How To Track Google Adsense Pin

How To Track Google Adsense PIN in Nigeria

Tracking your Google AdSense PIN can be very difficult in Nigeria, getting it is another issue. This is due to the lack of sequence in numbering systems, street layout, bad postal system, and incompetent staff at the postal offices.

Months may have turned to years, waiting for your Google AdSense PIN to arrive in Nigeria, yet you are yet to receive it. You may have made cool cash on your website, but you can’t withdraw, exhausted all your manual verification trials, and still no Google Adsense PIN.

It is painful and very draining, so in this post, I would be showing you how to track and get your Google Adsense PIN in Nigeria.

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Google Adsense Verification Methods

Previously, getting the Adsense verification pin used to be a lot easier than now. Adsense would automatically send you the verification PIN once you crossed the 10$ threshold.

You could even request it two extra times again which sums up to a maximum of three request times for the AdSense PIN.

After your three requests have been used up, you can still verify your domain name with another method. However, these processes are no longer the same. To verify your Adsense account, you need to make use of both processes that were formerly alternated.

The two processes are:

  1. Document verification
  2. Address/PIN Verification
  1. Document verification

For the document verification, you need three documents. They are:

Original National Identity card

International Passport

Driver’s license

All you have to do is to upload a clear scanned copy of one of these documents, and your account will pass the first step of AdSense verification.

  1. Address/PIN Verification

Now, this is the main deal and the reason for creating this post. Your Adsense PIN or address will be sent to the address you registered in your AdSense account.

You can only request this PIN a maximum of three times. After receiving it, you simply input it. Now you are officially qualified to receive the AdSense payments once you have reached the 100$ threshold.

Points to Note and Areas of Mistakes

Ensure that the address on the documents you used for verification coincides with the one you want to use on your AdSense account.

Make sure you use the original and unique documents, as discrepancies may pose problems to your remuneration. You might even lose your Adsense account in the chase.

How to verify AdSense account without PIN

Login to your Google AdSense Account

If you have not verified your Adsense account after the 3rd request, you will see a red notification bar at the top corner of the page

Select Notification Option in the Google AdSense account

How to get your Google AdSense PIN

Register your Google AdSense account.

Copy the unique code that you received after signing up.

Enter “YourDomainName/wp-admin” on your browser

Log in by entering your username and password

Click on “Appearance”, then select “Editor”, on the left-hand corner

How to change your AdSense name

You can the payee name in your AdSense account by following these steps:

Log in to your AdSense account.

Click “Payments” in the left navigation panel

Select “Manage settings”

Enter your payee name in the “Name and address” section

Click on “Save”

How to change your AdSense verification address

Log in to your AdSense account.

Click “Payments” in the left navigation panel

Select “Manage settings”

Find the “Name and address” section, then update your payment address in the “Address” tab

Click on “Save”

How to set up or add a payment method to your AdSense account

Log in to your AdSense account.

Click “Payments”

Select “Manage payment methods”

Click “Add payment method”

Enter your bank account information.

Check the “Set as primary payment method checkbox”, if you want it to b the primary form of payment

How to verify a test deposit on your Google AdSense account

Log in to your Google AdSense account.

Select “Payments”

Click on “manage payment methods”; you will see a red alert there

Click “Verify now”

A menu would drop down, then you pick the test deposit amount that you received in your bank statement.

Click “Verify” (if the amounts on the test deposit and your bank statement match, your bank account is verified)

How to transfer money from Google AdSense

Log in to your AdSense account.

Click “Payments” in the left navigation panel

Select “Add payment method”

Select the radio button for “Wire transfer to bank account” then click “Continue”

Enter your bank account details, click “Confirm” and continue.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How long does it take to get an AdSense PIN?

The Google Adsense verification PIN is usually delivered in two weeks, but can longer depend on your location. If you still do not receive the AdSense PIN after four months, then you can request a new AdSense PIN.

How long does it take for Google AdSense to pay?

All transfers by AdSense to a bank account are usually completed within 3 business days.
Transfers to your debit card may be completed within minutes but may take up to 24 hours in some banks
The account type also affects the transfer time needed to clear the deposits

Why does Google AdSense need my address?

Google AdSense generally holds payments of some of its AdSense publishers until they validate and verify their physical mailing address by way of postcards. The address is needed to verify your AdSense account. A mail containing your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is automatically generated and sent to the payment address listed in your account.

Does AdSense send mails?

Your Google AdSense PIN will be sent through standard mail a few days after reaching the verification threshold. You will be given four months from the date your first PIN is generated to enter it into your account. These PINs often take up to 2-4 weeks to reach you by mail or longer depending on your location.


Most times, the mail will be shipped to the nearest post office to the address you detailed in your Google AdSense account. Please note that this mail is a Google AdSense PIN and as such not always registered mail, so it does not contain your phone number.

The Google AdSense PIN will never be delivered to your house or doorstep and is going to remain in the post office waiting for you to come and claim it. If it stays for very long, they might as well consider it trash.

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