Poorest Presidents In Africa

Top 10 Poorest Presidents In Africa And Their Net Worth

Some national leaders have left their names on the sands of time as the richest presidents in the world, while some others have just very modest means of living. These African leaders are either frugal when it comes to savings and investment or they are not putting any effort to work in their country. They only assume positions as presidents to gain the benefits that come from the position. Most of the poorest presidents in Africa embezzle the national funds and step down after they have stocked their pockets with so much.

The national development of these countries with the poorest presidents is sickened because of the way their poor presidents siphon the finances meant for construction into their accounts.

Top 10 Poorest Presidents In Africa And Their Net Worth

  • Muhammadu Buhari: Nigerian President
  • Sahle-Work Zewde: Ethiopian President
  • John Magufuli: Tanzanian President
  • Evaristo Do Espírito Santo Carvalho: President of Sao Tome
  • João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço: Angola President
  • Adama Barrow: Gambian President
  • Edgar Lungu: Zambian President
  • Pierre Nkurunziza: Burundian President
  • Danny Faure: President of Seychelles
  • Idriss Deby: Chad President

Muhammadu Buhari

The Nigerian President – President Muhammadu Buhari is rated as the poorest African president with a net worth of $3.5 Million. Even with the poor net estimate of this African leader, he has over five homes in his Local Government – Daura Local Government Area in Katsina State and close to thousands of livestock to his name.

The president alleged that his riches amount from his savings. According to the Washington Post, President Buhari has no foreign accounts, private companies, factories, or oil wells, and because of this, he is regarded as the African leader with the least wealth – the poorest African president.

However, President Buhari owns shares in a top paint-producing company, Skye Bank, and Union Bank. He also has numerous landed properties accounting for part of his net worth.

Sahle-Work Zewde

Ethiopian President

Sahle-Work Zewde is the female Ethiopian President and is currently one of the poorest African presidents. She is the first female Ethiopian President and was elected unanimously on October 25 2018 by the Federal Parliament Assembly. The career diplomat used to earn $3,686.17 monthly and had a net worth of nearly $4.9 million before she got into her presidential position. After she assumed her position, her net worth had some little changes.

Sahle-Work Zewde had previously worked as a Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General to the African Union and as Head of the United Nations Office to the African Union

John Magufuli

Tanzanian President

John Magufuli is otherwise regarded as the Bulldozer of Tanzania. He is a radical leader just like Julius Nyerere and Che Guevera. With the nation’s president, Tanzania is rated as one of the most peaceful countries in Africa.

The Tanzanian President is a Humanitarian leader. He made his monthly salary to be cut down to $4,008 while his predecessor used to earn $15,000. In a Television interview, he explained that he would not increase his salary because his goal is to serve Tanzania. His current net worth is 5.1 million dollars.

Evaristo Do Espírito Santo Carvalho

President of Sao Tome

Since September 3rd, 2016, Evaristo Do Espírito Santo Carvalho has been the President of Sao Tome and Principe. He had served as prime minister of Sao Tome and Principe between July 7 1994 and October 25 1994 and also from 26 September 2001 to 28 March 2022.

The fourth ruler among the poorest presidents in Africa is a member of the Independent Democratic Action (IDA). He is a stern public servant that poses to serve his citizens first before his bank account

João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço

Angola President

The Angola President – João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço receives a basic salary of $168.50 monthly and is estimated to have a net worth of roughly $1 million – a figure ranking him as one of the poorest presidents in Africa. He was elected into office on September 26th, 2017 after he was the minister of defense between 2014 to 2017. The President has a firm stand against corruption in the country and is very transparent about his earnings. His current net worth is $5.7 Million

Adama Barrow

Gambian President

The Gambian President is currently on our list of the poorest presidents in Africa. He is not only a Gambian politician but also a real estate developer. Adama Barrow has been the Gambian President since 2017. He was studying Real Estate in London while working as a security guard in the 2000s.

He moved back to the Gambia in 2006 when he founded Majum Real Estate Company. He entered into politics as the treasurer of the United Democratic Party and later advanced to become the president of the opposition party; one of the poorest presidents in Africa.

After his election, he won by several votes, but the then-president refused to install him into position. However, he obtained the position after external pressure from international world leaders. His monthly income is $3,583 million; with a net worth of 5.9 million dollars.

Edgar Lungu

Zambian President

Edgar Lungu is the Zambian President with a lot of criticisms to his name. May believe that the wealth and finances of the Zambian President were only doctored and not the true account of his earnings. He is alleged to siphon public funds to his multiple bank accounts and properties, yet, maintaining a rating among the poorest presidents in Africa.

The monthly salary of the Zambian President is K51,437.67 and the official net worth of the president is recorded to be about $6.01 million, making him one of the poorest presidents in Africa.

Pierre Nkurunziza

Burundian President

The President of Burundi is one of the rigid leaders who are yet the Poorest Presidents In Africa. He was formerly the Deputy Secretary-General of the CNDD-FDD. A minimum of six deaths were recorded within the first two days of the protest that ensued when he declared his interest to run for President for the third tenure. Even as one of the poorest presidents in Africa, his government opposed public hearings and freedom of speech by shutting down the radio stations and arresting leaders of various civil societies.

The Burundian President would have become one of the richest billionaires in Africa; but after the whole violations of the human rights of his people, he never got to enrich himself with the country’s wealth. His current net worth is about $6.2 million

Danny Faure

President of Seychelles

The current Seychellois leader has been the nation’s president since October 16, 2016, but yet ranked among the poorest presidents in Africa. He is a member of the United Seychelles Party and served as the vice-president of Seychelles between 2010 and 2016.

He has also served as minister of Trade and industries, Youth, Education, Finance, communications technology, information, and administration, among other Industries. The current net worth of Danny Faure is $7 million

Idriss Deby

Chad President

The President of Chad is one of the poorest presidents in Africa with an estimated net worth of $9.6 million. Idriss Deby has been the Chad President for 27 years in counting and is an unconcerned president when it comes to service to his nation. His nonchalance made him one of the poorest Presidents in Africa. He has remained in power majorly because of his rigid rulership. He is surely one of the Poorest African presidents based on his character.


Who is the poorest African President?

Some of the presidents listed here may have more fortune than the world even knows. Their net worth as was listed here is only the wealth of the African Presidents which are on official records. Presidents who have embezzled their country’s wealth cannot have their net worth accounted for properly because their wealth is stocked up in hidden accounts and other assets.

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