Chihuahua Breeds
Chihuahua Breeds

Chihuahua Breeds Facts- Chihuahua is a companion dog breed known for its extremely small size and one of the popular dog breeds in the world. Chihuahua is named after a city in Mexico where its origin is traced back to. This mixed dog breed commonly referred to as “handbag dog” is known to love companionship as it loves to cleave with its owner. We have discussed extensively Chihuahua Breeds 10 Facts Every Breeder Should Know in this article. Before we write on that, here are the commonly most asked questions on search fora;

  • What are the different breeds of Chihuahuas?
  • Are Chihuahuas good pets?
  • What is the smallest breed of Chihuahua?
  • How smart is a Chihuahua dog?
  • Do Chihuahuas pick one person?
  • What is the rarest color Chihuahua?
  • Is it OK for my Chihuahua to sleep with me?
  • Why do Chihuahuas stink?
  • Can Chihuahuas be left alone?
  • How many babies can a teacup Chihuahua have?
  • What’s the easiest dog to own?
  • Are Chihuahuas hard to train?


Before we go further, below is a quick view of Chihuahua Facts and Information to help you grasp quick actualities about this dog breed.

Full profile of Chihuahua Dogs and Characteristics

Chihuahua Best Dogs Breed For Family
Chihuahua Best Dogs Breed For Family
  • Dog Breed Group: Companion Dogs
  • Country of Origin: Mexico
  • Height: 6 inches to 9 inches tall
  • Weight: 3 to 6 pounds
  • Life Span: 12 to 20 years
  • Coat Length: short/long
  • Characteristics: Flat, straight
  • Grooming Needs: Very Low
  • Social/Attention Needs: High
  • Longevity Range: 14-18 yrs.

With all that been said, below is a highlight of Chihuahua Breeds 10 Facts that every breeder should know about them.

  1. Easily Develop Phobia
  2. Chihuahua Love Companionship
  3. Chihuahua is Active and Energetic Breeds
  4. It is the Smallest Dog Breed
  5. It has Different Varieties
  6. Chihuahua Requires Attention
  7. Chihuahua has Molera
  8. Have the Longest Life Span of all Dog Breeds
  9. Smart and Easy to Train
  10. Chihuahua is Cliquey

 Information About Chihuahua Breeds 

  • #1. Easily Develop Phobia

Chihuahua is cute and sassy dogs loved by individuals and families around the world, however, it is a common trait for them to develop a phobia. They easily become afraid when they are alone, or around busy/traffic areas, new dogs, etc. so, before you go ahead to adopt your Chihuahua, make sure you help it overcome every form of phobia.

  • #2. Chihuahua Love Companionship

This is a tidbit regarding What do Chihuahuas Like, companionship! Chihuahuas love to be close to its owners and family member, following them around in the house, accompany their owners who carry them along in tote bags, purse, dog stroller, etc. when going out or go shopping.

In fact, Chihuahuas form a close bond with a single person, and if they’re overindulged, they can become very demanding.

  • #3. Chihuahua is Active and Energetic Breeds

Another thing you need to know as you ponder about What do Chihuahuas Like, we know that they are active and energetic dogs that like to be kept occupied. Even though they are small-sized dogs, they love exercise and like to be involved in one chore or the other.

As such, they require daily exercise of about 20 to 30 minutes. Make sure you find means of engaging your Chihuahua.

  • #4. It is the Smallest Dog Breed

Still, on Chihuahua Facts and Information, it is also the overall smallest dog breed in the world. Chihuahuas’ height is within 5 to 8 inches and they weigh not more than 6 pounds. Also, they are moderately thin which makes it easier to carry them around in small purses, bags, and dog strollers.

  • #5. It has Different Varieties

Chihuahuas come in diverse varieties with more than 40 different kinds of coat colours and markings giving you a wide range of options to choose from. Also, there are two kinds of Chihuahuas, a long-coated and short-coated (smooth-coat) breeds.

  • #6. Chihuahua Requires Attention

Having a chihuahua also requires that you pay it attention and give it proper care. Although Chihuahuas have the longest life span, yet they are prone to health issues. They have a low tolerance for both hot and cold weather and they tend to shiver.

