirm your qualifications.

2. Completion Of Candidate Bio-data

Next is to fill out your personal details. Ensure that you fill out your bio-data carefully to avoid falling into cases of falsification with the Nigerian Immigration Service. You will notice a tab at the upper right corner of the page that will indicate when your application is complete or not.

3. Completing the application form

After your bio-data, you have to complete other sections of the NIS recruitment form. Here your qualifications for the job will be measured based on the information that you provided.

You will be required to input your identity card number to confirm your citizenship among other necessary documents uploaded. If you applied for the Superintendent position, you will be required to fill out details on your previous work experience and your current job positions.

4. Documents Upload

Scan the following documents and upload them during your application for the Nigeria Immigration Service:

  • Document of age declaration/Birth Certificate
  • Local Government Identification
  • Medical Report
  • Passport Photograph
  • Other necessary documents as required

All documents should be uploaded in a PDF format of not more than 200KB. Passport photographs should be 600 × 600 pixels showing the full face and shoulder which should not be more than 600KB. The passport should be in portrait form and uploaded as a JPEG, PNG, or JPG file. You can also come along with a letter of recommendation from the head of your local government.

5. Submission of Application Form

After you have crosschecked your firm to ensure that your details are correct, then you can go ahead and submit your NIS application form. After you submit, a summary page will be displayed to ensure that you verify your details appropriately as it will be displayed to the NIS.

If you still spot any mistakes, you can go back and correct them. If there is none then click on the “Confirm submit button”. You can now log out of the page as you have completed your online application for the Nigeria Immigration Service.

Physical Examination For The Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment

After you have completed the online application, applicants will be invited for the physical examination. Candidates will go through a training program to ensure that they get acquainted with the work at the Nigeria Immigration Service. The training is carried out for about 6 months prior to the time that the applicants will be posted to their place of duty.


In this article, we have detailed all you need to know about becoming an Immigration officer in Nigeria. We mentioned the NIS salary structure and how to apply for the Nigeria Immigration Service online. The above pretty much covers the information that you require to become an immigration officer in Nigeria.

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