Real Estate Blogs In Nigeria

Top 10 Real Estate Blogs in Nigeria

Amidst the growing public concern over housing prices introduced by the Federal Government, you still need to know the top 10 Real Estate blogs in Nigeria

Relatedly, there has been a rise in demand for well-made, handcrafted designs in recent years. There is also a need for achievable goals, creativity, and innovation.

All the real estate blogs in Nigeria are focused on attaining global acceptability and general real estate publishing, but some of these agencies have topped their games and are currently Masters in the field.

Get to know why these ten real estate blogs in Nigeria, rank in the top ten in the industry.

Top 10 Real Estate Blogs in Nigeria

EucarlRealty is a top leading Real Estate portal, it is a property center based in Nigeria and focuses mainly on properties in Nigeria. The platform is used to showcase to the users the best property search experience they could ever find either online or offline.

From this agency, you will get to connect with legitimate and verified real estate agents who will also guide you on how best to invest your money either to rent, lease or buy a house or land.

EucarlRealty has numerous property listings which allow you to view quality and pocket-friendly properties like lands, homes, shops, office spaces, and commercial properties for small scale, medium, and large scale from legitimate real estate firms and agents.

NaijaHouses is a leading property listing website in Nigeria with property listings for sale, rent, and short let. They offer Nigerian property seekers a quick and easy way to find properties in Nigeria like houses, lands, shops, office spaces, and other commercial properties.

NaijaHouses also provides a platform that promotes sales of properties to potential buyers, the ability to manage your property listings, and tracks clients’ leads.

This agency believes that everyone should be able to rent a home without breaking the bank. They help you find rentals that fit within your budget.

They have experts in the industry who help advise you to make smart property decisions, with about 2352 homes for sale/lease

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Property List Hub is a Nigerian online property listing platform. They aim to connect seekers of residential and commercial property for sale or rental across Nigeria with their real estate agents and developer partners.

This agency also aims to help all property seekers with a better and cost-effective way to find the best property that will suit their preferences and needs.

You can easily view their different properties across Nigeria with complete details provided by the agents, agencies, or developers. Once you find a property, you can immediately contact the sellers at their official website via phone call, private message, or schedule a meet-up to ask for additional details about the property.

Nigeria Property Centre is a real estate and property website in Nigeria with property listings for sale, rent, and lease. They offer Nigerian property seekers an easy way to find details of properties like homes, houses, lands, shops, office spaces, and other commercial properties to buy or rent.

Nigeria Property Centre provides a platform for advertising property from organizations and Nigerian private property owners.

Nigeria Property Centre (NPC) is a property website with lots of users, advertising members, and properties.

Their advertisers are property professionals such as estate agents, letting (rental) agents, new home developers, and Nigerian private property owners who offer properties within Nigeria for property hunters. They have over 15,976 Agents and Developers, and 79,497 property listings, with 279 areas covered. is the leading real estate property center platform in Nigeria. With a web-based platform for property rentals and sales, we provide users with the best property search experience both online and offline by connecting them with legitimate and verified real estate agents.

In the Nigerian property market, with over 60,000 property listings which include properties like homes, houses, lands, shops, office spaces, and other commercial properties, small, medium, and large-scale real estate companies in Nigeria desire to scale up the sales and rentals of their properties can partner with PropertyPro

Dradrock Real Estate limited is a real estate development company committed to positive disruption of the real estate development and construction sectors in Nigeria with its innovation-driven, safe, and styled estate developments in Lagos.

Its vision is to be the most successful real estate company with the highest possible and most accessible housing solution for all stakeholders. Dradrock has a mission and commitment to using innovation and integrity in delivering high-quality residence and commercial buildings in choice communities.

BuyRealEstateNG is a real estate consulting firm located in Abuja, Nigeria. They have a team of young and vibrant individuals driven to provide remarkable realty services and satisfaction to our customers.

They have set out to change the way the Realty business is done in the country. They provide end-to-end support in enabling our clients to get the best deals available in the real estate sector. They also take you through hassle-free, strategic, and smart ways to invest in the Nigerian real estate industry. serves as the ultimate resource for first-time and guru home buyers, offering easy-to-understand tools and expert advice at every stage in the process.

This is a real estate company with an objective that governs them as a company, such that each one of their clients lives trusting the quality of the services, in commitment and experience in the real estate sector. They have worked hard to make sure your experience is next-level free of regrets.

They represent some of the most talented and knowledgeable developers and designers gathered together – think-tank style – to create a custom experience just for you. But maybe even more important, they understand the struggle in making one of life’s biggest decisions without a roadmap.

Propertify Nigeria is a dedicated real estate and property listing website in Nigeria. They specialize in all kinds of real estate types: for rent, for sale, and lease.

In addition to our wide coverage, they provide the most needed opportunity for property owners and agents alike, to interact favorably with prospective buyers and renters.

Above all, their portal is a modern real estate management solution, which allows our clients to own and maintain a property marketplace, coordinate with clients, and communicate with anyone interested in their properties.

Propertify Nigeria provides seamless and hassle-free opportunities to find details of properties like Homes, Lands, shops, office spaces, and other commercial properties to buy or rent.

They partner with Lekki Gardens Partner, Chateau Royal Logo, RevPlus, V-Glamoria, Danac Parner, Grenadine Homes, JTC Partner, Aerofield, Adrons, and Lexiburg is a property listing website, which helps you find your dream home either for rent, lease, or sale in Nigeria.

They offer Nigerian property seekers an easy way to find details of property in Nigeria like homes, houses, lands, shops, office spaces, and other commercial property.

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The top 10 Real Estate Blogs in Nigeria illustrated in this post, were made to empower convenience in the home and lifestyle, with inspiring modern designs.

Anyone searching for the best places to get property listings in Nigeria, whether for rent, lease, or sale, can do that by going through any of the agencies listed above. They would contribute to giving you a positive experience while upholding their visions and setting goals for success.

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