Top 10 Most Developed States in Nigeria 2022

The top ten most developed states in Nigeria are discussed in this article. The vast majority of the states on this list are also among the top 10 richest states in Nigeria. The country’s most developed states are endowed with financial resources derived from internally generated revenue (IGR), allowing them to construct the necessary infrastructure to be considered Nigeria’s top states in terms of development.

Apart from their internally generated revenue (IGR), some of the factors that determine the level of development in these States that we have made our central focus in this article include their gross domestic product (GDP), power supply, the standard of education (see our article on the best-educated states in Nigeria), availability of good drinking water, federal allocation to these States, and quality of life.


Nigeria’s 10 most developed states in 2022 are as follows:


Lagos State, Nigeria’s commercial metropolis and center of excellence, is the most developed state in the country, according to the World Bank. Excellent highways and big bridges can be found only in Lagos, a city unlike any other in Nigeria. In Lagos State, numerous national and global firms have their headquarters. This boosts the state’s economic benefits.

Lagos State is Nigeria’s most developed state in terms of infrastructure, and it is constantly growing to meet the 21st century standards of other large cities. Most recently, Banana Island and Eko Atlantic City were added to the list of already outstanding places on the island of Lagos, which includes Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, and VGC among others.


Despite the fact that the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja is not a state, its status as the capital of the federation justifies its inclusion on this list. Due to the presence of the Federal Government, Abuja is arguably the most developed city in Nigeria, except Lagos. Abuja is home to outstanding high-rise structures, government administrative buildings, amazing road networks, good health care systems, family-friendly attractions, and five-star hotels, to name a few examples.


Onitsha Bridge leads to Anambra State, the first state in the south-eastern section of Nigeria. Onitsha, Nnewi, and Awka are among Nigeria’s most important business centers. Economically affluent Anambra State has seen its infrastructure improvements over the years. The state’s road network from Onitsha to Owerri and the recently constructed international airport are prime examples.

While Anambra State is economically affluent and home to several billionaires, it also has a high literacy rate and is endowed with a wealth of mineral resources that stimulate both domestic and international trade. Development in Anambra State is also driven by real estate, and this trend will continue for the foreseeable future.


One of Nigeria’s richest states, Rivers State, is also one of the country’s top oil producers. In addition to being a Niger-Delta state, Rivers State is developed due to the amount of crude oil found there.

In Port Harcourt, the state capital, money from crude oil sales has been used to develop roads and bridges, as well as to boost primary health care and education. To capture the aesthetic presence of the city’s stunning surroundings at night, the state capital is also exceptionally well-lit.

Rivers is one of the most developed states in Nigeria today due to the massive urbanization that has taken place in the state as a result of the presence of excellent facilities such as two major seaports, luxury resorts, multinational companies, an international airport, oil refineries, and choice destinations.


Nigeria’s Enugu State is another state in the South East that ranks among the country’s most developed. Recent years have seen significant construction initiatives in Enugu that have permanently changed the city’s appearance. Shopping malls, hotels, and superbly built luxury mansions have made Enugu State a tourists paradise.

This renowned tourist location also has a high level of life. Enugu’s education is among the best in the country, and the state’s electricity supply is excellent, allowing companies to flourish in every corner of the state.


This is one of the richest states in Nigeria and has one of the highest GDPs in the whole federation, according to Forbes magazine. A large portion of the state’s funding comes from domestic sources, which has enabled it to undertake several development initiatives that have improved its situation.

There are strong road networks and primary healthcare in Akwa Ibom State. It is also home to the greatest football stadium in Nigeria. According to the Allianz Arena in Germany, the GodswillAkpabio Stadium in Uyo is modeled after that venue.


One of the most developed oil-producing states in Nigeria is Imo State, located in the Eastern Heartland. The capital city of Owerri was formerly the cleanest in Nigeria. In addition to having one of the greatest educational systems in the country, Imo is also one of the most developed states in Nigeria.

This huge growth is also made possible by the state’s high internal income generation, as well as federal funding. You simply have to go to Imo to see how far the city has come, especially in Owerri.


Also on this list is the state of Abia whose capital city Umuahia and its commercial capital Aba are important cities that have made a significant contribution to the state’s growth. There are some of the top footwear schools and shoe manufacturing firms in Aba, a significant commercial and manufacturing center in Nigeria. Ariaria International Market is also located there.

In general, Abia State has become a significant growth center in Nigeria as a result of its fast industrialization, which includes prospering companies in the manufacturing of clothes and textile materials, cement, soaps, and so on. Still more has to be done in terms of road networks, electricity supply, and the overall level of living in the country. The educational system of Abia State, on the other hand, is excellent.


In Nigeria’s South West, Oyo State is located near Lagos State. Ibadan, the country’s capital, is one of West Africa’s largest cities and a major contributor to the economy. In Oyo State, significant economic centers include Oyo Town, Ogbomoso, Ibadan, among others. In addition to agriculture, several flourishing enterprises have contributed to the growth of the state.

There are good roads, retail complexes, and hotels in Oyo State. It also boasts ultramodern marketplaces, and its education system is among the best in Nigeria. It’s a good place to live. Just to Oyo State to see how far it has come.


Lagos State and Ogun State are both nearby. “The Gateway State” is the slogan of this state. Because Ogun is a highly industrialized state, it has the potential for rapid development. Many Pentecostal Church congregations have their headquarters in Ogun state.

Since the opening of the road network, employment possibilities have increased, and the overall standard of life of the people has risen substantially, the growth of the country has reached a whole new level.


So, if you have ever thought about which states are the most developed in the whole of Nigeria, then you have the top 10 states already.


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