Best Yoruba Foods

8 Best Yoruba Foods You Should Not Miss

Yoruba is one of the three main ethnic groups in Nigeria; it is also suspected as the third largest of the main tribes in the country. We are about to talk about the 8 best Yoruba foods you should not miss.

The Yorubas are majorly centered in the southwestern part of the nation, though few groups of the tribe are located in Benin and northern Togo.

The Yorubas numbered over 20 million at the start of the 21st century. They are so diversified that some of them speak languages of the Benue-Congo and Niger-Congo language types.

Even in their diversities, they know how to feed well; the 8 meals found in this post are tagged as the “8 Best Yoruba Foods You Should Not Miss,” because the Yorubas are not just owners and originators, but they rank the best.

With the multi-ethnic property of Nigeria, some of these foods have become widespread in the country, and some claim them to be theirs. This impression should be corrected after reading this post.

There are varieties of local foods in Nigeria which has existed for long generations. The importance of good food cannot be overemphasized; Health, longevity, and vitality, among others. These foods are the real definition of good food. I better get on with the listing and not leave you salivating.
So here it is

8 Best Yoruba Foods You Should Not Miss


Amala is a nutritious delicacy that took origin from Ibadan in Oyo State, Nigeria. It is produced from yam pellets that are dried and ground into a powdered form.

It is made by continuous stirring in hot water till it is fluffy and smooth. Amala can be taken or eaten with any kind of soup, although, it is best taken with drawl soups.

Ofada rice

Ofada rice is a unique flavored type of rice grown in the southwestern part of Nigeria. It is nutritious brown rice with bran that causes its rare coloring.

It is sold in its natural form in the market, and because of this, you would find a lot of stones in it after purchase. If not, it has undergone some altercations and may not turn out as the original Ofada rice would have.

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Asun is one of the main meals in the Yoruba food culture. It is seen as finger food as the recipe is simple and readily available. Best prepared with fried goat meat and large quantities of pepper.

Its aroma is breathtaking, and those who love to take meat dishes would find this meal a very special delicacy. This Yoruba dish is not difficult to prepare and can be taken with a variety of dishes which makes it a rich cuisine.


Gbegiri is a popular Yoruba meal with an expanse of health benefits. It is a special dish linked with the contemporary history of the tribe.

Gbegiri is a black-eyed bean soup that is seen as a very appetizing dish. Consisting of ground beans, palm oil, and vegetables; best eaten with yam flour meal or pounded yam.

Ewa Agayin (soft beans)

Ewa Agayin is a food rich in protein as it is prepared from beans. The pasty meal feels light and fluffy after the meal is consumed; readily satisfies one after a small portion of the meal is eaten. It is easily available to the Yorubas.

Ewa Agayin is normally served with oiled pepper sauce as the beans are prepared with no oil. It is this pepper soup that provides the oil needed for the absorption of the vitamins contained in the meal. The beans contain large amounts of major nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals like iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, folate, potassium, phosphorous, and zinc.

Because of the toughness of the beans, it is cooked with a pressure pot to reduce and maximize the cooking time. The regular pot can also be used, though it takes a longer processing time.

Some people do not eat beans because of the flatulence and gas it gives off after consuming them. This can be controlled by parboiling the beans before it is cooked normally.

Ikokore – Ijebu-ode

Ikokore/Ojojo is common among the people of Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State. It is a tasty porridge cooked from water yam and flavored with ingredients like palm oil, vegetables, pepper, onions, and seasoned to taste.

The Water yam used in preparing this meal is nutritious containing minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, copper, and phosphorus; vitamins C and E which give the meal antioxidizing properties.

It also slows down the aging process in adults and is beneficial in fighting diabetes. Crayfish and smoked fish may also be added to the whole mixture to add extra flavor and nutrients.

Efo Riro (mixed greens)

Efo Riro is linked with the Afang soup of Efik origin. This meal is prepared with spinach, tatashi, and other local condiments.

It can also be made with a blend of smoked fish or meat stock. The soup has several health benefits; rich in vitamins, and definitely one you should try out.


This is the most popular Yoruba soup, prepared with Ewedu leaves, crayfish, and many other unique spices. If you are not Yoruba and you’ve been wondering about the popular soup that is prepared with a broom among the Yorubas, then it is this soup.

The Ewedu broom gives the soup a very unique taste. Ewedu is best served with Amala, Semo, or Eba.

Although we mentioned earlier that we would be listing just the 8 best Yoruba Foods you should not miss out on, because you read through till the end, the bonus point here is that you get to know about two more meals of the Yorubas.

Iresi Eyin

This is the Yoruba variant of jollof rice. Iresi is rice in the Yoruba language while Eyin is Palm-nut fruit.


Igbin is a meal of de-shelled snails made with pepper sauce and onion, served as a snack on toothpicks.

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