Also, they easily suffer from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar condition) when they are not properly fed or when they are sick. It is important that you are alert and monitor your dog properly so as to help it maintain a healthy life.

  • #7. Chihuahua have Molera

Molera is described as a “hole” or soft spot on top of their heads. This is one Chihuahua Facts and Information you be aware of so that you won’t poke this companionship dog on its head. It is a common trait in most Chihuahuas and you need not worry about it rather, you will need to handle your pet with more care and caution.

  • #8. Have the Longest Life Span of all Dog Breeds

Again, another interesting famous Chihuahua Facts and Information is their longevity life span which is the highest across all dog breeds. Chihuahuas can live up to 20 years as long as they receive good care and treatment, you no worries of losing them anytime soon.

The longevity life span is also another famous attraction of this dog.

  • #9. Smart and Easy to Train

Chihuahuas can be the smallest dog breed in the world but that does not make it a dumb dog. No! chihuahuas are smart and intelligent and are used for different domestic activities. They are easy to train in as much as you introduce positive reinforcement training, they are fast learners as well.

  • #10. Chihuahua are Cliquey

If you are considering What do Chihuahuas Like, for sure we can tell you they like been cliquey. Yes, Chihuahuas love it best to mingle with its own breed although it relates well with other pets when properly socialized. However, they stick more to their breed the most, that is to say, if you want to get your Chihuahua a companion, it is advisable to get the same breed.

  • Why Chihuahuas are so Aggressive?

Chihuahuas are cute dogs and loving family pet, however, they can be aggressive sometimes. This can be attributed to anxiety, territorial behavior, or a show of dominance. Also, thus toy dogs can be aggressive to strangers (child or adult) and other dogs or pets.

  • Are Chihuahuas good pets?

Among all dog breeds, Chihuahua ranks high as an excellent family pet. They were originally bred as companion dogs and so far, they have been doing a great job.

  • How do Chihuahuas die?

Chihuahua death can be caused by so many reasons and there are various ways a Chihuahua can die. However, Cardiovascular disease accounts for the death of 18.5% of Chihuahuas due to cardiovascular disease.

  • Why do Chihuahuas bite their owners?

Chihuahuas are known to bite for many reasons but principally, it is for self-defense. They can bite their owners for several reasons, when treated without respect, or could be a means of passing a message, or it could be accidental.

  • Is it OK for my Chihuahua to sleep with me?

Before you let your Chihuahua sleep with you, you need to consider a few health concerns regarding this practice, especially allergies and also, the risk of one of you contracting disease from each other.

  • Why do Chihuahuas stink?

Chihuahuas do stink and it can be for these two reasons which can be because of stools or urine stuck to the body. It’s not strange for small bits of fecal matter to stick to the fine hairs around the anus.

  • Can Chihuahuas be left alone?

You can actually leave your Chihuahua alone for a long time and it will live just fine. However, it is best to provide it with a companion, best is another Chihuahua.

  • Do Chihuahuas Like to be Carried?

Chihuahuas are tiny and small in size but large in spirit, and they love to be carried around everywhere. Also, they are very affectionate and prefer cuddling close to their owners.

  • Why do Chihuahuas cry?

Chihuahuas tend to cries when they are not comfortable, feeling lost and alone, or fearful of others in or around your home.

  • Why do Chihuahuas Shake?

Chihuahuas don’t do well in cold seasons and they tend to shake and shiver. Also, shaking is their own way of speeding up the flow of blood throughout their body to keep warm.

  • What Age Does a Chihuahua Die?

Chihuahua lives the longest among canine families, living for 18 to 20 years. unlike medium and large dogs that tend to live between 10 and 13 years.

  • Do Chihuahuas attach to one person?

Chihuahua is very affectionate and always love to be in the company of their owner. They tend to form a bond and get used to one person in the long run.

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Conclusion on Chihuahua Breeds 10 Facts Every Breeder Should Know [2020 complete Guide]

From the above-detailed discussion about Chihuahua Facts and Information, I believe you learned all that you need to know and gathered facts about Chihuahua that you are unaware of previously.

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