Richest Djs In South Africa

Top 10 Richest DJs In South Africa 2022

The DJ profession is now a booming business after its importance was noticed by the general public. Disc Jockeys or DJs play pre-recorded music, mixtapes, and jams for their audience. DJs are of large importance in the organization of any occasion or ceremony and we will consider them – the top richest Djs in South Africa today.

Apart from the Master of Ceremony (MC) who anchors the event, DJs come into play in keeping the whole arena livened. South Africa has some of the liveliest DJs in the world’s entertainment industry.

These Disc Jockeys are highly rated because of their earnings or how much they make for a single performance. The richest DJs in South Africa contain the highest-paid entertainers who play alongside some of the richest musicians in the country.

The list of the wealthiest DJs in South Africa is indispensable, so we have limited this post to contain only the top ten richest DJs in South Africa.

Top Ten Richest DJs In South Africa 2022

Black Coffee

Net Worth- $60 million

Black Coffee is the top richest DJ in South Africa with a current net worth estimated at $60 million. He is also rated as the richest DJ in Africa as a whole. Black Coffee is not only a Disc Jockey but also a musician, record producer, and entrepreneur with a rating as one of the affluent musicians in Africa.

His prominence as a DJ has moved beyond the African continent. Black Coffee is an award-winning DJ that hosts shows and is also invited to perform across the South African borders, hence he is an international Disc Jockey.

DJ Euphonik

Net worth- $3 million

Themba Mbongeni Nkosi who goes by his stage name – DJ Euphonik is a fast-rising South African DJ. This DJ is a music producer and radio presenter and one of the richest DJs in South Africa. One of his best albums over the years is “Cold and Deadly” which was released in 2013.

In the music album, he featured DJ Fresh and Nyanda and they won numerous awards and nominations. DJ Euphonik is also into property rentals which rakes a lot of income to his net worth asides from being a Disc Jockey.


Net worth- $2.6 million

Sibusiso Leope popularly known by the stage name DJ SBU is a DJ, record producer, and businessman. DJ SBU is one of the famous Kwaito artists and the owner of TS records; one of the biggest record labels.

His record label has scored numerous successes including the production of his numerous mixtapes and hit records. DJ SBU leads an ostentatious living with a lush lifestyle.

DJ Oskido

Net worth- $2.5 million

Oscar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa who is known by his stage name – DJ Oskido is rated among the richest DJs in South Africa. The recording artist, music producer, DJ, and businessman is one of the high-profile DJs in South Africa, especially in Kwaito music.

The award-winning DJ is one of the highest-paid musicians and a member of Kalawa Jazmee music records. DJ Oskido is tagged the fourth richest DJ in South Africa because of his skillfulness and artistry in the music genres he plays. He is into Afropop, House, and Kwaito music.

Culeo De Song

Net worth- $2.2 million

Culolethu Zulu is one of the richest DJs in South Africa widely known as Culeo De Song. He is a DJ, music producer, and remixer, who rose to the limelight through his consistent quality delivery in the production of mixtapes and feel-good records.

Some of his debut albums include “A Giant Leap” which he produced in 2009, “The Elevation” in 2011, and “The Exodus” in 2014. The Exodus album earned him the Best Male Artist award in the 2014 Metro FM awards.

DJ Tira

Net worth- $2.2 million

DJ Tira is a record producer and the CEO of Afrotainment Records. The record label has produced a lot of hit songs for Kwaito artists and some upcoming artists like Big Nuz, Dladla Mshunqisi, DJ C’ndo, among others. DJ Tira is not only one of the richest but also the most popular DJ in South Africa.

The wealthy South African DJ is often booked for shows and performances and scarcely has free time from his schedule.

DJ Fresh

Net worth- $2 million

DJ Fresh is a Radio presenter, music producer, and entrepreneur. He is the most represented host on Metro FM and is a popular DJ in South Africa. DJ Fresh picked interest in the Disc Jockey profession at the tender age of 13.

He first performed as a Disc Jockey at a social event in his boarding school in Botswana. He currently has 32 albums released. He is rated among the richest celebrities in South Africa.

DJ Shimza

Net worth- $2 million

DJ Shimza is a record producer and DJ with the birth name Ashley Rapala. This is one of the youngest and most successful DJs in South Africa. DJ Shimza picked interest to become a Disc Jockey at the early age of 15 years.

DJ Shimza rose to fame after launching his album in 2015, which awarded him in several DJ competitions. He is the host of a successful radio show – “The One Man Show”.


Net worth- $1.5 million

The successful South African DJ and musician Nate Raubenheimer was also known by his stage name, Protoculture.

Protoculture is a degree holder in Sound Engineering and has produced over 66 albums and mixtapes that boosted his net worth to a rating among the richest DJs in South Africa.

DJ Tbo Touch

Net worth- $700,000

DJ Tbo Touch is a renowned DJ and radio personality in South Africa. He started his career in the music industry far back in 2004. He is a popular DJ, rapper, and entrepreneur in South Africa and one of South Africa’s richest DJs.


The wealthiest DJs in South Africa and the African entertainment industry contribute largely to the success of the sector. Most upcoming artists and Disc Jockeys will be highly impressed by the level of success garnered by these richest DJs in South Africa.

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