Top 10 Best Textile Companies in Nigeria

The top ten best textile companies in Nigeria are discussed in this article. These large garment manufacturing companies are definitely very good at what they do if you are looking for some of the country’s leading textile manufacturing companies that produce great fabrics that you can buy in bulk as a top distributor or wholesaler for the purposes of reselling them at great prices.

In today’s Nigeria, several textile firms can be found in various major cities around the country, producing some of the most fashionable and high-quality textile items. The vast majority of these garment manufacturing firms are located in Lagos State, and we will examine them in further depth as we progress through this piece.

Nigeria has one of the major textile industries on the African continent. It has made significant progress in recent years, but it still has a long way to go to reach the heights it reached in the 1970s when it was a major contributor to the economy before our focus moved to crude oil. Regardless, textile manufacturing is still a booming industry in the country, and the top firms in this field are mentioned and discussed below.


In no particular order, below are Nigeria’s top ten textile manufacturing firms for 2021:


In the year 1961, Sunflag began its textile activities in Nigeria. It is one of West Africa’s major home textiles companies, with world-class production facilities. From ginning through spinning, weaving, and finishing, this clothing manufacturer is totally integrated.

As part of its backward integration plan, a Ginnery was established in 2009 to process cotton cultivated in Nigeria’s northern belt and feed the spinning mills in Ikorodu, Lagos. The ginning facility provides poly-cleaned cotton, which is critical for spinning processes to achieve quality and efficiency thus putting them at the first spot in our list of Top 10 Best Textile Companies in Nigeria.


African Textiles Manufacturers Limited (ATM) is a properly established Nigerian company that manufactures indigenous textile goods. The firm has about 25 hectares of property in Kano’s Chalawa industrial district, which houses its factories, offices, and mills.

The firm was founded in January 1980 and began its first production activity in January 1998. Previously, the company’s operations were conducted at 53, FaggeTakudu, Kano, which now contains its head office complex as well as a large sales outlet with sophisticated warehouse facilities.

The Dala Agricultural and Allied Products Ltd (DAAP), a subsidiary of ATM, supplies the majority of raw material inputs for ATM’s textile production activities. The Agro-Allied Company, or DAAP, provides ginned cotton inputs through backward industrial integration, making ATM’s manufacturing process easier.

The company’s corporate objective is to maintain its position as a leader in the manufacturing of high-quality indigenous textile goods, as well as to satisfy the growing demands of the home market and export to the West African sub-region.


United Nigerian Textiles Plc is another major textile firm in Nigeria. African Prints, Java Prints, Real Wax Prints, and polyester/cotton printed and colored cloth are the main products of this garment producer. Classic Wax, Diamond Wax, Rainbow Wax, UNTL, and Nichemwax are some of the company’s brands.


Atlantic Textile Manufacturing Company Limited, situated in Lagos, is a textile manufacturer with a facility in the Ilupeju Industrial Estate. Cotton yarns, grey bafts, and African patterns are among the products they make. The firm also sells its final goods to retail outlets both within and outside of Lagos State.


Femro 3 Nigeria Limited, founded in 1985, is a fully integrated textile manufacturing firm. The firm knits and processes its own textiles to international standards, and its garment section creates high-quality T-shirts, hats, vendor jackets, and a variety of other corporate gifts. T-shirts, hats, towels, umbrellas, and other gift items are all printed using precision screen printing, monogramming, and heat transfer by Femro 3.

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Making it to the list of Top 10 Best Textile Companies in Nigeria is Da Viva Textile, another Nigerian textile firm that specializes in producing traditional African textiles with stunning patterns.

Da Viva textiles provide a wide range of themes, colors, and designs that are inspired by the world’s finest traditions. Da Viva is a 100% cotton line that celebrates the beauty of life through its colors. The company’s talented artisans create beautiful patterns that embrace Africa’s bold curves and elegant forms.


Reddi2wear Nigeria Limited is also one of the country’s top apparel manufacturing firms. Premium home textiles, work, and school uniforms, and pret-a-porter fashion clothes manufactured using imported American and Japanese sewing and printing technologies, to name a few, are among the Nigerian textile manufacturer’s offerings. The company’s goal is to develop cutting-edge, stylish, and high-quality items for its target market of Nigerians at accessible rates.


Haffar Industrial Company Limited is a Nigerian textile manufacturer that specializes in tie and dye goods, yarns, lace embroidery, agbada, and Ankara clothing, among other things. In addition, the firm manufactures the finest sewing and embroidery threads as well as acrylic yarns in Nigeria.


T-Shirt Factory is Nigeria’s premier T-shirt manufacturer, specializing in branded, promotional, personalized, and retail T-shirts. The objective of their product is to combine quality with well-sewn personalized and modern designs that represent companies and their brands in terms of style and color.

The firm has evolved to a facility that provides complete T-shirt solutions from sourcing excellent fabric from overseas to sewing and printing, with the combined expertise of more than 15 years in creating bespoke T-shirts for people.


The Garment Factory is located in Rumuola, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria’s capital. They specialize in classic materials like Georgette, Jersey, Silk, and crepes like Micro Crepe and Satin Crepe.

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If you need to be sure of the Best Textiles companies here in Nigeria, the top 10 list is what we just discussed, so you can share your view in this regard.

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