Highest Paid Musicians

Top 10 Highest Paid Musicians in The World

The music industry is one of the biggest aspects of the entertainment money known to produce a lot of money and as well international fame.

Interestingly, you have an endless list of active music artists worldwide but when it comes to the Highest Paid Musicians there are only a number of them. This brings us to make our findings and eventually discuss the Top Highest Paid Musicians in the world.

Top 10 Highest Paid Musicians in the World

The music industry is very lucrative and has attracted over the years great talents who have skillfully produced songs that appeal to people of different ages, and statuses.

So, who among these music artists is highly paid for their effort? Find out by reading below the highlight of the Top 10 Highest Paid Musicians in the world.

1. Kanye West

Earning: $170 million

Kanye West is a famous American rapper, singer, record producer, businessman, and fashion designer who is currently number one among the Highest Paid Musicians.

He is reported to make at least twice as much money as any other music artist enlisted here or not. Aside from the huge net worth he makes from his music career, he also rakes in a lot of profits from his Yeezy apparel line, the brand he owns outrightly.

2. Elton John

Earning: $81 million

Elton John is a veteran in the music industry having spent over 3 decades. Interestingly, he remains relevant in the 21st-century music world and his songs are still a hit.

The English singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer has sold over 300 million records, making him one of the best-selling music artists of all time and now he is one second on our list of highest-paid musicians in the world.

3. Ariana Grande

Earning: $72 million

Ariana Grande confidently occupies the third position on our list of Top 10 Highest Paid Musicians in the world with a $72 million earning.

She owes her huge earnings to her Sweetener World Tour. This makes the American singer and actress one of the highest-ranking female musician in the world.

Aside from the fortune, she has enjoyed in her career, also she has enjoyed international fame which earned her a lot of accolades and awards including two Grammy Awards, Brit Award (1), Billboard Music Awards (2), American Music Awards (3), MTV Video Music Awards (9), and Guinness World Records (22).

4. Jonas Brotheras

Earning: $68.5 million

Jonas Brothers is an American music band formed in the year 2005 and it consists of three brothers, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas.

The music group rose to stardom since its appearances on the Disney Channel television network. They owe their huge earnings to their incredible and lucrative live shows. In 2020, the band was grossing over $1.5 million per stop.

5. Chainsmokers

Earning: $68 million

Chainsmokers is a famous American electronic DJ and production duo consisting of Alexander “Alex” Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart.

The duo attained stardom with their 2014 song “#Selfie”, which entered the top twenty singles in several countries, and currently, they are ranked number fifth-highest Paid Musicians. In fact, as of 2019, the Chainsmokers the Chainsmokers were the highest-paid DJs in the world.

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6. Ed Sheeran

Earning: $64 million

Ed Sheeran is our number six Highest-Paid Musician going by his earnings is estimated to be $64 million.

The young talented English singer, songwriter, record producer, musician, actor, and entrepreneur rose to stardom after his first recording music in 2004, and also began to draw the attention of his fans through YouTube.

7. Taylor Swift

Earning: $63.5 million

Taylor swift is not left out among the Top 10 Highest Paid Musicians in the world having encapsulated the heart of fans through her narrative lyricism which is inspired by her personal life and experiences.

The American singer-songwriter has received widespread critical praise and media coverage and now she is here among the highest-paid musicians in the world.

8. Post Malone

Earning: $60 million

With a $60 million earning, Austin Richard Post famously known by his stage name “Post Malone” occupies the eighth spot on our list. The American singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor was grossing over $1.3 million per city during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Post Malone is making it big time in the music industry and receives more of his royalties being his principal songwriter. Also, the talented music artist grosses $500,000 per concert according to Forbes reports. In addition, he also hosts his music festival known as “Posty Fest” which began in 2018.

9. Rolling Stones

Earning: $59 million

Rolling Stones is an English rock band that was established in 1962. Soon afterward, the band diverged from the pop-rock of the early-1960s and pioneered the gritty, heavier-driven sound.

The group has been able to make a huge earning through the combined revenue generated from music sales/streaming, publishing, and touring.

10. Marshmello

Earning: $56 million

Marshmello is an American electronic music producer and Disc Jockey best known for his songs “Silence”, “Wolves”, “Friends”, “Happier”, and “Alone” which have all been certified multi-platinum in several countries as well as making the Top 30 of the Billboard Hot 100.

The talented artist comes in at the tenth spot on the list of Highest Paid Musicians and is known to hide his face from the public. This makes his identity unknown. He confirmed that the reason why he hides his identity is to stay hidden and away from fame.

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Now you have an inkling of the music artist who is ranked to be the Top Highest Paid Musicians in the world.

These artists have been consistent over the years in producing hit songs that have made them fan favorites and, in the process, made a lot of money as well as gained international fame.

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