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Cameron Heyward ensures Josh Jacobs’s “thank you” based on the thrilling Raiders-Chargers 2021 Finale

I couldn’t really think of it at that time.

For the 18th week of the 2021 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers needed the help of two AFC teams to take part in the playoffs during the final season of Ben Roethlisberger’s Hall of Fame career.

After the Jacksonville Jaguars won a surprising victory over Indianapolis Colts and the Steelers knocked out Ravens, the Sunday Night Football match between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Las Vegas Raiders seemed to be just formal overall. .. It didn’t matter who won — unless there was a tie. To be honest, it seems unlikely that there will be a tie, and it only happened once during the season. It was a Steelers-Lions match earlier this year in Heinzfield featuring Mason Rudolph in a quarterback.

Early in the match that Sunday night, the Raiders took two ownerships in the Chargers, which was pretty good for the Steelers. Then things got worse, despite what the other parts of the world were doing, watching on television, even though the Steelers were thousands of miles away on the other side of the country. Did.

Behind some force down conversions, the Chargers came back and drew the game 29. All sent the game to overtime. The two teams exchanged field goals during overtime before Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson kicked the winner and sent the Steelers to the playoffs.

Still, the night seemed to last a lifetime, but make sure the Raiders are very conservative, play football in the second half of the fourth quarter, run out of watches and they’re in the playoffs.

Cameron Heyward, a Pittsburgh Steelers star defensive tackle, appeared in a #The Playbook interview with Sports 1 Marketing co-founder David Metzeler and experienced the emotional finale of the thrilling regular season between the Chargers. I talked about a swing. Like many in the fan base, it was accompanied by many stressful moments in the second half and extra time of the Steelers season.

“So, in the first quarter, I’m sitting on the couch. In the second quarter, it’s okay, it’s like still sitting on the couch. According to a video on the official YouTube page of David Metzeler TV, Hayward tells Metzeler. “In the fourth quarter, I’m on the floor right next to the TV. While working overtime, I’m messing around trying to figure out how this game ends.”

Hayward sounds like many stealers nations late Sunday night in early January. The entire Steelers season relied on the franchise’s historic rivals playing at the Raiders. Prior to the kick that won Carlson’s match, the Raiders seemed to simply run out of time and try to avoid all sorts of mistakes and blocked kicks to ensure they were in the playoffs.

Instead, the 12-yard run by Raiders running back Josh Jacobs changed the thinking process of Las Vegas interim head coach Rich Visatch. That run changed the game, leading the Raiders to try field goals and win the game altogether.

“I think the biggest play in the game was Josh Jacobs’ run,” Hayward added, according to a video on the official YouTube page of David Metzeler TV. “It changed everything … I think the game was over if he was stopped. But he got so many yards. They said,” At least I have to go to this, even Otherwise it would look like an idiot. ” But when I see Josh Jacobs around, I’m going to say thank you.

“Sorry, I couldn’t do any more. [though].. “

The kick that won the Raiders game sent the Steelers to the playoffs as the seventh seed, enthusiastic about the Steelers Nation. An incredible clip of the Steelers quarterback celebrating in his basement.

Of course, after the thrilling regular season finale between the Chargers and the Raiders, the Steelers lost in the first round of the playoffs with the Kansas City Chiefs, extinguishing the thrills of the final week of the regular season, and Roethlisberger came out on a whim. And end the legendary era.

Still, the results that night and the Steelers need to play next week will be memorable for years to come for all involved.

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