Grasscutter Farming In Nigeria

How To Start a Grasscutter Farming in Nigeria

Are you interested in starting grasscutter farming in Nigeria? Here’s a complete guide on how to start a profitable grasscutter farming business in Nigeria.

About Grasscutter Farming Business in Nigeria

The grasscutter farming business is one of the most profitable businesses to invest in Nigeria. The bushmeat being scarce and widely consumed is sold at a huge price which makes it profitable for its dealer. Its meat is used to make a wide assortment of soups including pepper soup. Thus, it is easier to sell compared to other types of meat.

Also, Grasscutter is rare to find in cities except in villages where hunters could hunt for them. Which makes it perfect to sell at a higher rate in cities. Furthermore, grasscutters are herbivores which means they feed on grasses.

Although they feed on other types of food, it lessens the amount to be spent on food when operating grasscutter farms in Nigeria.

They are usually big in shape when fed healthily, with a height of about 180 cm in length, 60cm in width, and 45cm in height. An average female grasscutter can deliver twice a year with 4 to 10 babies per delivery, as its gestational period is between 140 to 150 days.

This means that a grasscutter can produce 8 to 20 offspring within a year. And a grasscutter sells between N5000 to N7000 depending on your location.

Imagine having up to 10 to 30 female grasscutters on your grasscutter farm, that is a huge profit you are looking at! Making millions yearly is possible with grasscutter farming in Nigeria.

Facilities Required to Set Up a Grasscutter Farm in Nigeria

Below are some of the important facilities you must provide for grasscutters on your farm.

1. Grasscutter Pen

This is usually made of strong metals with holes at the fronts in such a way that it is open to the air and the back is closed. The grasscutter pen is usually lauded with grasses to provide a soft cushion. In a grasscutter pen, there are many colonies as grasscutters do not sleep at the same place where they are eating.

For those asking how many grasscutters make a colony, a colony consists of 1 male and 4 female grasscutters. Although you can start with 5 or 6 female grasscutters in a well spacious colony with a male. Putting two males is not advisable in a colony even though the female grasscutters can manage.

2. Water Channel

To operate successful grasscutter farming in Nigeria, you need a drinkable water source. You must give your grasscutters water after food. Thus, a water channel is an important facility in a grasscutter farm in Nigeria.

3. Feeds

Even though grasscutter is herbivores, they feed on other types of food apart from grasses. The food is as important as the water for your grasscutter to grow well and healthily.

Grasscutters are known to love sugarcane, elephant grasses, and Napier grasses. They can also feed on different fruits such as mango, plantain, cucumber, and so on. Food leftovers of rice, sweet potatoes, grains, and legumes can also be given to them.

Some farmers also feed their grasscutter with groundnut, wheat and corn bran, maize shucks, oilseeds, and many others.

With all the above facilities you are good to go!

Breeding Grasscutters in Farms in Nigeria

To breed grasscutter farms in Nigeria successfully, proper hygiene must be adhered to. Not only that, it needs adequate monitoring as soldiers ants and snakes can affect your grasscutter growths and number.

Also, it is advisable to seek knowledge before starting grasscutter farming in Nigeria. You can decide to go for grasscutter farming training, read books online, or watch videos about it. Just ensure you seek appropriate knowledge before starting. Knowledge is important in running a successful grasscutter farming business in Nigeria.

Cost of Starting a Grasscutter Farming in Nigeria

You can start with as little as 100,000 to N300,000 or more depending on your location, financial capability, and preference. Below is a rough estimation of how you can set up grasscutter farming in Nigeria with little capital.

Assuming you want to start with 2 colonies which will consist of males and 3 females each. If a grasscutter is sold for N5000, it means you can buy it all at the rate of N40,000.

  • Hence, 2 colonies of grasscutter for N40,000
  • Pen construction can be pegged at 50,000
  • Feeding is estimated to be N150,000
  • Water channel drugged is N50,000
  • Other expenses are N20,000
  • The overall Price equaled N280,000.

This means you may spend up to N300,000 or less on setting up your grasscutter farming in Nigeria.

Final Thoughts on Grasscutter Farming in Nigeria

Although grasscutter farming in Nigeria has a lot of profits it is not without any risks and problems.

There are a lot of factors that can affect your grasscutter’s growth thus reducing the reproductory rate.  The reason why we advised you to seek advice before starting any grasscutter farming in Nigeria.

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