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Ernst and Young Salary Structure in Nigeria

Ernst & Young (EY) Nigeria is a firm that partners with major private and public corporations.

Ernst & Young (EY) is one of the member firms of Ernst & Young Global Limited, with each as a separate legal entity. In Nigeria, Ernst and Young’s company has been operating for more than 50 years. EY Nigeria is trusted by many and ranks among the most respected, and influential organizations in the industry.

The services of Ernst and Young cut across diverse sectors of the economy in Nigeria. EY’s professional services in Nigeria have earned over 600 clients within the country from private and public firms.

Globally, Ernst & Young (EY) is recognized for its shared value of inspiring individuals to not just become professionals, but leaders in their industry. With about 25 partners and over 410 professionals, Ernst & Young (EY) Nigeria offers its services with specialized skills.

What does Ernst and Young’s company do?

The provision of professional services, assurance, transaction, tax, audit, business, and financial advisory services to government, automotive, real estate, financial, entertainment, technology, mining, and telecommunication industries is what Ernst and Young do as an EY company.

The firm aids in building better working environments for people, most especially her clients and the community at large. The quality services and insights provided by this organization have helped it build confidence and trust in the economies and capital markets around the globe.

This firm and its team, deliver the exact services it promises its stakeholders, most especially the formation of outstanding leaders. The team here has been able to deliver exactly what the firm promises to its stakeholders.

Ernst & Young (EY) Nigeria

Each year, EY recruits graduates in Nigeria from recognized universities. The recruits of Ernst and Young company are properly trained to prepare them for the different encounters they may be faced with in the workplace.

Professional development is one of the top priorities of EY. The firm provides world-class mentoring and learning programs, to make its recruits feel inspired, and valued, to make more contributions to the EY workforce.

By becoming part of the EY workforce, you will join the team that develops the skillset of Investors, regulators, and companies, to build confidence in them.

You would help in validating the critical business information, financial statements, and other tasks that bother the clients of Ernst and Young company.

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Fresh Graduate Salary at Ernst and Young Nigeria

As of the biggest accounting firms in Nigeria, Ernst and Young provide a substantial salary structure for fresh graduates. Fresh graduates are allowed to join the Ernst and Young company either through the graduate trainee program or by direct application.

Although securing a job in Nigeria is not always as easy as it is portrayed, the Ernst and young graduate trainee program is quite competitive when it comes to securing a form for the job application.

The Salary of fresh graduates at Ernst and Young bothers between a monthly income of N150,000 to N180,000.

Ernst and Young Graduate Trainee Salary In Nigeria

The net salary of an average graduate trainee at EY Nigeria is N220,000.

Breakdown of the entry-level salary for graduate trainees at EY Nigeria:

A graduate trainee with 0 – 2 years of experience earns N172,000.

With 3 – 9 years of experience, he earns N315,000.

Ernst and Young Graduate Trainee Recruitment Exercise

Ernst and Young recruitment programs take place every year to equip Nigerians in the workforce. The Ernst and Young recruitment applications can be gotten from their official website.

Fresh graduates with at least a second-class upper division have better chances of getting a job at Ernst and Young company.

The age range of applicants for Ernst and young trainee recruitment is between the ages of 18 to 26. They must also meet up other basic requirements for the job as outlined by the firm.

Candidates who are successful in the entrance examination of EY Nigeria, are allowed to participate in the oral interviews and written tests conducted at the Ernst and young head office in Lagos.

Who is a Graduate Trainee?

A graduate trainee is a University graduate that is trained to develop professionally his or her skills, and for proper management in the industry. These training programs are conducted in the company. The graduate trainee in Ernst and Young company works under the supervision of senior employees.

Qualification needed

A Degree from a recognized institution in any relevant field.

Skills required:

Influential skills

Flexibility and adaptability

Problem-solving skills

Excellent communication skills

Emotional intelligence

Good analytical skills

Management skills


Location of Ernst and Young company in Nigeria

The head office of EY Nigeria is situated on the 10th floor, UBA House, 57 Marina Road, Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.


The Ernst and young salary structure have been outlined in this post. Candidates who reach the minimum requirements of the company, can and should apply for the different positions in the firm. The skills are relative and the salary structure is substantial.

Kindly share your thoughts on the Salary Structure of Ernst and Young in the comments section below.

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