Top Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants in Nigeria

After the wave of Mr. Biggs, many popular fast food restaurants in Nigeria have emerged with a lot of sumptuous pastries and side dishes. Today, we will be taking a look at the top most popular fast-food restaurants chain in Nigeria.

Fast food eateries in Nigeria are known to offer quick food services whether in Africa or international dishes and pastries. Some of them have a lot of outlets across major cities in Nigeria especially Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and so on.

Top 10 Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants in Nigeria

In no order of priority, find below some of the best fast-food restaurants in Nigeria.

1. Chicken Republic

This is currently one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in Nigeria. Chicken Republic which is owned by Food Concept Plc established its first restrestartin Apapa Area, Lagos in 2004. Since then it has grown to have different 100 locations both in Nigeria and Ghana.

They serve different types of chicken recipes including fried chicken itself. Want to taste one of the best Chickens, you can visit any of the 26 outlet in Lagos state or their 70 outlets nationwide.

2. Tantalizers

Ever heard of Tantalizer? It is one of the best and most popular fast-food restaurants in Nigeria as far back as 1997. Tantalizer started with hamburgers as its main product before diversifying to other pastries like meat pie, chicken pie, rolls, and so on.

They own franchises in different cities in Nigeria like Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, and Port Harcourt where different delicacies are sold. Through its subsidiary, the Africana brand sells different African swallows and soup-like Ogbono, Egusi, Eba, Efo-riro, Edikang Ikong, and Pounded Yam.

Tantalizer also offers meal delivery services through Telephone Meal Xpress for different events like conferences, seminars, and so on. Read Also: 8 Best Yoruba Foods You Should Not Miss

3. Tasted Fried Chicken

When it comes to delicious chicken, Tasted Fried Chicken is one of the fast-food restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria that offer such. The fast-food eateries which were established and incorporated in 1997 started with Tastee Pot as an outdoor catering company.

Now, it has grown to be of a quick-service restaurant with over 14 branches in different locations serving delicious chicken.

4. Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is another fast-food chain with over 50 stores across Nigeria. They offer delicious and sumptuous African country dishes and soup. You can also get different flavors of pastries, beverages, and sandwiches in Kilimanjaro outlets.

5. Domino Pizza

Domino Pizza is quite popular for its unique pizzas and is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in Nigeria. The multinational company entered Nigeria in 2012 and since then has distributed many lovely pastries and chops including suya, desserts, cheesy bread, and so on.

You can visit any of the Domino Pizza outlets to have a taste of their sumptuous pizza. See the Dominos Pizza price list and menu in Nigeria.

6. Mega Chicken

This is another popular fast food restaurant in Nigeria that started its operations in 2008. Mega Chicken offers its services to different classes of customers whether low, middle, or high class. Learn how to start a stockfish business in Nigeria.

Mega Chicken offers quality food services with good hygienic conditions. You can visit any of their outlets in Lagos for more information about the fast-food chain restaurant.

7. Sweet Sensation

This is also one of the popular fast-food chain restaurants in Nigeria. The food brand which was established in 1994 by Lady Kehinde Kamson has its headquarters in Lagos state. They offer good and sumptuous meals at affordable prices.

8. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

This is one of the popular fast-food restaurants in Nigeria. The multinational company is quite popular for its chicken and other quality pastries. With its headquarters in the United States, the brand has a presence in over 145 countries.

9. Mama Cass

Do you want to taste local home-cooked meals? Mama Cass is one of the popular fast food that offers home-cooked meals including African and international cuisine.

Mama Cass is a quick-service restaurant with different times of products including Oven fresh pastries, Jaydens Sliced Bread, and so on. They have many outlets in many Nigerian major cities like Abuja, Lagos, and so on. Check out how to become a successful indomie distributor in Nigeria

10. The Place Restaurant

The last fast food restaurant in Lagos, Nigeria on our list is The Place Restaurant. The food chain brand which was owned by Smackers Limited started its operations in 2006.

You can visit one of their outlets at Isaac John GRA, Ikeja Lagos to try out some of their dishes. Some of these include Rice Dishes, Yam Dishes, Asun, Grilled Chicken, and so on.

Final Thoughts on Fast Food Restaurants in Nigeria

Although, many fast-food eateries in Nigeria offer quality food and pastries at affordable prices. The above-mentioned brands are currently the most popular fast-food restaurants in Nigeria.

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