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Steelers Land Rush-Stop LB in 2018 NFL Draft Exercise

Until the 2018 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers were Ryan Shazia’s inside linebackers after a fast-growing star suffered a tragic back injury and eventually ended his career prematurely. I was in desperate need of a replacement.

In that 2018 NFL draft, there were some good candidates for the Steelers to grab to close the gapped holes caused by Shazia’s injury. GM’s Kevin Colbert then realized that, at least in the first round of the draft, men such as Rokuan Smith, Tremaine Edmunds, Layton Van der Esch, and Rashan Evans were off board before the 28th pick. I could not do it. Steelers.

As a result, the Steelers chose Virginia Tech’s Safety Terrell Edmunds overall at 28, and sent a shockwave through the NFL draft as the Steelers seemed to reach the tabbed safety as a third-round talent. rice field.

It was a decent pick overall for the Steelers as Edmonds entered five seasons in black and gold and participated in 64 career games with 60 career starts, but Steelers as the starter for the first day of reconstruction. Added 4,011 snaps to the NFL, making it one of the best defenses in the NFL.

Still, the Steelers never completely closed the hole inside the linebacker, leading to discussions overall in 28th place in a re-draft exercise on the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft from Team 33 Ryan Musley. I did.

In the re-draft practice, the Steelers landed Evans inside the 28th-place linebacker overall, giving them a man who targeted a large outbreak of Alabama during the off-season.

“Edmonds was far from a bad choice here, but Rashan Evans will contribute more to the Steelers’ defense in a way that has been lacking since Ryan Shazier’s tragic injury,” Musley re-drafted. I am writing about the choice of Steelers in the exercise. “ Since 2019, Evans has been in the top 15 with a combination of tackle and QB hits. Evans’ weighted approximation 25 is ranked 21st in this draft class and will be the value in this choice. . “

Ideally, Evans would have solidified the linebacker’s room next to a guy like Vince Williams for the past few years, allowing the Steelers to build the rest of their defenses in their own way. A year after missing a guy like Evans in a position leading to Edmonds’ surprise selection, the Steelers grew in a trade-up with Devin Bush in the 2019 NFL Draft.

In the five seasons at the NFL, Evans started early with the Tennessee Titans, but his career has dropped significantly. The Titans eventually rejected his fifth-year option, as the Steelers did at Edmonds, and ended up signing with the Atlanta Falcons during the off-season.

Despite knowing that, it’s interesting to think about how Evans fits into the Steelers defense coming out of Alabama. Really interested there, he adapted to the type of dynamic dual threat linebacker that is a downhill force, but was also able to fall into coverage and handle responsibilities in that area of ​​the game.

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