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Steelers 2nd: Record Kicker Nick Shiva, Long Shot Slot WR Candidate Steven Sims

Editor’s Note: From now on to the first practice of the training camp at St. Vincent University, Trib will run through the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 90 roster to assess each player’s outlook for the 2022 season. The breakdown is from June 11th to July 25th, passing through the list twice a day in almost alphabetical order. Contract data provided by:

K Nick Sheba

experience: rookie

Contract status: $ 705,000 cap hit in 2022, signed until 2024

2022 outlook: College football has been around for over a century and a half, during which time kickers at any college were more likely to try field goals during his career than Sciba did at Wake Forest (89.9). increase. Also, unlike Sciba, I have never done 34 field goal kicks in a row.

But that wasn’t enough to draft Sciba. Immediately after the draft, no team signed him as an undrafted free agent. Shiva was invited as a tryout to the Steelers rookie mini-camp, showing enough management to sign a roster of 90 people. The team chose Shiva over Sam Sloman, who joined the practice team late last season.

At 5’9, Sciba’s responsibility is the lack of proven high-caliber NFL-level leg strength. He has never achieved a field goal of more than 50 yards for Wake Forest in four years. He hasn’t made more than 46 yards in the last three seasons. However, Sciba made a 52-yard player during the Hula Bowl All-Star game.

Of course, the Steelers have one of the NFL’s best kickers at Chris Boswell, so this is probably related to the Steelers, so it’s probably controversial. Therefore, except for camp injuries, Shiva’s auditions could be more for the other 31 teams. Then again, Boswell is in the final year of his contract, and if negotiations on an extension do not bear fruit, Boswell will enter a mediocre season and Shiva will be impressed, who knows?

WR Steven Sims

experience: 29 games in 3 seasons (1 game for Steelers) since the draft was lifted in 2019

Contract status: Potential $ 895,000 cap hit in 2022 if he creates an active roster

2022 outlook: Steelers may seem to prefer smaller wide receivers, perhaps recognizing the inefficiencies of the market in getting them. The Sims were added to the practice team shortly before the start of last year’s regular season after spending two full seasons as part of a regular Washington attack. Not drafted from Kansas in 2019, the 5-10, 176-pound Sims attacked in all 28 healthy games in the first two NFL seasons. He was also a major kickoff returner for the Redskins at the time as a rookie and a major punt returner for the Washington Football team at the time in 2020.

However, his number of performing the latter mission was half-hearted. Perhaps that’s part of why Washington sent him during last year’s training camp. The Sims accumulated 575 yards and 61 receptions for 5 touchdowns during his time in Washington. The Sims also failed to stick to Buffalo Bills at the end of last summer.

But The Sims’ trick is to play slots — and that’s where the Steelers have lost two players in their free agents (Juju Smith-Schuster and Ray Reyma Cloud), and there’s no obvious alternative. If rookie Calvin Austin can’t handle the gig and the Steelers believe that Chase Claypool is better on the outside, the slot receiver’s job is widespread and Sims probably does it. can.

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