Coldest Countries In The World

Top 20 Coldest Countries in the World

Have you ever stopped to think about the coldest countries in the world? Some parts of this planet are extremely cold and almost impossible to settle down.

However, humans found means of living comfortably in such areas. So, if you love to reside in a freezing area or want to visit, we will be discussing the Top Coldest Countries in the World.

Top 20 Coldest Countries in the World

The coldest countries in the world are natural freezers with the presence of gigantic icebergs, and there are snow-capped mountains, there also. Find below 20 countries in the world deemed the coldest.

1. Antarctica

It would have been surprising if Antarctica did not take the first spot on this list. The country is almost not habitable with almost nothing growing there due to the extreme cold weather leaving mountains and vast lands covered with snow, the presence of glaciers, and the formation of icebergs. The temperature in this region is reported to fall below 00.

2. Russia

Russia is not just the largest country in the world by area size but also one of the coldest countries. Besides, the country sometimes records temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius.

Also, Verkhoyansk is considered to be the coldest place with a temperature of -69 degrees Celsius.

3. The United States of America

The United States of America enjoys being ranked in every category and now it is one of the Top Coldest Countries in the World at the third spot.

Although, not all the regions in this country experience extremely cold weather but other regions experience extremely cold weather especially the northern region of the country with extreme snowfall throughout the winter season.

4. Canada

Canada made the list because of the extremely cold climate during the winter season. Also, the temperature can fall below 40 degrees. However, the country is blessed with hot lakes and lush lands.

5. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is located within the arctic region causing it to experience extremely cold weather. Kazakhstantemperature during winter often falls below zero degrees. Interestingly, the weather sometimes changes based on elevation.

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6. Greenland

Greenland is an irony as there’s almost nothing green in this country. Besides, the entire country can sometimes be covered by heavy snow.

It also records below zero-degree temperatures and can sometimes experience long days or nights depending on the season.

7. Norway

Norway is a Scandinavian country located close to the North Pole and like other countries listed here experiences extremely cold weather.

This is not surprising as the country is covered by glaciers and deep coastal fjords. However, the country’s temperature is sometimes mild due to the North Atlantic Current.

8. Iceland

Just because it is called Iceland does not mean the country is covered by ice. Although the country experiences heavy snowfall and mountains are covered with snow. The temperatures can record as low as 5°C.but, it also experiences a temperate climate.

9. Finland

Finland’s weather varies as the northeastern part of the country record a low temperature of 0 to −4 °C while the southwestern part of the country experiences a little higher than that. Also, the quantity of sunlight during summer varies.

10. Estonia

Estonia is reported to have a sub-zero temperature. One of the major reasons is the cold air masses moving from the Arctic or Russia over the country, thereby lowering the temperature to below 20 degrees.

11. Mongolia

Mongolia’s extremely cold climate puts this small Asian country on our radar. Because of the country’s high altitude and its situation far from any sea – results in extreme weather conditions in the country especially very cold winters, with temperatures reaching less than30°C.

12. Belarus

Belarus has its uniqueness when it comes to cold weather because the winter season is often icy while summer is warmer.

The country makes our list of the Top Coldest Countries in the World because it records temperature that is less than 40 degrees, plentiful snowfall, and a long winter season.

13. Sweden

Sweden has a temperate climate but, it experiences extremely cold weather which is one of the coldest in the world. The average temperature falls between minus 2 to minus 1 degree Celsius during the winter season. However, summer can be warmer.

#14. Denmark

Denmark has a temperate climate and warmer conditions than most countries listed so far. But, it experiences heavy snowfall around the country and there is the presence of glaciers as well.

The country has once recorded a temperature that is below 3 degrees making it one of the coldest countries in the world.

15. Latvia

Latvia experience a temperate climate, with calm winters and mild summers. That doesn’t mean it does not get extremely cold as the temperature during the winter season can reach -6.6 degrees Celsius to -2.8 degrees Celcius.

Also, it snows continuously leading to snow covering mountains and glaciers forming in the country.

16. Austria

Austria enjoys a moderate climate but the winter season can be extremely cold around the country, especially in the valleys located at higher altitudes, and mountainous areas become extremely cold. The temperature during winter recorded can be less than 20 degrees Celsius.

17. Switzerland

Switzerland makes our list of the Top Coldest Countries in the World but, the weather varies by region as mountainous regions get extremely cold during the winter season while plain regions experience hot summers.

The temperature during summer can read below 1 degree while during summer it can rise to 25 degrees.

18. Ukraine

Ukraine is a cold country characterized by heavy snowfall during winters. Although, Eastern European countries experience average weather with a warm climate during summer and it can be awkwardly hot as well.

19. Lithuania

Lithuania is located in the European Baltic region. The country is home to eye-catchy landscapes, flatlands, plentiful forests, and lakes.

Not forgetting the seaside with its sandy beaches. Amidst all these, with a record temperature of −20 degrees, Lithuania is one of the coldest countries in the world.

20. Nepal

The Winter season in this country is severe while the summer season can be cool or unreasonably hot. Typically, mountainous regions, hills, and valleys get extremely cold and icy.

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We have come to the end of our discussion on the Top Coldest Countries in the World. Weather in these countries is unusual and they vary but they are by far the coldest.

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