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Greyhound Breeds is a common and very popular dog around the world known for its speed. One of the major Facts about Greyhound is that they are bred as hunting dogs to chase hare, foxes, and deer. Presently, Greyhound participates in several sports. To learn more about Greyhound Dog Breeds, 10 Facts Every breeder, ensure you read through this article from beginning to end. Here are the most asked quarries about Greyhound Dogs;

  • How many types of greyhounds are there?
  • Are Greyhounds a good family dog?
  • What dogs are similar to greyhounds?
  • Are greyhounds one-person dogs?
  • Did Jesus have a dog?
  • Are Greyhounds smart?
  • Why you shouldn’t get a greyhound?
  • Can greyhounds be aggressive?
  • Are Greyhounds dumb?
  • What is the smartest dog breed?
  • What is the only dog that can’t bark?
  • What is the slowest dog in the world?
  • How can you tell if a greyhound is happy?
  • Why can’t Greyhounds climb stairs?
  • Are Greyhounds hard to train?


Greyhound Breeds Facts
Greyhound Breeds Facts

Greyhounds are sweet, mild natured dogs. It has a distinctive body shape, tall, skinny, and short coat which makes it easily recognizable. We have outlined below a quick profile of Greyhound Dog Breeds.

Full profile of Greyhound Dogs and Characteristics

  • Origin: England
  • Breed: Sighthound
  • Weight Range: Male: 65-70 lbs; Female: 60-65 lbs.
  • Height at Withers: Male: 30 in.; Female: 28 in.
  • Coat Length: Short
  • Characteristics: Flat
  • Colors: Brindle, Black, White, Fawn, Blue, Red
  • Overall Grooming Needs: Low
  • Social/Attention Needs: Moderate
  • Temperament: Affectionate, Intelligent, Athletic, Quiet, Even Tempered, Gentle
  • Speed: 72 km/h (Maximum, Race speed)
  • Life Span: 10-13 yrs.

With that been said, we will go further in our discourse on Greyhound Dog Breeds, 10 Facts Every breeder Should know having highlighted 10 facts about this sighthound breed below.

  1. Greyhound is Sighthound Breed
  2. Fastest Dogs in the World
  3. Greyhounds need to be trained
  4. Greyhounds are Healthy Breeds
  5. Greyhounds Are Calm and Gentle
  6. Greyhounds are lazy
  7. Greyhounds have Short Coat
  8. Greyhounds don’t need many exercises
  9. Greyhounds are not Dangerous
  10. Greyhounds are Related to Herding Dog

Facts about Greyhound

  • #1. Greyhounds are Sighthound Breed

Foremost from the several Facts about Greyhound you should know is that it is classed among the Sighthound breed. The reasons were that they depend more on their vision than their sense of smell.

Interestingly, they have a stereoscopic vision, meaning they easily see moving objects much more than they recognize static objects even when it is in their front. Not forgetting that they have a 270-degree range of vision, meaning they can see objects that are behind them and those that are over half a mile in front of them.

  • #2. Fastest Dogs in the World

Another popular Fact about Greyhound is their speed. Greyhounds are considered to be the racehorse or Ferrari of canine animals as they are incredibly fast and can cover up to 40 to 45 miles per hour.

  • #3. Greyhounds Need to be Trained

Training a greyhound is essential and it should begin as soon as you bring it home be it as a puppy or an adult. Overall, training a greyhound is easy and its progress depends on your approach and consistency in training. Patience, consistency, and training methods that use rewards are effective when you are training your greyhound so as to get optimum results.

  • #4. Greyhounds are Healthy Breeds

Another impressive Fact about Greyhound is its stable health status. They are not prone and easily exposed to diseases and illness compared to other dog breeds. That is not to say they don’t get ill but not as frequent or severe as other breeds.

  • #5. Greyhounds Are Calm and Gentle

Talking about Greyhound Temperament, they are known to be calm and gentle and are rated among the top ten most gentle dog breeds. The reason has been that they are naturally kind, making them a perfect dog companions for children, and an excellent family pet.

  • #6. Greyhounds are lazy

Still on the Facts about Greyhound characteristics is their lazy nature. Yes, laziness is a trait found as part of Greyhound Temperament as it loves to relax and sleep when it is not running. This is the reason they are called the “45 miles per hour couch potato”. Quite a mouthful name!

