Top 10 Least Developed Countries In The World

Top 10 Least Developed Countries in the World

We have an interesting topic to discuss today, and it is centered on the Top 10 Least Developed Countries in the World. Countries that are deemed to be “Least Developed” are low-income countries with challenges of chronic structural setbacks to sustainable development.

This may sound unrealistic especially if you are living in a well-developed and advanced country but the truth about least developed countries are not farfetched.

Top 10 Least Developed Countries in the World

Regarding our topic of discourse, we were able to come up with a list of countries that fall under this category by viewing the compilation of the United Nations Committee for Development.

As such, our job was made easier than expected. So, find below the 10 countries that are considered to be the least developed in the world.

Hold on! We will like to mention that this is the latest compilation by United Nations CDP as it dates back to February.

1. Afghanistan

Location: Asia

Afghanistan is an Islamic nation in Asia occupying the first spot on our list of Top 10 Least Developed Countries In The World. The country has had its share of challenges, from war to natural and manmade disaster which has hampered development and growth in the country’s economy.

Afghanistan is grossly affected by over 25 years of armed conflict, and it has one of the lowest adult literacy rates among developing countries. More so, due to low investments and natural disasters, the agricultural sector which feeds a large portion of rural residents in the country has been affected.

Also, essential goods are imported at a high rate into the country at 57% rate which often causes the government to spend outrageously.

2. Angola

Location: Africa

It is surprising that despite Angola being a country blessed with extensive oil and gas resources, diamonds, hydroelectric potential, and rich agricultural land; it still falls among the least developed countries in the world. importantly, the country is second on the list!

Since 2015, Angola has entered into a period of economic recession due to the end of the oil boom. Also, a third of the country’s population depends largely on subsistence agriculture.

Another factor that contributed to the stunted development of the country is corruption which has eaten deep into the fabric of the country’s economy.

3. Bangladesh

Location: Asia

Bangladesh has over the years been ravished by outside and natural causes such as floods, droughts, lack of resources, low demand for the country’s exports, or historic exploitation.

More importantly, the country does not have an abundance of mineral resources compared to some countries on this list, but it has gas.

More so, the country’s economy can not cater to the overpopulation that overweighs it. Other reasons attributed to the stunted development in the country include low urbanization, weak institutions, inadequate physical infrastructure, and insufficient entrepreneurship.

In addition to the above factors, illiteracy, idleness, class exploitation, the selfishness of individuals, and a lack of trust among people further contribute to the persistent poverty in the country.

4. Benin Republic

Location: Africa

The Benin Republic is located in the western part of Africa and it occupies the fourth spot on our list of Top 10 Least Developed Countries in the World. The Francophone country depends heavily on agricultural produce, majorly cotton farming and exportation.

Yet, agriculture is poorly practiced and maximized in the country leading to their escalating poverty rate and setback in development.

Another reason hindering agricultural practice in the country is desertification, deforestation, and water pollution. Desert lands are speedily spreading into agricultural lands in the north as a result of regular droughts.

5. Bhutan

Location: Asia

Bhutan is a small country in South Asia famous for its known for its architecture and beautiful landscape. Despite the beautiful theme of the country, it is still ravished by underdevelopment.

The South Asian country is a country of prospects and the government is making healthy policies to advance the economy and development of the country.

However, the country is enlisted here not for fun but for the fact that it still faces challenges in areas such as high public debt, an underdeveloped private sector, high youth unemployment rate, and delay in hydropower construction all of which could have marred the country’s development.

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6. Burkina Faso

Location: Africa

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country located in West Africa. The country’s economy depends heavily on agricultural practice which accounts for almost 80% of jobs in the country. However, the country has limited natural resources.

Although gold exports have increased, the country still has a myopic focus on food crops and cotton production. More so, the growing population is a threat to the country’s development.

Likewise, poor natural resources, low levels of human development, lack of rural productivity, and extremely rural migration are factors that affect development in the country.

7. Burundi

Location: Africa

Burundi is a landlocked country which in itself is a challenge for the country. Also, poor natural resources, an underdeveloped manufacturing sector, ongoing civil unrest, overpopulation, and soil erosion are other related factors affecting the country’s economy.

8. Cambodia

Location: Asia

Cambodia’s under-development can be blamed largely on deep-rooted corrupt practices at various levels of government in the country. Plus, limited human resources and high-income inequality are also contributing factors.

9. The Central African Republic

Location: Africa

The central African Republic is not left out among the Top 10 Least Developed Countries in the World with over 60% of its population living in poverty.

The country is blessed with important natural resources such as timber and diamonds which are largely exported. Yet, transportation and electrical infrastructure remain a challenge.

10. Chad

Location: Asia

Chad is a landlocked country in Central Africa that depends largely on oil reserves which have reduced drastically over the years. More so, the majority of the country’s population suffers from chronic malnutrition and food insecurity.

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I hope you had a fun time reading through and have in the process gotten acquainted with the Top 10 Least Developed Countries in the World. The list is dominated by Asian and African countries only and we hope the story changes soon.

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