How to Share Data On MTN 2022 Using USSD or SMS Text Message

Have you been wondering how to share data on MTN 2022 using USSD or SMS text messages? Luckily, you have reached the end of your search on this page. This post features details on how to share data on MTN 2022 using USSD or SMS text messages.

You can transfer or share Data among your loved ones this 2022, through three means:

  • MTN USSD data transfer code.
  • MTN mobile app data transfer
  • The text message format.

Using the USSD data transfer code

  • To transfer or share data using the MTN USSD data transfer code, all you have to do is;
  • Go to the dialer app on your phone
  • Dial *131*7#, and send.
  • Choose the first option displayed on your phone screen: “Transfer from Data Balance”.
  • From here you will be asked to enter the recipient’s phone number. So now, to enter the number, you cannot go back to your contact list to get the number. You should copy the number before you start the first step, to easily enter it into the tab displayed here.
  • Select the amount of data you wish to transfer.
  • Confirm your transfer by entering “1”. Successful? You have successfully shared data. If not go through the steps sequentially again. The receiver should have received the Data about a minute from the time you sent it. This they can confirm with a text message from MTN. If this does not happen soon, give room for patience and allow the service to go through. You can contact the customer service care unit if you are still unable to transfer the data.

Alternatively, you can use the next method below:

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Using the text message format

To transfer or share data on your MTN using the text message method, simply go through the following steps:

  • Go to your phone’s messaging app.
  • Input “TransferPhone numberData amount”
  • For instance: Transfer 08123456789 100
  • Send it to 131; which is the MTN service centerline.

How to transfer data on MTN, using the MyMTN mobile app.

  • You can now transfer or share data from your MTN line to your friends and loved ones using the MyMTN mobile app by following the steps below:
  • Go to Play Store or Apple Store on your phone
  • Search for “MyMTN“, or you can click the download button here.
  • Download and install the app
  • On opening the app, you will be prompted to input your phone number
  • From here, you will be sent an OTP code which you would use to verify your phone number
  • Once it has been confirmed, you will be redirected to the MTN app homepage.
  • There are varieties of options on Data bundles, recharge packages, and the likes. From here, click on “Bundle” at the lower edge of your phone screen.
  • Click on “Share data“, and you will be taken to a new page
  • You would be prompted to select and enter the amount of data that you wish to transfer or share, and also the recipient’s phone number.
  • Check to know if the number you typed in was correct
  • Click on the “Proceed” button to confirm your transfer.
  • You will receive a message from MTN with details of your transfer if you have been successful.

Did you know you can also request Data from your friends using the USSD code? Here’s how:

How to request data from friends on your MTN line

  • Go to your phone’s Dialer app
  • Input the code: *131*7#
  • Select option “3” which is “Request from a friend”
  • You will be asked to enter your friend’s phone number. Input the number you wish to request Data from
  • Your friend will receive a message on their phone indicating that you requested data from them.
  • They can either honor your request and gift you the Data bundle you requested, otherwise, they can leave it pending.

Alternatively, you can save yourself the stress by simply dialing 131*7*3# and following the listed instructions.
To view your pending Request or check all your existing Data requests, simply dial *131*7*4#
If you do not wish to transfer Data from your balance, but buy them an MTN Data bundle from your airtime balance, follow the steps below:

  • Buy Data for a Friend on MTN
  • Dial *131*Bundle Activation Code*Beneficiary’s Phone number#
  • For instance: *131*Bundle Beneficiary Code*08123456789#

Some Frequently Asked Questions On MTN Data Plans

How To Share Data On Mtn

Will I need a PIN to use MTN’s Gifting Data service?

No, you only have to enter your recipient’s phone number and select a data plan to use the service.

What amount of data can I transfer at a single time?

The amount of data you can transfer at a single entry is variable. You can transfer 50MB, 100MB, 200MB, and 500MB so long as you have at least 50MB in your data balance after the transfer for your request to be successful.

How many times can I transfer data in a day?

You can transfer Data maximally just twice each day. However, the cumulative amount you can transfer at an instance and in a day is 1GB.

How many times can I purchase Data for my loved ones?

You can purchase for your loved ones any data plan multiple times as long as you have enough credit in your balance.

How many times can I request data in a day?

You can only send a data request a maximum of 5 times each day, but you can receive data requests more times.

Will I be able to receive requests for data if I have an active DND service?

You will not be able to receive data requests if you have Full DND service active on your line?

What data bundles can I gift a friend?

You can only purchase and transfer data from your daily, weekly, and monthly data bundle plans, but, you cannot gift data from your XtraValue bundle balance.

How long can I have an active pending data request?

A data request will be active for only 48 hours on the “View pending request” menu. You can only view the 10 most recent requests if you have multiple.

I purchased a monthly bundle, but I still have unused data in my daily and weekly bundle balance which will soon expire. Can I transfer from the daily and weekly bundles to my friend?

No, you can only transfer from the bundle with the latest validity at any time. The expiry date of the bundle in your line will be the same as the beneficiaries.

I have 5MB, 25MB, and 40MB remaining in my daily, weekly, and monthly balance respectively. Can I transfer from my combined data balance?

No, you cannot combine your total balance for any transfer. You will only be eligible to transfer from the data plan that has the most sufficient balance.

Can data be transferred to me if I still have sufficient data in my line?

Yes, but the data you receive will be used first before your active data bundle.

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