Salary Of Models In Nigeria

Salary of Models in Nigeria

The salary of models in Nigeria is dependent on the different types of modeling one ventures into.

Affiliate marketing is not the only method of making money that does not involve schoolwork; Modelling too is another way.

Did you know you can make cool money whether monthly or yearly in salaries as a model in Nigeria?

Well, if you did not know, I’m glad you found this post. Models are paid for each scene or show they appear for.

So now you know that models are paid in Nigeria, you may wish to ask; how much are models paid in Nigeria? or what is the monthly earnings of models in Nigeria? or still what is the salary of models in Nigeria?

Whichever way you have framed your question, the answer to that has been fully detailed in the course of this post.

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Carefully read through to know the salary structure of models in Nigeria, the different types of modeling jobs, where to model and make money in Nigeria, and lots of other juicy Questions.

First of all, let’s take a look at what Modelling is

What is Modelling and what is the salary of models in Nigeria?

Modeling is a lucrative business in the Nigerian fashion industry. The Nigerian modeling industry had experienced a lot of developmental changes due to the skills and expertise delivered by the models in the industry.

There’s no need to continue roaming the streets with CVs and cover letters, when the salary of models in Nigeria, is comparable with that in the employment industry.

The fun part of the Modelling industry is that you can work flexibly; either as a part-time or full-time worker.

What do Models do in Nigeria?

Models sell products and services by displaying their appealing natural, physical, and sexual endowments to their different audiences.

Just as people have their different likes and dislikes, the same also are models are of different types.

Now you must not be youthful, beautiful, curvy, tall, bold, or physically fit to model for brands or companies.

You intend to serve a variety of audiences as a model, and with your natural look, you can still appeal to some people.

However, some features are generally looked out for by top modeling agencies when hiring models. Some of them are Confidence, Charisma, beauty, elegance, and poise.

Modeling is not only an intriguing career, but the salary of models in Nigeria is also attractive.

In this career path, you would have the opportunity to meet, interact, and with professionals, top brands and industries, celebrities, among other persons in the limelight.

Just as there are juicy offers that the Modelling industries in Nigeria have to offer, there are also some downsides to this career path.

As a model, you will need dedication, fruition, marketable abilities, and a receptive persona.

Top 5 modeling agencies in Nigeria

Fowler Models

Wave modeling agency

Beth modeling agency

Exquisite Models

Y-ray models

Salaries of Models in Nigeria

Models are paid based on the types of modeling that they base on, the modeling agency that they are signed to, the brands they are modeling for, and other requirements of the modeling job.

Some top modeling agencies pay their models higher than others, while others pay standard and even substandard.

Also, full-body models earn more than face models.

Here is the average salary of models in Nigeria based on the different types of modeling.

Runaway Models

Salary – N20,000 to N80,000

How much does an average Runaway model earn in Nigeria?

Runaway modeling is the most popular type of modeling in Nigeria; it is also the modeling type with a lot of models.

Models that engage in runway modeling are handsomely paid for their poise, carriage, and elegance.

A start-up Runaway model or an entry-level model in Nigeria can earn between N20,000 to N80,000 on an average. The modeling agency, employer, and events are major determinants of this salary.

As a runway model, you need to have a measurable height, a muscular body physique for the males, or an hourglass figure for the females.

Runaway models are most times featured by fashion designers to showcase and publicize their designs and fashion masterpieces in shows, events, or workshops.

Commercial Models

Salary – N100,000 to N5,000,000

How much are Commercial models paid in Nigeria?

Commercial models are the highest-paid models in Nigeria. Commercial models work in line with a contract drawn with the brand. They help companies promote their goods and services by reaching a wider audience through their fan base.

The salary of models who work in the commercial modeling industries in Nigeria is paid based on their popularity, the products to be advertised, and the company’s net worth.

There are not any specific features required to engage in this firm of modeling, but if you have a large fan base, you are most likely going to be about the most successful in the modeling industry.

If you do not have a large fan base, then you should be able to influence and pull the audience to the competence you intend to model.

The salary of most commercial models in Nigeria is between N100,000 to N5,000,000 and some times more.

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Glamour Models (Event Ushers)

Salary – N5,000 to N60,000

What is the salary of Glamour models (Event Ushers) in Nigeria?

There is dignity in every labor one does. The Glamour models are the ones routinely referred to as Event Ushers in Nigeria.

These models are significant at high-profile events and services. They are paid to look attractive and presentable while doing their jobs in the modeling industry.

Have you gone to an event and you saw a well-dressed and good-looking individual usher profile figures and guests to their seats or positions?

Well if you have, then you have encountered a Glamour model in Nigeria.

Most people that work as Glamour models or event ushers are undergraduates or secondary school leavers.

The amounts they earn depend on their employer and the event that they attended. However, it is between N5,000 to N60,000 for each event.

Sometimes they make more than this as tips from the guests.

Fashion/ Editorial Models

Salary – N20,000 to N150,000

Fashion or Editorial Models are featured on fashion blogs, websites, magazines, newspapers, and social media pages.

They use their sexual appeals to attract people to purchase goods and services that they are modeling for.

Same as the Runaway models, Fashion/ Editorial Models are usually required to present a particular body type and figure.

Not everyone can venture into fashion or editorial modeling in Nigeria.

The salary of models in Nigeria under the Fashion or Editorial modeling industry is between N20,000 to N150,000 at each feature.

The models’ popularity and the platform being modeled for, are Keri players in this salary. It is also the least stressful type of modeling job in Nigeria.

Fitness Models

Salary – N15,000 to N90,000

Fitness morning is the least popular type of modeling in Nigeria. Just as the name implies, you must be physically fit and present an athletic body to be a fitness model.

This is not discriminate of gender as both names and females model for the fitness industry.

Fitness models spend a lot of their time in gyms to maintain their body physique and remain physically fit.

They mainly promote body fitness equipment, energy drinks, sport wears, among other fitness-related products and services.


Even as we have listed the most current salary of models in Nigeria; or is important to note that models do not have a fixed income.

Some earn higher while others earn below the standard price.

Just as we have recognized in this post, the salary of models in Nigeria depends on the model, the brand, the modeling agency that the model is signed to, among other factors.

We are hopeful that by this post, you have been enlightened on the salary of models in Nigeria.

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