35 MTN Data Plans, Prices & their Subscription Code (2022)

MTN Data plans just got juicier, as there are over 35 data plans you can explore from, and still live within your budget and data expenditure.

Whether you prefer daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly plans, we have got you covered, as there is a subscription plan affordable to all users.

This post contains the 35 MTN Data Plans, Prices, and their Subscription Codes for 2022. I bet you would not want to miss that, so do well to read till the end, to explore much interesting information in this post.

Some may be wondering if these MTN data plans work well on all smartphones; Well, as to that, the MTN Data Subscription Plans contained in this post is general for all kinds of smartphone, computers, or any other online gadgets

MTN is the oldest telecommunications network service provider in Nigeria, but as other service providers like Airtel, Glo, among others were developed, the competition in the telecom industry increased.

To meet up to the customer’s demand and still make profits amidst the competition, MTN began classifying their data plans into daily, mid-week, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, tri-monthly, and yearly sustenance.


S/NValidityData SizeYouTube BonusPriceSubscription code
 24 hours40MB ₦50114 to 131
 24 hours200MB ₦60*131#
 24 hours100MB ₦100104 to 131
 24 hours1GB ₦300155 to 131
 2 days2GB 2.5GB ₦500 ₦500154 to 131
 3 days200MB ₦200113 to 131
 7 days450MB ₦120*131#
 7 days350MB350MB₦300102 to 131
 7 days1GB1GB₦500142 to 131
 7 days2GB2GB₦1,000*131*105#
 7 days6GB ₦1,500143 to 131
 14 days750MB1GB₦500103 to 131
 30 days1.5GB2GB₦1,000106 to 131
 30 days2GB4GB₦1,200130 to 131
 30 days3GB4GB₦1,500131 to 131
 30 days4.5GB4GB₦2,000110 to 131
 30 days6GB4GB₦2,500147 to 131
 30 days10GB4GB₦3,000*131#
 30 days15GB ₦3,000*131#
 30 days12GB4GB₦3,500107 to 131
 30 days20GB4GB₦5,000116 to 131
 30 days25GB ₦6,000*131#
 30 days45GB ₦6,000163 to 131
 30 days75GB ₦15,000150 to 131
 30 days120GB ₦20,000149 to 131
 30 days200GB ₦30,000*131#
 60 days30GB ₦8,000119 to 131
 60 days100GB ₦20,000118 to 131
 60 days160GB ₦30,000138 to 131
 90 days400GB ₦50,000133 to 131
 90 days600GB ₦75,000134 to 131
 6 months800GB ₦90,000115 to 131
 1 year1 TB ₦100,000136 to 131
 1 year2.5TB ₦250,000*131#
 1 year4.5TB ₦450,000137 to 131

For the MTN subscription codes, after making a deal, or sending the text, you would need to follow the prompts that follow in order to purchase your data.

How to Check Your MTN Data Balance

After you have purchased a data plan, you would need to confirm your subscription.

To do this, you can dial *131*4# or simply send 2 or 403 to the MTN service center, which is 131.

Apart from confirming your subscription, you would need to track your data usage and balance regularly. It would also help you keep a check on when your subscription is to expire.

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