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First Call: NHL movements that affect penguins.Steelers player who may help you make money

In Thursday’s First Call, we’ll look at how several other teams in the Penguins department were affected by NHL free agents. A new home has been built for local star Vincent Trochek. Some penguins killer is running. Pat Freiermuth may be on the verge of making some money for Steelers fans. And the new stealer James Daniels is mentioned as one of the best players in his position.

New York Mind State

Vincent Trochek of Apercent Claire leaves the Carolina Hurricane, but he remains in the Metropolitan Division.

On Wednesday, Trocheck signed a seven-year, $ 39 million contract with the New York Rangers. Torocheck scored a total of 21 goals and 30 assists in Carolina last season. He was able to slot in as a second line center in New York next season.

If Evgeni Malkin hit a free agency, many penguins fans wanted the franchise to be done by signing Trocheck. But the fear was that he would be too many cap hits.

However, with an average annual value of $ 5,625,000, Trocheck is less against the cap than Malkin’s $ 6.1 million hit. Trocheck is 29 years old and Malkin is 35 years old.

However, Malkin’s contract lasts only four years. Torocheck is three years longer.

New York has also signed a two-year contract worth $ 1.55 million with former penguin goalkeeper Louis Domming. He experienced some ups and downs in the club-to-club playoff series last May and could be the third goalkeeper after Igor Sheschokin and Yaroslav Harak in the Rangers franchise.

Bye bye broadway

Penguins, on the other hand, aren’t upset at all when they see these two forwards leaving Manhattan to a free agent.

Andrew Copp went to Detroit for a reported five-year contract worth $ 281.25 million. Frank Vatrano signed with Anaheim Ducks for $ 10.95 million over three years.

Both of those players were high-quality late-season acquisitions that helped the Rangers soar to the Eastern Conference Finals. And they always seemed to hurt the penguins.

Copp scored a goal in New York in four of the seven games against Penn in the first round playoff series between teams this spring. He finished the series with 7 points.

Vatrano had five points during the series. In 16 regular season matches against Penn, Vatrano has scored nine goals in Boston, Florida and New York for a total of 13 points.

At least Vatrano is heading to the Western Conference. By attending the Red Wings, Cup will remain at the Eastern Conference.

For more information on Freiermuth? posted individual over-under totals for NFL wide receivers and tight ends.

One of the potential money-making opportunities could be betting on Steelers’ tight-end Pat Freiermuth. They set his total to 62½ at the reception, 576½ at the receiving yard and 6½ at the touchdown.

During the rookie season, Fly Armas made a total of 60 catches, 497 receive yards and 7 touchdowns.

Therefore, all of these numbers look very achievable in the second season of Fly Armas. Especially if the offense holds the ball longer than last year, plays more, improves offense lines, and quarterbacks can occasionally extend play and drive with the foot. Ben Roethlisberger couldn’t do that last year.

Remember that Fly Armas missed one match in 2021 due to a concussion. In addition, he only got 33.8 snaps per game in the first five weeks of his first season. He averaged 47.9 for the rest of the regular season.

If you suspect the Steelers quarterback or think the wide receiver will eat up too many targets, Fly Armas thinks it’s a good bet on the sum of all of them.

On an upward trend

CBS Sports has compiled a list of the NFL’s most aggressive players in all positions under the age of 25.

Two Steelers were mentioned. The newly acquired James Daniels was one of two guards. Arijavela-New York Jets was another Tucker.

Writer Jordan Dajani said: The ex-bear roamed Chicago’s offensive line, playing left guard, center guard, and right guard over the last four seasons. In fact, according to PFF, he played only three snaps with Lightguard a year ago. Daniels was strong over the first four seasons, but last year was probably the best overall campaign for him. “

Daniels will turn 25 on September 13, just two days after the opening of the Steelers regular season. Najee Harris’s running back is the second team after Indianapolis Colts star Jonathan Taylor.

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