Dstv Explora Subscription Packages And Prices

DSTV Explora Subscription Packages and Prices in Nigeria

In this article, we will discuss the various DSTV Explora Subscription Packages and Prices. DSTV stands for Digital Satellite Television, and it is an African Broadcast Service owned by the Multichoice Company. DSTV was officially launched in 1995, and since then till today, has proven to deliver with ultra high-quality variety of television channels and services with a seamless experience and it is currently known to be one of the biggest broadcast services in Africa.

DSTV has several decoder models including the single-view decoders, the dual-view, SD PVR(Personal Video Recorder), and the latest DSTV Explora, among others. However, the goal of this article is to discuss elaborately the latest decoder model, which is the DSTV Explora. We will also provide the various DSTV Explora Packages and Prices we have in Nigeria.

DSTV Explora is the latest line of HD PVR (Personal Video Recorder) decoders under DSTV, and this particular model lets you discover, store and enjoy content like never before.

With the DSTV Explora decoder, you won’t have to worry about missing a live event or your favorite television show because you will always have the option to see a replay.

DSTV Explora Subscription packages have a high spike of entertainment and fun and are always there to lighten up the day. Before we list the different DSTV Explora subscription packages and prices, here are some standout features that will amaze you which can be found in the DSTV Explora.

Standout Features of DSTV Explora Subscription Packages

  • DSTV Explora subscription packages have the catch-up feature available in the decoder, which enables you to watch at your convenience and catch up on all the TV series, sports games, movies, music videos, and other interesting TV programs that you missed.
  • DSTV Explora decoders come with an instant replay feature, and the last 20 seconds of any program can be rewound if you missed it. So you don’t have to worry when you miss that entertainment because you can always watch the replay.
  • The DStv Explora subscription packages also have an inbuilt PVR (Personal Video Recorder) in the decoder, which enables you to record TV programs. The PVR has high storage capacity and you can record up to a max of 220 hours’ worth of football matches, TV series, movies, music videos, and many other similar events. With this feature, you are also free to either pause or rewind live TV shows.
  • The DStv Explora decoder enables a direct internet connection so that you may download and watch a variety of “catch-up” titles.
  • Also, in the DSTV Explora decoder, you could choose to save the various TV episodes you recorded into different categories. This is a way to help you organize your favorite episodes into one or different categories without mixing everything up.

There are lots of other interesting features in the DSTV Explora decoder, so if you want to purchase the decoder, and with the DSTV Explora subscription packages and prices, you are sure to make the right choice. Now let’s discuss the various DSTV Explora subscription packages and prices in Nigeria.

DSTV Explora Subscription Packages and Prices in Nigeria

The DStv Explora Subscription Packages and Prices in Nigeria include;

DSTV Access

This is the cheapest package available, at a price of 2,000/month. DSTV Access has more than 45 quality television channels both local and international. Some of the TV channels in this package include Super Sports BLITZ, NTA1, African Magic Yoruba(AMY), African Magic World, AIT, E-entertainment, Silverbird, and lots others.

DSTV Family

DSTV Family has more than 55 TV channels available, both local and international. Some of the channels in the DSTV family are; BBC, CNN, ESPN Classic, Euro News, Cartoon Network(CN), and lots more. This package also has audio channels available like Ray Power, Star FM, Voice of America (VoA), etc. The price is at 4,000/month

DSTV Compact

DSTV Compact has more than 60 TV channels, both local and international. some of these TV channels are; MNET action, BBC world, ESPN sports, and Super sports 10, among others. This is a favorite package for most Football lovers and the price of this package is 6800/month

DSTV Compact Plus(+)

DSTV Compact Plus has more number of channels and allows the users to gain access to more TV channels, compared to DSTV Compact. It comes with an inclusion of Super sports 7 (SS7) and Super sports 10 (SS10).

You will also be able to view other sporting events such as the Spanish league, French league, Bundesliga, tennis, athletics, motorsports, and boxing. The price of this package is 6800/month

DSTV Premium

DSTV Premium is the most expensive package among all other DSTV subscription packages. You have access to more than 85 interesting TV channels on this package. Some TV channels that can be found on the package include; MNET west, Super sports 3 (SS3), and discovery, among others. The price of this subscription is usually 15,800/month

Dstv Explora
DSTV Explora Subscription Packages

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We discussed the various DSTV Explora Subscription Packages and Prices in Nigeria, their unique features, and all other necessary details that you need to know.

Interestingly, the DSTV Explora decoder is accessible not just in Nigeria, but also in other African nations like; Kenya, Ghana, Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, and lots others.

The main price for the DSTV decoder is about 66,750 Nigerian naira, though some vendors on Jumia sell between 70,000 and 95,000 Nigerian Naira.

A complete and well-functioning DSTV Explora decoder should have a satellite dish, a DSTV decoder (HD Zapper Decoder or Explora Decoder), a smart card, and remote control. Despite all the fantastic features, the DSTV Explora has one little drawback the decoder has is often the installation process.

DSTV Explora Installation requires the services of a special technician who will fix the dish in the best way in order for it to be faced in the direction with the strongest signal.

DSTV Explora decoder price range with installation excluded is between 60,000-65,000 Nigerian Naira. DSTV Explora decoder price range with installation included is between 65,000-80,000 Nigerian Naira

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