Top Best Online Payment Gateways in Nigeria

With the advent of technology, the online payment gateways in Nigeria are the new method that small business owners use to collect money from their customers. These online gateways are easy to set up, friendly, secure, and require little effort.

Are you looking for the best payment gateway in Nigeria? This article contains the list of the 10 best online payment gateways that you can integrate into your website to receive payment anywhere.

10 Best Online Payment Gateways in Nigeria

In terms of flexibility, user-friendly interface, security, and good customer relations, below are the top best online payment gateways in Nigeria

1. Paystack

If you are conversant with the internet, there is a high probability that you may have come across Paystack. As it is one of the most popular online payment gateways in Nigeria.

Many large organizations and small business owners use this online payment gateway to receive payment from their customers both locally and internationally.

The platform is secure, and reliable, and allows payment from different channels. It accepts both credit and debit cards for payment. Also, with Paystack, you don’t need to have a website to use the payment gateway. It has a page you can set up to run or sell your products.

Furthermore, payments made through Paystack are released to your local bank within 24 hours except on public holidays and weekends. You can create a Paystack account for free. Charges of 1.5% are also deducted on every payment made with a local card while 3.9% are charged for foreign transactions.

2. Flutterwave

Flutterwave is another best online payment gateway in Nigeria that allows merchants to receive money across Africa. It is an aggregated platform with different payment platforms under it.

With over 154 countries covered, your customers can pay with their local currency using any cards whether Visa Cards, Master Cards, or Verve.

Creating an account with Flutterwave is easy and free. The online payment gateway also charges 1.4% for any local payment and 3.5% for international payments. This is considered to be cheap, hence making Flutterwave one of the cheapest online payment gateways in Nigeria.

3. Interswitch Webpay

The payment gateway is quite popular among corporate organizations like schools, insurance companies, and others. Similar to other online payment gateways in Nigeria, it offers payment services to individuals and businesses thereby allowing them to receive payment across Africa.

Interswitch Webpay is secured and has good customer service. Unlike others, it is quite expensive and does not fit startups and small businesses.

Creating an account with Interswitch isn’t free, a one-time fee of N150,000 is required to create an account. Charges of N2000 are also deducted on payments received on the platform that is above N133,333 while 1.5% is charged for amounts below it.

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5. Stripe

Stripe is also one of the best payment gateways in Nigeria for merchants and small businesses. The online payment gateway is popular among its user for its flexibility, seamless integration, and user-friendly interface. Also, Stripe is secured for receiving payments across the whole world.

Creating a Stripe account is free but charges of 2.9% with $0.3 are charged on every successful payment made on the platform.

Further, your business must be registered before you can create an account with them. This is because you will need to submit necessary documents including your tax ID before you can create an account successfully.

6. Remita

There is a high chance that you might have made a payment through remita before. Remita is one of the most popular online payment gateways in Nigeria, especially among educational institutions, insurance companies, governmental agencies, and so on.

The payment gateway which was created by Oshadami Mike accepts payment through different channels. Charges by Remita on payments made with the platform locally and internationally are 2% and 4% respectively. It is reliable, secure, and safe to use.

7. VoguePay

VoguePay is another online payment gateway in Nigeria for business merchants to receive payment for their goods online. The payment gateway which was established by Tunbosun Ayinla offers excellent payment services for merchants at a cheaper rate.

You can create a VoguePay account without making any payment. Although, you may need an ID card and business registration certificate to open a VoguePay account.

Further, the site is easy to use, and secure and accepts all forms of debit and credit cards. 2.5% and 4.5% are charged per transaction or payment made on the platform.

8. DUSUpay

This is another popular payment gateway that is used to process payments within Africa. DUSUpay is secure, reliable, and fast with good customer service.

The popular payment gateway in Nigeria allows the use of different cards whether Visa, MasterCard, or Verve. Although their pricing plan is quite different compared to the above-mentioned online payment gateways in Nigeria.

9. CashEnvoy

Are you looking for the best payment gateway in Nigeria, CashEnvoy is another well-secured, reliable, and trustworthy platform to use. You can receive payment using the web application from your customers. Although, it works faster among CashEnvoy users.

You can create a CashEnvoy account for free without any dime. An additional charge of 1.5% with N25 is deducted on a local transaction while 3.9% with N12 is deducted on a foreign transaction.

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10. PayU

PayU is also one of the top online payment gateways in Nigeria with innovative payment services being offered to merchants. The payment gateway is fast, easy to use, and secure.

Payment can be made by different customers using their cards on different devices whether phones, iPad, or laptops.

Selecting the Best Payment Gateway in Nigeria

Which payment gateway is the best? There is no best payment gateway because there are many of them that are good and unique. The above list contains the best online payment gateways in Nigeria. We advised you to go through and select the one that fits your needs.

Whatever payment gateway you select, ensure that they are reliable, secured, easy to use, affordable, and have a friendly customer representative.

These are the characteristics of the best payment gateway you should look out for. We hope you find our article on the top best online payment gateways in Nigeria helpful.

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