Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels In The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Our discussion today is centered on the Top Most Expensive Hotels in the World. These hotels are meant for those who have the fortune to afford the cost of these hotels because spending a night in any of these hotels will require you to dip your hand deep into your pocket.

So, if you desire to visit or stay in a five-star luxury hotel, we have compiled the most expensive hotels that will offer you the perfect lifestyle you desire.

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

The most expensive hotels on the planet mentioned here have a beautiful architectural designs, state-of-the-art amenities, and fine dining.

These luxury hotels offer an exceptional experience for those who can afford it. Highlighted below is the list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World.

1. Lovers Deep Luxury Submarine Hotel 

Location: St. Lucia

Per Night: $150,000

The Lovers Deep Luxury Submarine Hotel is often anchored near the coastal reef off the coast of St. Lucia or in close proximity to a sunken battleship in the Red Sea. Considered to be the Most Expensive Hotel in the World because it cost a fortune to lodge for just one night in this hotel.

The Lover’s Deep submarine hotel is equipped state with the art luxury, and you will enjoy 5-star accommodation including having your captain, private chef, and butler.

Not forgetting the speed boat to take you to and from the submarine, as well as additional options, like helicopter transfers, beach landings, and champagne-soaked breakfasts. The fact remains; every minute you spend in this hotel is worth the price.

2. Empathy Suite in the Palms Hotel 

Per Night: $100,000

Location: Las Vegas, USA

The Empathy Suite in the Palms hotel is the next most expensive hotel on our list with a $100,000 price tag. The hotel offers its visitors excellent services which encompass two master bedrooms, massage tables, a cantilevered jacuzzi, and a salt relaxation room.

Art lovers will find this hotel intriguing because it also offers a private tour of the property’s art collection and amenities.

3. Hotel President Wilson Royal Penthouse Suite

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Per Night: $80,000

The Royal Penthouse Suite in the Hotel President Wilson is a famous hotel known for being the largest suite in Europe covering 1680 square meters.

The hotel is considered to be among the Most Expensive Hotel in the World because it takes an estimated $80,000 to spend a night in this hotel.

4. Mark Penthouse in the Mark Hotel 

Location: New York, USA

Per Night: $75,000

The Mark Penthouse in the Mark Hotel goes for $75,000 per night making it one of the Most Expensive Hotels in the World.

The penthouse is located on the top two floors of the hotel. It features 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 4 fireplaces, 2 wet bars, 2 powder rooms, and a large living room.

In addition, the living room is designed in such a way that it can be transformed into a full-size ballroom with 26-foot ceilings. Not forgetting that the penthouse has a 250-square-meter terrace, with all-inclusive views of Central Park.

5. Ty Warner Penthouse Four Seasons 

Location: New York City, USA

Per Night: $60,000

The Ty Warner Penthouse is located in the Four Seasons hotel accolade as “a visual tour de force of volumetric flourishes and crafted surfaces” and it cost $60,000 a night making it the fifth restaurant on our list of Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World.

The hotel is described as the epitome of the highest standard of luxury, offering classy residential living that exceeds expectations. Getting a space in this hotel means you will get one bedroom, a spa, a master bathroom, a panorama infinity tub, a private elevator, and a dedicated relations manager and chauffeured rolls Royce at your disposal.

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6. The Penthouse Suite Hôtel Martinez 

Location: Cannes, France

Per Night: $53,000

The Penthouse Suite Hôtel Martinez is considered to be among the best-known resorts in the Côte D’Azur. The suite span 1000 square foot on the top floor of the hotel; plus, stunning scenic views across the ocean from your private wood-paneled terrace.

The suite features king-sized beds in each of the four bedrooms, a separate living and dining room, marble bathrooms, a Turkish bath as well as a private jacuzzi on the terrace.

Art lovers will find this hotel attractive because there are several artifacts from Picasso and Matisse used in decorating the walls of the suite.

7. The Muraka – The Conrad 

Location: Rangali, Maldives

Per Night: $50,000

The Muraka is considered to be among the Most Expensive Hotel in the World because it goes for $50,000 for a night. The hotel is the first underwater hotel in the world and it is located in Conrad, Rangali, Maldives. The hotel is two stories tall while the floor building is roughly 16 feet below the Indian Ocean.

You will enjoy a scenic view of the Indian Ocean while in this suite; plus, paying the sum of $50,000 upon arrival automatically upgrade you to Hilton Diamond Status and you will get to enjoy a private chef, bar, gym, butler, and infinity pool.

8. The Hilltop Villa 

Location: Laucala Island, Fiji

Per Night: $45,000

Lucala Island in Fiji is home to the eighth hotel on our list of Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World, the Hilltop Villa which costs about $45,000 to spend a night.

This means you will get a four-acre villa that is split into three separate villas, with each one offering the most beautiful views of the island.

9. The Royal Suite in the Plaza 

Location: New York City, USA

Per Night: $40,000

Paying a whopping amount of $40,000 means you will get to the suite using the building’s private lift that only you can use to enter the 400-square-foot suite where the exquisitely designed living room is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and luxuries. There is a 24-hour butler service if you wish to stay in bed throughout.

Also, the suite features 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a lounge, a separate dining room, which seats up to 12 people, and a fitness room. Interestingly, from the bedroom, you have a scenic view of the fifth avenue.

10. The Royal Suite – Burj Al-Arab 

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirate (UAE)

Per Night: $28,000

Dubai in the UAE is home to the last Most Expensive Hotel in the World on our list and that is the Royal Suite in Burj Al-Arab hotel coming for $28,000 to spend a night.

The hotel is in the world and was designed to resemble the sail of a ship. Also, the hotel is located on a man-made artificial island.

The hotel has incredible features such as a decorated suite designed in 22-karat gold, and a private helipad. Plus, an excellent private dining area and butler, spa, private lounge, and numerous staff to attend to your needs.

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I hope you enjoyed reading through our list of Top Most Expensive Hotels in the World providing you with all the information you need to know and as well bring you to the limelight about the hotels that are super expensive on the planet.

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