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Cam Heyward responds to 5th place on ESPN’s survey with a new ESPN podcast

Pittsburgh Steelers’ Star Defensive Tackle Cameron Heyward, after another dominant season in which he recorded a 10.0 sack, won another trip to the Pro Bowl and won the acclaim of First Team All-Pro. ESPN’s location ranking survey somehow fell into one place. By Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.

After being ranked 4th in the NFL prior to the 2021 season in the survey, Hayward was frowned upon, dropping to 5th in the survey prior to the 2022 season.

Heyward’s highest ranking in the survey was over 50 league executives, coaches, scouts and players, with ESPN stacking the top 10 players in 11 different positions, from edge rushers to interior offensive linemen. Helped to do. The lowest Hayward was surprisingly ranked among the top ten.

In addition to playing football with his new podcast, Cameron Heyward, as part of ESPN’s Omaha Productions, Hayward responded to the fifth-place ranking. Not surprisingly, Hayward had some great ideas about the 5th overall ranking.

“Jeremy Fowler, I’ve loved talking to you for years, but shit, this is wrong,” Hayward said in his podcast that fell Wednesday night, the NFL on the ESPN YouTube page. According to the video via. “I even talked to Hayden [Walsh, Heyward’s co-host] Before that, I asked if I could look up the 2021 rankings. That’s the confusing part. ”

Last season, Hayward ranked fourth behind Los Angeles Rams star Aaron Donald, Kansas City’s prominent Chris Jones, Indianapolis Colts’ defensive tackle and DeForest Buckner. It was after the 2020 season, when Hayward recorded only four sack, but still won the Pro Bowl nod and allpro praise.

Throughout this off-season, Hayward has always been second only to Donald in position rankings. But Wednesday morning, ESPN’s findings included the face of the Steelers franchise behind Donald, Tennessee Titans’ Defensive Lineman, Jeffery Simmons, Jones, and Buckner.

“I understand the rankings ahead of the 2021 season, but I’m moving on to the next season. According to the NFL video on ESPN’s YouTube page, Hayward said it was one of the best seasons ever. “Let’s say this. Thank you to your friends. Thank you to the great players you can play with. I was able to meet a lot of these guys in the Pro Bowl and they are really great players. But no!

“I just got out of the fuss of a year, and did I come back? It seems very confusing to me.”

That’s certainly confusing, especially given Hayward’s advantage at the age of 33 last season. Putting together one of the most complete seasons of his career, he is definitely inducted into the Hall of Fame.

It’s all shocking that Somones like Simmons, who wasn’t in the top 10 of last season’s position ranking survey on ESPN, suddenly jumped to Hayward on the basis of one good year. That’s wrong, as Hayward said he would open a segment in a podcast. Points, blanks, periods.

Simmons, Jones, and Buckner are all great in their own right, but nothing is as productive or destructive as Heyward does every week. Not just as an interior pass rusher. According to Pro Football Focus, Hayward was graded out as a Rover Defender in 2021 at 89.8 (elite), and in addition to the 85.8 Pass Rush grade, he was well-suited to the elite level of grade 91.0 in that position and downgraded to second place. Did. Interior defender behind Donald in PFF metrics.

For comparison, Jones was fifth in PFF results last season, Simmons was 21st and Buckner was 22nd.

After all, position rankings are a feed that makes little sense for the off-season, but a few from ESPN certainly put another tip on Hayward’s shoulders ahead of the 2022 season, when he really becomes the face of the franchise. I put it.

“I personally think I’m at the top of my game. I’m a perfect player and that’s not a trivial matter for everyone else,” Hayward added. “But when I step into the field, I feel like the top guy in my position. Aaron Donald is a great player and he’s a big player, but that’s what you want. It chooses your poison. I told it to multiple people this offseason, and that’s how I feel. Advertising [Donald] Hurry up passers-by to do a great job and he can run. I play differently and do the same. For some reason, I think they think 3-4d-end I shouldn’t get credit. And as I get older, I feel like I’m running out of time and doing a really good job in my position, so I feel like I have to start saying this more. ..

“I don’t have to hear the statement that it’s AD and everyone else. Man, screw it in,” Hayward added. “I worked so hard in this game that someone couldn’t shit in my game. What are we talking about?”

It’s great that Heyward has its own media platform and can explain the real unfiltered thoughts about football, how it’s covered and how it’s perceived through the media.

There is no doubt that Aaron Donald and Cameron Heyward are at the top of the food chain in the defensive harness position. Both are exceptional pass rushers and run stoppers. As Hayward said, choose your poison for the type of player you want, it doesn’t matter between the two. That’s why it was so shocking to see Heyward in fifth place on ESPN’s survey and a very dominant season.

All ESPN did was add more motivation to Heyward. He knows there is still work to be done to get the respect he deserves.

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