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Former Browns CB Joe Haden shows off new tattoos

Joe Haden # 23 of the Pittsburgh Steelers celebrates a four-down stop in the fourth quarter to end the match at Heinzfield on December 19, 2021 in Pittsburgh, PA.
(Photo by Joe Sargent / Getty Images)

Cleveland Browns fans were singing Joe Haden’s admirations everywhere.

That changed when the former Browns cornerback signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2017.

That’s not to say Everyone I didn’t like Joe right away.

Most people in northeastern Ohio find it a little difficult to cheer for someone who wears black and gold.

But Harden hasn’t lost his love for Cleveland.

He frequently mentions them on social media and still occasionally plays Cleveland Cavaliers games.

Now he is forever carving the city into his body. Harden has a new tattoo that he unveiled on Instagram this week. The following tweets..

Fresh ink

Joe wanted to get his fans involved in his latest inks.

He visited Twitter earlier this week and asked fans to edit a combination of his photos in Pittsburgh and Cleveland uniforms.

User “@ vc2art” has decided to create Haden’s favorite design.

Ultimately, it served as a tattoo inspiration.

Certainly from a personal point of view, I don’t have a tattoo.

However, asking a stranger on the Internet to design something that fits your body seems to have dire potential.

Thankfully, Harden seems to have fans with solid creative skills.

Care for Cleveland

It’s been a while since Browns fans were able to support Harden in the field.

However, as mentioned earlier, there seems to be mutual love in the open air between Joe and Cleveland.

Harden could be found in the courtyard at the Cavaliers match, even after he signed with Pittsburgh.

In addition to being freed from the Browns, it’s cool to see his love for Cleveland, even though he’s not from the area.

Men usually seem to forget when they leave the city.

That’s not the case with Joe.

Strongsville House

This tweet was too interesting to omit.

We all remember the days when “Bill Cower just bought a house in Strongsville, according to sources.”

Would you like to play the same game as Harden for entertainment purposes? I’m all about it.

Is he back?

As an unlimited free agent, Harden may leave Pittsburgh this offseason.

He dropped a “goodbye” message to Steelers fans in March.

The sign indicates that he will find a new playground.

Can cornerbacks return to Cleveland?

The possibilities seem to be there, especially if the secondary has room for veteran depth.

How do Browns fans feel about Harden’s return?

By the way, from the reply to the next tweet, it seems that it seems to be quite divided.

His best play day is certainly behind him.

He had some good moments in Pittsburgh and did some clutch interceptions.

However, in a tough match like Ja’Marr Chase of Bengals, Harden had a hard time catching up.

It’s unfair to expect him to shut down the top wide out with a single one-on-one coverage.

However, even when in the right position, Joe can play explosively, which can change the game.

If interested and the price is right, Harden could return to Cleveland.

Otherwise, Browns will literally be part of him forever with his new tattoo.

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