Best Cleaning Equipments And Their Uses

10 Best Cleaning Equipment And Their Uses

Cleaning may be easy or difficult depending on the expanse of the area or space that you are cleaning. The Cleaning equipment you have been using may just be the few that you know.

As we are in a digital world, there are lots of technological innovations in the hygiene industry. With that, you need to become accustomed to some of these tools.

However, the cleaning tools listed in this post are some of the best that you need to have in your home, while still being cost-efficient.

Here, are some of the best cleaning equipment that would assist in making your cleaning experience, efficient and effective.

10 Best Cleaning Equipment And Their Uses


A mop can be very handy when it comes to cleaning. When using a mop, you need to consider the type of surface or floor that you intend to clean. If the floor is made of wood, linoleum, tiles, carpet, or concrete; you would need to attend to each with separate efforts.

Cleaning Equipments
A Mop

You may also want to wet the mob while cleaning if you have pets or kids. This will help you wipe out more stains and spills on the floor. Apart from the normal mop, you can also get a microfiber spray mob pad.

This microfiber spray mob pad is specially designed to make cleaning and mobbing an easy task. This spray mob has a little container where you can add your cleaning agent. The cleaning agent can be powdered or liquid detergent, or any other cleaning solution you have.

To use the microfiber spray pad, squeeze the provisioned button on the mob handle to spray the solution. You can continue with your cleaning from there. Most mop types are reusable, and the microfiber spray pad mop is no different.

Best Cleaning Equipments
A microfiber spray mop

The parts of the Spray Mop can be disassembled to conveniently store it, and also features a non-scratch scrubbing pad that removes stubborn floor stains.

Broom and Dustpan

Just like the mop, the broom and dustpan are to be handled depending on the type of surface to be cleaned. Always check the different cleaning instructions for different floor types to avoid getting stressed up with only sweeping.

The size of broom you are to use largely depends on the space in the apartment or room that you wish to sweep.

Cleaning Equipments And Their Uses
A broom and dustpan

A Plastic broom is used for manual floor cleaning. It comes with a long wooden handle which allows you to position yourself just the way you want. With a firm grip on the handle, you can do wonders in the cleaning of your home. It has high quality and durability. Apart from the stick broom, the plastic broom is the most commonly used in Nigeria.

The magic sweeping machine uses three brushes that rotate 360 degrees for sweeping dirt and emptying them straight into the dustpan attached to it. The only work you do here is to lift the cover and dispose of the contents of the bin into the trash.

Electric Sweeper
Automatic Street sweeper

This sweeper is so automatic that it folds into a flat structure when it reaches difficult areas to penetrate. Areas like under and behind your chairs, desks, beds; can now be cleaned without you worrying about moving them. You need this broom if you have a lot of chores to do in the home; added that it is cost-efficient and less expensive, getting you real value for your money.

Scrubbing Brush

A sponge or mop though is one of the best cleaning equipment, will not always going to get rid of those stubborn stains. You should keep an all-purpose scrub brush handy for use on your tubs, tiles, fixtures, kitchen tables, and tough stains. You can recycle and use an old dish brush for scrubbing or buy a heavy-duty scrubber.

Dustpan And Brush Set are a brush made especially for cleaning rugs. This is because of its very strong nature. It has a plastic handle for firm gripping, and by dragging the brush gently over the floor, you can remove hidden dirt from the rug. It sometimes comes with a strong dustpan that has a flat rubber lip and a scraper for dirt stuck to the floor.

Scrubbing Brush And Dustpan
Scrubbing brush and dustpan set

Turbo Scrub Electric Cleaning Brush is multifunctional and used for wall and floor cleaning. It has a 360 degrees cleaning mechanism that can penetrate hidden corners. To use the electric cleaning brush for scrubbing the bathroom; soak the brush head in cleaning solution, then proceed to clean the intended surface.

The Blinds and Curtains Cleaning Brush helps you in cleaning the corners of your blinds and curtains without having to dismantle them. It can get into the inner parts of your window glass, to brush those corners up too.

The plus point of this brush is that it does not rust, is washable, and comes with a mini cleaner for wiping the blinds and or air conditioner.


A scrubbing brush no matter how efficient can not get into all the detailed corners. This is where you use a toothbrush. You don’t need to toss your old toothbrush in the bin when you can put them to some work in cleaning.

Your sink rims, grouts, bathroom edges, and other small areas can be cleaned with a toothbrush. Simply boil and disinfect the toothbrush, so it can bend and reach those tough spots. You can get a new toothbrush if you don’t have an old one to spare or if the bristles of the old one are already too distended.


Vacuum Cleaner

There are different kinds of vacuum cleaners available in the market today, like the Roomba, Dyson, or a Workhorse. This machine is one of the best cleaning equipment and helps to keep your floors clean. Some vacuum is rechargeable and automatic, while others function with electricity and manual use.

Vacuum cleaners are specifically used on marble, wooden, nylon, or rugged floors. It can easily pick up dust, sand and soil particles, hair, among others from the floor.

Generic intelligent sweeper is a sweeping robot recently introduced into the marketplace. It is of high quality and stands the test of time. It cancels out the stress of sweeping and conveniently pulls up the dirt in different corners of the house.


The classic sponge has an abrasive side and a normal loofah. There are a variety of sponges available in the market, but the classic sponge can tackle a lot of dirt. Other types of sponges you can try to alternate with the classic sponge include towel sponge, spaghetti sponges that do not require cleaning solutions, a silicone sponge that lasts for a long time, and a Scrub Daddy that adjusts its texture based on temperature.

A Squeegee is a type of sponge used for getting molds and mildew out of the bath. They can be used for cleaning the windows. Once the blade of the squeegee is damaged, make sure to replace it, as it may leave streaks and not perform well after then.

Microfiber Cloths or Wipes

Microfiber cloths or wipes are efficient and boost your cleaning power. They require just a little water to get the surface clean again. They are made of cotton and do not leave streaks while cleaning and are best for windows.

When getting microfiber cloths, try to get about 3 to 5 of them, since you would be using them to clean different types of surfaces.

White Towels

You might be wondering, “What’s the need for white towels when you already have microfiber cloths?”

You need white towels for wiping surface that needs extra cleaning effects. You want to make sure that the surface is clean enough, so you have to use a white towel.


Of course, to clean, you need a bucket. It’s not only used for stocking up cleaning supplies, but can be used when mopping, scrubbing, and cleaning. You can easily get a bucket at a local store.

Spray Bottle

Spray bottles can be used to rinse off surfaces after wiping them.

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We have just listed out some of the best cleaning equipment, which we think would be essential in cleaning your home or offices. Whether you are starting in a new space or you want to upgrade your cleaning, this article would be most helpful to you.

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