Cost Of Tooth Extraction In Nigeria

Cost Of Tooth Extraction, Scaling and Polishing In Nigeria

Toothaches can be very disconcerting especially when left untreated for prolonged periods. If the tooth damage becomes severe and you eventually visit a dentist, based on your prescription, you may need to extract or scale your tooth. In this post, we detailed the Cost Of Tooth Extraction, Scaling, and Polishing In Nigeria.

Most Nigerians are in the habit of taking their dental health very lightly. If you have ever experienced toothaches or tooth anomalies, you would know that that was an unforgettable experience.

When your teeth or tooth just like every other part of your body develops an impediment to their functions, you may require the services of a professional dentist.

If you have tooth decay, the tooth may require an extraction based on the extent of the tooth’s decay and the underlying gum damage. You can fill up tooth cavities with amalgam and for spaced or not properly arranged teeth, you can get them in order again using braces.

Most Nigerians resort to self-medication and orthodox treatments once they notice any tooth or teeth issues. This is most times not advisable.

The better remedy to tooth anomalies is to visit a dentist. It is the dentist that will examine your teeth to ascertain the extent of the tooth damage and also drive a conclusion to your prescription. Many shun visiting dentists in Nigeria because of their high charges for consultancy.

However, teeth care is one of the most expensive health care systems, and given that we compiled the Cost Of Tooth Extraction, Scaling, and Polishing In Nigeria; to aid as a planner on your next visit to a dentist.

Giving Premium attention to your teeth will help prevent gingivitis which is a mild form of gum disease from progressing into periodontitis (the severe type of gum disease).

This post will also help some of our readers who have dentition problems plan their budgets for a visit to the dentist. Please note that this post on the Cost Of Tooth Extraction, Scaling, and Polishing In Nigeria was only made to serve as a guide for your budgeting and is not replaceable with your professional dentists. Read Also: Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies In Nigeria.

Cost Of Tooth Extraction in Nigeria

Cost Of Tooth Extraction, Scaling And Polishing In Nigeria (2022)

For some reason, you may need to extract your tooth. One of the major reasons for tooth extraction is infections.

You would know that permanent teeth are not entirely permanent by the time you experience or come in contact with someone with severe tooth decay. Mouth infections can give rise to a decaying tooth tightness from the gums.

This tooth decay may go unobserved without any signs and symptoms but may present itself with tooth decay. A tooth infection may go deep to affect the tooth pulp and not just the enamel.

When a tooth infection is not too severe, you can treat it with antibiotics. Tooth extraction is often prescribed when the infection has eaten deep into the tooth and may spread to other teeth.

Another reason for tooth extraction of crowded teeth. If your teeth are not properly arranged in your mouth such that the teeth appear to be crowded in your mouth, you may be suffering from a medical condition that can be corrected with orthodontia.

Here, what the dentist does is arrange the misaligned teeth and extract the ones that are too big to fit into their original spaces.

When a person’s immune system is compromised, such as seen after an organ transplant or chemotherapy, the tooth may become weakened and may require that the infected tooth be extracted.

The Cost Of Teeth or Cost of Tooth Extraction in Nigeria is variable depending on the type of clinic you visit, the qualifications and experience of the dentist. The Cost of extracting a tooth in Nigeria is cheaper in Federal hospitals than the private hospital counterparts. Generally, Federal hospitals and dental clinics charge lesser amounts for medical procedures than private and independent bodies.

For a government-owned dental clinic, the cost of teeth or cost of tooth extraction ranges from ₦4,000 to ₦8,000. The Cost Of Tooth Extraction in private hospitals is about ₦7,000 to ₦15,000. On average, the cost of extracting a tooth in Nigeria is ₦5,000

Teeth Scaling and Polishing

Both teeth scaling and polishing are two different medical procedures but are carried out together in dental practices. Scaling and Polishing are both professional methods of cleaning teeth. They are both done to reverse gingivitis.

In teeth scaling, you are removing the stains and plaques on your teeth. Tooth scaling precedes teeth polishing. After you scale your teeth, the teeth’ enamel will often become tough and abrasive. With teeth polishing, you are returning the teeth to their original shine and luster.

I’m teeth scaling, the dentist uses special instruments to scrape the tartar or plaque on the teeth. It is recommended that everyone does teeth scraping and polishing at least once in six months.

Following the situation in the country, this is not entirely possible as the Cost Of Teeth Scaling and Polishing In Nigeria is claimed to outweigh the benefits. However, this myth is very wrong because there is some tartar in the teeth that cannot be removed with just brushing but can be severed with teeth scaling.

Cost Of Teeth Scaling and Polishing In Nigeria

What is the Cost Of Teeth Scaling and Polishing in Nigeria? How much do Teeth Scaling and Polishing go for in Nigeria?

Just as the Cost Of Teeth/Tooth Extraction varies between hospital types, the same also goes for the Cost Of Teeth Scaling and Polishing In Nigeria.

Having your teeth treated, scaled, and polished in a Government-owned dental clinic may cost you about ₦8,000 to ₦12,000. To do the same in Private dental establishments, you would have to pay between ₦25,000 to ₦45,000 and maybe up to ₦50,000 in some cities

Other Price Lists Under The Cost Of Tooth Extraction In Nigeria

Cost of Anterior teeth root canal therapy: ₦35,000

Cost of Posterior teeth root canal therapy: ₦45,000

Dental Fillings: ₦6,000

Teeth Whitening: ₦50,000

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