Cost Of Billboard Advertising In Nigeria

Cost of Billboard Advertising in Nigeria

Billboard advertising is one of the best ways advertising companies, media houses, individuals, organizations, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) publicize their products and businesses to the general masses. We will today, provide you with the Cost of Billboard Advertising in Nigeria.

This advertising media has become very popular that is recognized as one of the best forms of advertisement. Billboard advertising has proven to be a crucial part of public advertising. To place an advert on a billboard or promote your business through billboard advertising, you will have to pay for it. This article features the Cost of Billboard Advertising in Nigeria.

There are lots of billboard advertising agencies in Nigeria today, because of this, you need to be aware of the best kind of billboard that will suit your business and advertising format. Even when placed in the right location, there is a standard size of a billboard that can grab your viewer’s attention in an instant. Billboard sizes like 12 × 24 feet or 14 × 48 feet are more likely to publicize your business more effectively than billboards of lesser sizes.

Overview Of Billboard Advertising In Nigeria

Billboard Advertising and Outdoor Ads Placement are regulated by governmental bodies in the country. This means you cannot place a billboard advertising in Nigeria at an unauthorized spot or without a permit from the government.

The Advertising Practitioners Council Of Nigeria (APCON) is the primary body that sees Ads Placement in strategic locations of the country. They are the government agencies that vet both TV and billboard advertisements in Nigeria before they are published. APCON also oversees other commercial activities in the country.

To raise billboard advertising in Nigeria, the sponsor of the advert can buy advertising space or erect a new billboard. This the sponsor would do only after paying to review fees to the Advertising Practitioners Council Of Nigeria, billboard advertising space possession fees, among other advertisement charges.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Billboard Advertising in Nigeria (2022)

These are some of the important factors and fees you need to know before raising a billboard advert in Nigeria

Advertisement Vetting fees: These advertising fees are paid to the Advertising Practitioners Council Of Nigeria as the managerial body of advertisements in the country. The Advertising charges are sometimes independent of the type of advert, and the location of the advert.

Generally, APCON is the governmental regulatory body that is in charge of the country’s commercial activities.

Period of Advert

The length of time during which the advert will last on the Billboard is normally dependent on how much the advertiser is willing and able to pay.

This is a large determinant of the Cost of Billboard Advertising in Nigeria. A billboard advert spanning for a year or more would cost more than another advert that may last for just three months.


You should consider the cost of renting a Billboard in Nigeria before making the Ad placement. The Cost of Billboard Advertising in Nigeria is not the same in different states or even locations in the same state.

The price of leasing or renting advert spaces in Nigeria varies from place to place. This also affects the amount APCON and advertising agents will charge you for payment to pay for a Billboard advert space.

Printing Cost

The Cost of Printing Advertising materials is also one of the factors that affect the overall Cost of Billboard Advertising in Nigeria. This is one of the things you add to your advertising plan when drawing a draft or your budget on the Cost of Billboard Advertising in Nigeria.

You won’t buy a billboard advertising space without making arrangements for organizing the materials to be advertised.

The cost of printing advert messages in Nigeria for a static advertisement is cheaper compared to the price of shooting or motion adverts in Nigeria. Electronic or computerized billboards advertising also costs more than manual billboard advertising.

Even though the cost of printing static advertisement on Billboards are cheaper than their electronic counterparts, ic billboard advertising come in different sizes and as such have their cost graded based on the Billboard size.

Cost of Billboard Advertising in Nigeria (2022)

Depending on the size of the Billboard, the cost of the advert varies. However, the average Cost of Billboard Advertising in Nigeria currently is ₦500,000 to ₦3,000,000. This price range is the same averagely for the cost of outdoor billboard advertising in different states of Nigeria.

Below are the specific Cost of Billboard Advertising in Nigeria in different states

Cost Of Billboard Advertising in Lagos

Lagos is Nigeria’s most commercialized state. The state also has the most number of billboards at strategic locations. The general cost of advert placement in Lagos is more expensive than in other states.

The Cost Of Billboard Advertising in Lagos may range between ₦200,000 to ₦3,000,000. Also based on location, the cost of renting a billboard advert space in Lagos is estimated at ₦1.5 million to ₦3 million.

The advertisement period for the above-stated cost is three months. Durations above this advertising length incur additional costs on the advertisement sponsors.

The Cost Of Billboard Advertising in remote parts of Lagos State like Lekki, Victoria Island, and Ikeja may be up to ₦3 million. These locations are some of the best places for billboard advertising in Lagos.

A computerized billboard advert has similar costs to the above-mentioned prices; though the cost of setting up billboard adverts in Lagos is not the same in different locations as already stated above.

The cost of renting a computerized advert space on a billboard in Lagos is about ₦1.5 million. After renting advertising space, you would still have to pay confirmation charges to APCON and pay for printing your adverts.

Price of Billboard Advertising In Abuja

Abuja is one of the remote urban cities in Nigeria. It is one of the cities with the highest number of Billboards in Nigeria. The cost of Billboard Advertising in Abuja is less than the expenses of adverts in Lagos.

To place a billboard advert in towns like Garki, Maitama, and Wuse in Abuja is between ₦2 million to ₦2.5 million for 90 days. They are also the best cities for billboard advertising in Abuja.

Billboard Advertising Cost In Port Harcourt

The cost of placing a billboard advert in Port Harcourt is comparatively expensive. This is due to the commercial activities taking place in the state. There are few places in Port Harcourt where you can gain massive publicity on your advert.

Some of these places include Aba Road, Ikwere Road, Airport Road, and Ada George Road. The cost of placing billboard advert in these cities are almost the same as placing adverts in Lagos and Abuja. The cost of Billboard Advertising in Port Harcourt is ₦2 million for three months.

Billboard Advertising Cost In Kano State

Kano is the most commercial state in Northern Nigeria and is one of the best states for mounting billboard adverts. The best areas for billboard advertisement placement in Kano State are Kano Metropolis, Fagge, Dala, Gwale, Kano Municipal, Tarauni, and Nassarawa.

You must have observed that the Cost of billboard advertising in Nigeria is almost the same in the aforementioned states. Kano State is still no different. The cost of placing billboard advertisements in high target areas of Kano State is estimated at ₦2 million.

Price Of Billboard Advertising In Enugu State

Enugu State is a nice State for placing billboard advertisements. The coal city-state has numerous high target areas for placing adverts. These include Holy Ghost, Ogui Road, Otigba Junction, among others. The cost of Billboard Advertising in Enugu State for 3 months is ₦1.8 Million.


We have successfully detailed the cost of Billboard Advertising in Nigeria under this post. The cost of Billboard Advertising in high-income states like Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Enugu, and Port Harcourt, has given us an idea of how much advert placement will cost in other Nigerian states.

Just as we have highlighted the cost of placing billboard adverts in some Nigerian states, it is ok to average the cost of an advertisement from these states.

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