Hardest Special Forces Training In The World

Top 10 Hardest Special Forces Training in the World

You have read about the Top Largest Armies in the World and other similar topics; do you know about the Top Hardest Special Forces Training in the World? You must know that special forces are elite military units trained specially to carry out special tasks or operations.

As such, they are trained rigorously and subjected to varying conditions that are real-life scenarios during training. To this effect, we took an interest to find out the 10 special forces that undergo the hardest training in the world.

Top 10 Hardest Special Forces Training in the World

There are hundreds of special forces established in military unit countries worldwide and most of them have been effective in their missions.

Thanks to the special training they underwent. Thus it makes it a bit hard to make our selection but we were able to still come up with the Top Hardest Special Forces Training in the World which you can see below.

1. Gurkhas

Country: United Kingdom

The Brigade of Gurkhas refers to all the units in the British Army that are composed of Nepalese Gurkha soldiers. Gurkhas have a reputation for being fierce and brave soldiers thanks to their hard training. Members are trained laboriously and for a start, they are involved in 800 meters in 2 minutes or maybe 12 pull-ups.

Actual training involves members running 5 kilometers while saddled with weight weighing up to 25 kilograms. There are 25 kilometers inclines upwards every 400 meters to be completed in 48 minutes. No wonder they are so brave and often victorious.

2. Special Services Group (SSG)

Country: Pakistan

The Pakistani SSG special force is one of the Best Special Forces in the World that undergoes some of the rigorous special forces training in the world.

Personnel in this unit are subjected to repeatedly covering a distance of 36 miles in 12 hours. Furthermore, they have to cover 5 miles in 40 minutes while carrying saddled with a full pack.

The training spans 8 months but those eligible to join this special unit must have first served in the regular army, and then pass an aptitude test with a minimum of 100 scores.

Training that extends outside the eight months includes 7 para drops, with 5 of them occurring during the day and the other 2 at night. After this, members have to spend about 6 months in commando training before they are fit to finally join SSG.

3. Special Air Services (SAS)

Country: United Kingdom

The British SAS is not just one of the Best Special Forces in the World for nothing, thanks to their hard training. Joining the British SAS is no joke and you must be prepared to be subjected to rigorous training.

Interested candidates to join the SAS must undergo endurance training. They will be dropped in the middle of nowhere and saddled with a sixty-pound weight and rifle, left with nothing except a bottle of water. Members are expected to cover a distance of 40 miles in less than 20 hours.

In addition, successful members will then be subjected to cover a 4-mile run in 30 minutes.

4. Special Warfare Command

Country: South Korea

The Special Warfare Command is a strategic-level military command of the Republic of Korea Army tasked to carry out special operations.

Joining this elite military unit comes with burdensome tasks and training that only the strong can survive. Importantly, aspiring members must have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Aspiring members are exposed to hard training and perform training exercises in extremely cold weather, wearing no shirts. Also, members have to run, perform physical exercises like sit-ups, as well as wrestle with each other.

5. Shayetet 13

Country: Israel

Israeli Shayetet 13 considered one of the Best Special Forces in the World also exposes unit members to laborious training to forge them into the best elite team.

Upon joining the team, members are exposed to rigid training from the start including demolitions to para drop operations, as well as diving under extremely cold conditions with basically no visibility. The training period lasts about 20 months.

More so, member area of strength matters because it is the criteria used to assign members to land, sea, or air operations. During the training period, aspiring members must go on actual coastal raiding missions.

6. Navy SEALs

Country: United States of America

Navy SEALs take us further in our discourse having one of the hardest training for special forces. This elite military unit consists of sea, air, and land personnel and it is one of the Best Special Forces in the World. Navy SEALs have one of the hardest special forces training in the world.

US Navy SEALs’ training lasts for 30 months during which are exposed to hard training including the “Hell week” which involves a heavy amount of agony compressed to last a week, during the first 3 weeks of training. Also, members stay five and a half days in the cold, performing extreme exercises, undergoing training programs on coastal environments, and more.

During the training period, members are covered in mud and struggling with sleep because they are only allowed to sleep for four hours only. Also, trainers make it hard for trainees to make them quit and mock them by eating in front of them.

7. The Special Air Service Regimen

Country: Australia

The Australian Special Air Service Regimen comes in on our list of Top 10 Hardest Special Forces Training in the World because of their training skills to help members become resistant to interrogations. Members are exposed to traumatic training and put under harsh conditions in which they cannot sleep for days.

8. Spetsnaz

Country: Russia

The Russian Spetsnaz known to be one of the Best Special Forces in the World appears here for its rigorous training which lasts for 5 years. It has the longest training period on the list.

In the first five months of the lengthy training period, trainees are broken of their former knowledge and ideology and then raise again, building them to the right frame of mind as the well strong body to carry out the highly improvisational methods used by the unit.

9. National Security Guard Commandos

Country: India

It is interesting to see the National Security Guards Commandos of India enlisted among the Top 10 Special Forces in the World. This elite unit in the Indian army is no joke and trainees are exposed to harsh, unfamiliar territory and get back to the base within a specified time.

More so, they are given a day’s worth of food ration and water to last them the period of getting back to the base. The essence of the test is to teach them endurance and coping with varying pressures.

10. The People’s Liberation Army

Country: China

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army comes last on our list. they have the largest workforce strength on the list and members of this army undergo one of the toughest training. Trainees are made to go through an obstacle course consisting of 17 steps which include, climbing, swimming, as well as jumping over.

And in some cases, through flaming objects. Also, trainees play with fire. Additionally, trainees are made to submerge themselves below water for one minute, and if they try raising their heads before the time elapses, a superior is on standby to push them back in.

The essence of this strenuous training is to toughen the trainees and put them in the right frame of physical and mental capability.

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Having read through from beginning to end, you now have an inkling about the Top Hardest Special Forces Training in the World. I bet you now know what to expect if you are aiming to join a special force.

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