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Steelers WR Dion The Johnson was an elite wide receiver in 2021

In the 2022 NFL off-season, the wide receiver market exploded. Currently, there are 12 players with an average of over $ 20 million in contracts each season, so it’s insane how much the contracts have escalated. It may seem that the Steelers are considering signing a long-term contract with Diontae Johnson, as they are the top receivers of the last two seasons for the yard that will enter the final year of the contract. But in such a hot market, is there a receiver, Diontae Johnson, who is willing to pay a fortune to keep the Steelers?

Many Steelers fans say no to this question. Some have even gone to the point where the Steelers traded with Johnson and thought they should leave only one player in a position where they played an important snap for the Steelers last year. Unless the Steelers are very confident in both of the newly drafted wide receivers, it’s unwise to move from Diontae Johnson when Diontae Johnson still has a cheap deal. As much as the price draft topic for the third round. Steelers can also choose to use the franchise tag or sign Johnson for next year’s contract.

But unless Diontae Johnson is an NFL elite wide receiver and worthy of a contract, this story isn’t important.

In an episode a few weeks ago Steelers Stat Geek Podcast, I was asked to analyze some numbers about what makes the player a top-notch wide receiver. The first step was to determine the statistics to check to categorize the players. In this exercise, we selected three categories: receiving yard, reception, and touchdown. In addition, I thought the best way to split the wide receiver into tiers would be to go every 32 players. Theoretically, if everything goes down completely, it makes sense to be a breakpoint, as every team will have Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 wide receivers.

The exercise sought to analyze both the 2021 and 2020 figures to see what the future figures would look like. Looking at the top 32 receivers in 2021 for each category, the player fell to having at least 848 receive yards, 67 receptions, and 6 touchdowns.While it puts the player in the top 32 each Category, only 21 players were in the top category All three category. One of those 21 was Diontae Johnson.

I disassembled the Tier 2 and Tier 3 wide receivers, but I was also curious about who really was the top receiver in the league. Then, instead of being in the top 32, I used the top 16 stats for each category. To qualify for these, players must have at least 1,082 receive yards, 83 receptions, and 8 touchdowns.

Looking at the number of players in the top 16 of the league, only 6 met the criteria. All three category. Those players were Coo Parkup, Justin Jefferson, Devante Adams, Tyreek Hill, Stephen Diggs and Dion The Johnson.

To be honest, I was surprised that Dionte Johnson belongs to the same category as the other five players. Johnson always felt that he was a high quality wide receiver, but he was unaware of the elite group he belonged to when it came to the top three statistics for wide receivers.

Looking back on 2020, Diontae Johnson was still at the top of wide receivers. All three His stats weren’t as good as 2021, but the category. There were 18 wide receivers that were in the top 32 in all three categories. I also looked at the top 16 breakdown and in 2020 five players in all three categories achieved that, but Dionte Johnson wasn’t one of them.

Even after making the Pro Bowl and pushing him to the top of the NFL in 2021, there are still Steelers fans who haven’t sold the big deal-worthy Diontae Johnson. I fully understand. If you don’t know what Diontae Johnson wants to do with the attack in the post-Ben Roethlisberger days of the Steelers, you may want to wait for the next season to better understand what. They are investing in.

However, waiting can be more expensive in the long run. Therefore, knowing that the Steelers may have to pay more for Diontae Johnson next year than this year is a risk they must be willing to take. But the worst thing they can do now is to pay a fortune just to find out that the connection between Roethlisberger and Johnson was very productive.

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