Top 10 E-Commerce Sites In Netherland

Top 10 E-Commerce Sites in Netherland

Our interest today is to find out the Top e-commerce Sites in Netherland. Netherland is a highly developed country and advanced country in terms of technology which has birthed numerous e-commerce sites which people can use to purchase whatsoever they want.

That is because it is almost a tradition for most Dutch to make a purchase online rather than visit a physical store. For this reason, we have compiled the Top E-Commerce sites in Netherland.

Top 10 E-Commerce sites in Netherland

There is a large variety of e-commerce stores in the Netherland. Some of them are locally designed and others are foreign e-commerce that is available in the country. All of these sites enjoy daily traffic because of the high number of visits for one service or the other.

If you are still in the dark about the Top 10 E-Commerce sites in Netherland, scan through the list provided to you below.


Net Worth: €2,170 million is the number one e-commerce site serving11 million active customers in the Netherlands and Belgium offering over 23 million items.

The site is a webshop that offers a general merchandising variety of products in categories such as music, film, electronics, toys, jewelry, watches, baby products, gardening, and DIY.

With such massive net worth and a high number of clients, it occupies the first spot on our list of Top e-commerce Sites in the Netherland.

2. Coolblue       

Net Worth: €1,113 million

Coolblue is a Dutch e-commerce company occupying the second spot on our list of Top 10 E-Commerce sites in the Netherland. The company operates in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany and has 15 physical stores across the three countries.

The company is an omnichannel retailer from the Netherlands and it renders a wide assortment of consumer electronics. Also, it sells and installs solar panels and charging stations. Plus, it offers Home Office Stores for employers.

Company in January 2021 announced the launching of its energy label Coolblue Energy.

3. Albert Heijn 

Net Worth: €680 million

Albert Heijn is a popular convenience store, small hypermarket, and as well the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. The company is known to offer a larger variety of products in both food and non-food. In addition, several chefs are preparing takeaway within the store.

4. Zalando        

Net Worth: €670 million

Zalando is not left out on our list of Top e-commerce Sites in the Netherland coming in at the number fourth spot. The German multinational-commerce company headquartered in Berlin, Germany is widely known for offering fashion and lifestyle products to customers in 17 European countries including the Netherlands with millions of clients patronizing their products.

5. Wehkamp     

Net Worth: €490 million

Wehkamp is a popular Dutch e-commerce department store with no physical retail locations and it occupies the fifth spot on our list of Top 10 E-Commerce sites in the Netherland.

The online departmental store is known to sell products such as Fashion, Home, Pets & Garden, beauty, health, electronics, entertainment and media, Toys, kids &baby wears. Also, Wehkamp boast of having over 150 million visitors and have made over 7 million shipments.

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Net Worth:€400 million, Inc. is an American multinational technology company that encompasses commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

The company is also present in the Netherland and it is among the top e-commerce sites in the country Dutch-speaking Amazon customers have benefitted immensely from a Dutch-language mobile shopping experience through the use of the Amazon Shopping App, including Dutch-language customer support.

7. The Learning Network   

Net Worth: €280 million


The Learning Network has consistently ranked among the Top e-commerce Sites in Netherland because of its turnover and it is also considered to be one of the top online sellers in the Netherlands.

The Learning Network is the largest educational service provider in the Netherlands delivering more than 12 million study books every year. Also, it has more than 4 million digital licenses and various study materials for secondary, secondary vocational, and higher education students.

8. Jumbo 

Net Worth: €270 million

At the number eight spot, we have Jumbo known to be one of the largest Dutch supermarket chains, having approximately 600 stores in the Netherlands.

More so, the online departmental store has grown significantly as a result of its several acquisitions of leading Dutch brands, including La Place, C1000, and Emté.

Interestingly, Jumbo is also present in Belgium with several stores established across the country as well.

9. MediaMarkt 


Net Worth: €230 million

MediaMarkt comes occupies the ninth spot in our list of Top e-commerce Sites in the Netherland. This e-commerce company is a German multinational chain of stores that sells consumer electronics in over 1000 stores across Europe including the Netherlands.

The company is known to provide customers with clear, fair, and reliable prices both online and offline.

10.   H&M

Net Worth:€230 million

Lastly, as we end our countdown is H&M Online Sales which oversees H&M’s e-commerce globally that offers superb fashion in high quality at the best and affordable price in a sustainable way! Interestingly, this company offers e-commerce in all digital channels and has grown to have e-commerce sites in 52 markets.

H&M offers a variety of products for women and men of varying ages and statuses, these products include sportswear, underwear, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, home textiles, and decorations.

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So, if you find yourself in the Netherlands and you want to use a genuine and trustworthy e-commerce site, you now know the Top E-Commerce sites in Netherland that you can visit to buy whatever product you want.

Interestingly, the sites listed here encompass different companies offering different services and selling different products.

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