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NFL Network Bucky Brooks, Daniel Jeremiah buy-in to new pair, Steelers second year player

After an off-season full of change in front offices, fields, and literally stadiums, the Pittsburgh Steelers are entering a new era, largely driven by many important young pieces on the football offensive side.

Unfortunately, the Steelers are pretty young and no starters over the age of 27 are expected before the training camp. Despite being relatively young offensively, football attackers have a lot of high-end talent that analysts such as Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network are excited about the future of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Every thursday Move the stick In a podcast with Jeremiah and Brooks, the duo chose a pair of newcomers and second-year players to “buy in” ahead of the 2022 season. Indeed, there were some familiar names from Jeremiah and Brooks.

Former NFL defensive back, scout, and now NFL Network television personality Brooks chose rookie wide receiver George Pickens for his part of the segment and was off board in 52nd place overall in the second round. Of the 2022 NFL Draft, he emphasized the prominent figures in Georgia.

“I’m going to see George Pickens,” Brooks said. Move the stick Podcast. “And the reason George Pickens is a hot player is because of the many uncertainties in their wide receiver core. Both Chase Claypool and Diontae Johnson are looking for big deals. So we know that the Steelers aren’t going to pay more than $ 20 million a year for wide receivers, so how quickly George Pickens will join the rotation and become a major contributor. This is a very talented player who is suffering from a knee injury. See if he is the next round pick to thrive in Steelers’ uniforms. prize.”

Many thought George Pickens would be the first WR to be taken in the 2022 NFL Draft entering last spring, but the ACL torn during spring practice put the desire for Pickens on hold and the season It prevented me from playing most of it. Still, Pickens chose to fight back and return to the field to help the Georgia Bulldogs win the CFP National Championship Game. It will be back on the field for his teammates, and showing Pittsburgh that he has completely recovered from his knee injury with an impressive combine and Proday performance will give them him. Gave me the confidence to choose.

Matt Canada praises George Pickens, who returned late last season after a knee injury: “Showing his true character.”

He’s thinking of slotting in as a WR3 behind Johnson and Claypool, but Pickens sees himself as a legitimate threat to the pass game early in 2022 as soon as he can speed up. I have the opportunity to insist.

Former NFL Scout and NFL Network Lead Draft Analyst Daniel Jeremiah chose Pittsburgh based on unknowns related to Pittsburgh, in addition to how well Pittsburgh has historically developed scouts and WR positions. I was scared.

“I put Pickens, and sometimes you buy because you expect big,” Jeremiah said about Pickens. “Sometimes I buy to buy stock away from the plot. For example, I don’t know if any of us know. I’ve seen the flash. We’ve seen a glimpse. , And sometimes you see it appearing in big players. Sometimes you may get a little bust risk there. But I’m buying Pickens purely in conspiracy. Again, earlier. As I said, I’m going to give the Steelers the benefit of doubt. They did a very good job in a wide-out position. “

It’s hard not to get hooked on players like Pickens with size, explosiveness and flash of tape. Pickens was a potential prototype # 1 WR in the league and made many think that it was probably the best receiver in this draft class before the draft class. Injury.

In his second year, Brooks welcomed TE Pat Freiermuth as a player and was careful to have a good season for the 2021 rookie season.

“Let’s go to Pat Freiermuth, the tight end of Pennsylvania State University,” Brooks said. “Yes, he’s a big bodyplay maker guy in that Heath Miller mold. I think he has a chance to be a productive pass catcher. I hope he can get it done. I’m watching over you. “

Freiermuth entered the scene last season as a solid pass catcher that Ben Roethlisberger was a reliable target for moving the chain as well as the red zone. With seven touchdowns last season, Fly Armas takes a notable step towards his second season with the Steelers if field usage increases with the expected increase in snaps played. You can take a step forward.

Jeremiah chose to go under a different name for second-year players to watch over, choosing the 2021 draft-class crown jewel, the first-round RB Nagy Harris from Alabama.

“Think about what Nagy Harris did last year,” Jeremiah said of Harris’ choice. “Isn’t Roethlisberger obviously a threat to carry out? So you didn’t have to explain the extra guy in the run game. That’s the first thing. Remember next. All you have to do is that the box will be crowded if Ben thinks he can’t push the ball vertically onto the field. You’re bringing more people closer to the line of scrimmage, therefore Nagy. Given that Harris is entering his second year, if you have the opportunity to increase your vertical pass games and scare some of these safety a bit, then there are also the following threats: Quarterback is an execution option. . “

Much has been done about Pittsburgh’s predictable crime, as Jeremiah points out when discussing Harris. Ben was a pocket statue of the last few seasons of his career and did not offer the scramble threat he was offering in Prime. Therefore, the defenders committed more to Harris, fully understanding that it was not a threat that Ben would carry out.

Jeremiah points out that in addition to the lack of an additional man to describe in the run game, Ben’s inability to attack the defense under the field in the pass game. This wasn’t due to the fact that Ben couldn’t physically throw the ball into the field, or chose not to attack the defense vertically (his arm strength wasn’t in the previous ones). There wasn’t). Rather, it was because Ben couldn’t connect with a deep shot, had a low completion rate, and was confident that the defense would play around LOS. Again, some of this can be placed in Pittsburgh’s ability for the receiver to be unable to consistently stretch the field vertically, but some of the responsibilities deserve Ben’s shoulders. increase.

Based on Jeremiah’s thru process, he believes that having a mobile quarterback like Mitch Trubisky or Kenny Pickett is an important factor helping to push Nagy Harris up. The top of his second year.

“So you want to do some zone-reading stuff, whether it’s Trubisky who won the job or take a newcomer who won the job there. For me, I think you’re in a pretty good place there. Whether it’s Picket or Trubisky, you need to count the quarterbacks of the run game. That’s why I think Nagy will level it up. “

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