Business To Invest On In Africa

10 Most Profitable Businesses to Invest in Africa

Today, you will be acquainted with the Most Profitable Businesses to Invest in Africa. It is not enough to invest but importantly in a business that is guaranteed to bring a return of profits.

Interestingly, there are tons of businesses established and operated in Africa. However, investors are searching for profitable businesses in Africa they can invest in. That is why it is imperative that you read through this informative piece to the end.

10 Most Profitable Businesses to Invest in Africa

I know you are eager to find out about the businesses that have been listed here. And without further ado, below is the pin-point of the Most Profitable Businesses to Invest in Africa.

Business To Invest On In Africa

1. Agric Business

Africa is a home of agricultural practice and despite it being an age-long practice, Africa is yet to exploit this business to its full scale. The continent is blessed with rich and fertile lands that can yield profits. In fact, the United Nations describes Africa’s agribusiness to be worth $1 trillion by 2030.

Sadly, despite the prospect of African agribusiness, the continent still spends over $30 billion on food imports annually. For this reason, we put it first on our list as a business that you can invest in and expect profit.

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2. Real Estate

The real estate industry is worth trillion dollars worldwide and Africa is yet to fully exploit this business. It is no story that Africa is experiencing a high rate of rural-to-urban migration.

And it is envisaged that by 2030, up to 50% of the continent’s population could be living in towns and cities. This makes it a perfect business for investors to put in their money.

So, you can exploit the housing business in Africa because of its high demand.

3. Oil and Gas

Oil and gas are the third out of the Most Profitable Businesses to Invest in Africa. This business is a lucrative business in most African countries with many people investing heavily in it.

In some African countries, the Oil and Gas industry is the major contributor to the country’s GDP with a lot of local and foreign investors taking benefit from the business.

You can invest in Oil and Gas by renting the equipment used for mining, the exportation of oil products, and refining crude oil, among others.

4. Healthcare Services

The need for healthcare services is continuous and the venture is lucrative. Unfortunately, most public healthcare in Africa are poorly funded; also, there is a significant brain drain of African doctors abroad, and many other factors of which have contributed to the many reasons why the healthcare industry in Africa is a setback.

As a result of these reasons, many private healthcare facilities have sprung up capitalizing on the inefficiency of public health facilities and in turn make voluminous profits annually.

Also, healthcare equipment, pharmaceutical products, and healthcare services are patronized on daily basis. Entrepreneurs are investing in healthcare services and building state-of-the-art healthcare facilities with some even superseding the public health facilities thereby creating alternatives to solving Africa’s significant healthcare problems.

5. Fintech

The financial services industry is worth trillions of dollars worldwide but, the African finance industry is still facing some challenges that make it an area to explore and invest in to make profits.

It may interest you to know that roughly about 34% of adults in Sub-Sahara have a bank account or access to formal financial services. There are a few Fintech companies established in Africa which makes it a green industry and an opportunity through which investors can make a profit.

Among the several opportunities, investors can capitalize on in Africa’s financial services space include bill payments, bulk disbursement, international remittances, merchant payments, mobile airtime top-up, mobile banking, face-to-face transfers, peer-to-peer lending, micro insurance, and several other interesting opportunities.

6. Mining

Africa is blessed with tons of mineral resources and it is a lucrative business to invest in with a return on profits. Almost every country is a major exporter of one or more mineral resources mined from the country.

The mining industry has over the years attracted several investors even outside the shores of the continent which further makes the industry lucrative.

7. Exportation of Local Products

There are a lot of local products that are in high demand across other continents which Africa produce and export in large quantity. Unfortunately, these products are often undermined and overlooked.

However, you can stand out from the overlookers and invest in the exportation of local products to countries abroad and make profits in return.

8. Urban Logistics

Urban Logistics is another profitable business that is among the 10 Most Profitable Businesses to Invest in Africa. The need for logistics is on the rise in Africa and so far, the providers are few to serve the innumerable population on the continent.

You can take the advantage of transporting goods and products from the manufacturer or retail shop to the consumers’ residence, among other unique services rendered.

9. E-commerce

E-commerce has come to stay and there a lot of them are still springing up daily. You can invest in e-commerce selling unique goods and products that are highly demanded by consumers.

There are three different types of e-commerce businesses you can invest in, they are business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and consumer-to-consumer.

10. Affordable Private Education

Affordable private education surely is a business to invest in. it is evident that the African public education system is lacking in every factor.

That is why several private educational facilities from basic, to secondary, to tertiary levels have sprung up providing advanced and standard education and making a profit in return. Read Also: Top 10 Worst Education Systems in the World


You have seen the 10 Most Profitable Businesses to Invest in Africa. These are areas where the African continent is facing a lot of challenges; investors can capitalize on these challenges and are making a lot of profit in return.

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