  • #7. Greyhounds Have Short Coat

Unlike other dog breeds, the Greyhound coat is typically short and very easy to maintain. This implies that there is no need for constant and occasional grooming. Also, their coats come in a variety of colors such as black, red, blue, gray, or white. Also, stripes and patterns vary. Because of their short coat and skinny body, they tend not to do well in extreme weather. Also, they are easy to maintain with less grooming.

  • #8. Greyhounds Don’t Need many exercises

In contrast to other dog breeds, Greyhound needs little or no exercise despite their athletic lifestyle because they lack endurance. So, this dog might be for you if you are not fond of exercising your pet.

  • #9. Greyhounds Can’t Cope in Extreme Weather Conditions

Taking us further in our discussion on Greyhound Dog Breeds, 10 Facts Every breeder Should know is the fact that greyhounds are not used to intense or extreme environments & weather conditions. The reason being that they have sensitive skin and long thin bones, and are very skinny, meaning that they do not have enough muscles to and coat to keep them warm or protect them.

  • #10. Greyhounds Find it Hard to Sit Properly

Finally, we also found out that greyhounds cannot sit properly. Not because they cannot sit at all, rather when they sit down, they find it uncomfortable because of the musculature of their hindquarters. As such, most greyhounds don’t like to sit, rather they prefer to lie down

  • Do Greyhounds Have Personality?

Greyhounds’ temperament varies depending on factors such as heredity, training, and socialization. Overall, Greyhound’s temperament is summed up as being friendly, the sensitive side can be shy or timid, and non-aggressive, even though some can be harsh toward strangers. They’re likely to become a friend for life.

  • Best Foods for Greyhound Dogs

Greyhound feeding varies and it depends on the size of the dog. However, greyhounds on the average should be fed with 250-300 grams of meat per day. The meat can be accompanied by vegetables, fish oil, and other supplements for balanced diets.

  • What Kind of Dog Looks Like A Greyhound?

Interestingly, there is a similar dog to greyhound and that is “Whippets”, a medium-sized dog breed originated from England and also a sighthound breed. They were bred from greyhound and they resemble a smaller Greyhound, however, they have some health conditions compared to the greyhound.

  • Are Greyhounds Healthy Dogs?

The greyhound is considered the healthiest of all dog breed. It can hardly fall sick all through its lifetime however, that is not to say that it doesn’t suffer from one health issue or the other.

  • What Are the Characteristics of Hound Dogs?

Greyhounds are strong, agile, and speedy. On the other hand, Scent hounds have a strong sense of smell, they have literally little body fats. Nonetheless, both hounds are tough dog breeds but can be slow. More so, hound dogs are very inquisitive and independent creatures.

  • Types of Greyhounds

Racing Greyhounds and Show greyhounds are the two different types of greyhounds. The two greyhounds are typically differentiated by their size. Racing greyhounds are usually 25 to 29 inches tall, while show Greyhounds are slightly larger, with a height measured 26 to 30 inches.

  • Greyhound Physical Characteristics

Greyhound has a slim body shape and size which enables you to attain high speed and also to have a sturdy and agile body, it is tall, with a long head and neck, as well as an arched, broad, and muscular back, strong legs, and well-balanced feet.

  • Why Do Greyhounds Lean

The greyhound is an affectionate dog that loves attention and likes to spend time with its owner. Greyhound leans as a means of showing affection and love to its owner which is demonstrated by curling up against you on the couch or leaning his weight against your side.

  • Where to Buy Greyhound Dog

Greyhound dogs are homeless with most of them at a shelter and rescue center. The best means to buy a greyhound dog is to visit a pet adoption site or go to a trusted breeder or better still, a rescue and shelter center to get your greyhound dog.

  • Greyhound Dog Price

Greyhounds are excellent dog breeds known for their agility and speed. On average, you will get a greyhound dog breed at $1,000.

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Conclusion on Greyhound Dog Breeds, 10 Facts Every breeder Should know [2020 Edition]

Greyhounds are intelligent, gentle with other great characteristics and personalities. They are known for their speed and athletic ability. Greyhounds are short on endurance and do not require much exercise. Having read from the beginning to end, I believe you have learned all you can about Greyhound Dog Breeds, 10 Facts Every breeder.

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