How To Become a Clinical Neuropsychologist in UK

How To Become A Clinical Neuropsychologist In Uk

Becoming a clinical neuropsychologist in UK is one of the most lucrative and highly sought-after disciplines in medicine today.

Many practicing individuals find this career incredibly gratifying since it gives them the opportunity to save lives, become successful, and still make a decent living altogether.

On this page, you will learn about what you need to do be become a clinical neuropsychologist in UK. You will also get detailed information about their work and average annual salary.

Clinical Neuropsychologist in UK

A clinical neuropsychologist is a person who diagnoses and gives treatments to patients with terminal brain or neuropsychological disorders like; Alzheimer, autism, schizophrenia, dementia, seizures, stroke, etc., which mostly affect the learning, reading, and memory, problem-solving, and attention ability of the patients.

Clinical neuropsychologists are trained to understand the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral possibilities of various brain disorders, from endocrine-related, nutritional, and developmental to degenerative, traumatic, and epileptic.

In simpler terms, a clinical neuropsychologist focuses on studies, and understands the relationship between a patient’s brain and their resultant behavior. The various types of clinical neuropsychologists adequately represent and cover their specific roles which include;

Private Practitioners: provide consultation services and treat patients who were either referred by their family doctors or other healthcare professionals. These practitioners can either work in groups or individually.

Expert Witnesses: In criminal and civil proceedings when brain injury or cognitive impairments are involved, these clinical neuropsychologists serve as expert witnesses. In a court of law, expert witnesses give evidence and offer their opinions.

Researchers: these are clinical neuropsychologists that conduct studies on the neurological causes of illnesses and develop novel therapies for them. 

Rehabilitation neuropsychologists: these are Clinical neuropsychologists that focus on giving evaluations and diagnoses in rehabilitation centers and helping accident, stroke or tumor victims maintain and regain their normal lives.

What You Need To Do To Become A Clinical Neuropsychologist in UK

Clinical Neuropsychologist In Uk
How To Become a Clinical Neuropsychologist in UK

If you are considering a career to become a clinical neuropsychologist in UK, and are confused about where or how to begin, here are the processes required and some basic credentials you need to acquire;

A Degree in Psychology

The process usually begins with you acquiring a good degree in Psychology (and sometimes a Ph.D. too).

In the UK, this usually involves completing a 3-year doctoral training in clinical psychology and then, completing an extra 3-year post-qualification training to get the QiCN (Qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology).

The 3-year degree in Psychology qualifies you for accreditation by the British Psychological Society(BPS).

Gather Relevant Work Experience

After getting a degree in Psychology, you will need to gather relevant work experience. That means starting your own physical practice as a clinical neuropsychologist.

That is, to expand further to working with patients, and for this practice, you mostly begin as an assistant in a clinical department or rehab unit before moving on to more training.

More so, some people decide to “skip” the Qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology (QiCN) phase and directly work as neuropsychologists in the NHS or the commercial sector. However, without this extra step of physical practice, your career progress can be constrained.

If you did not get a QiCN, but have practiced as stated above, you are free to hold the title “Neuropsychologist”, while bearing in mind that without securing a QiCN, there are usually fewer job alternatives available, and also, it is very difficult to advance up the NHS career ladder without these credentials.

Complete Accredited Postgraduate Training

To become a clinical neuropsychologist in UK, you must also complete accredited postgraduate training in order to qualify to apply for status as a Chartered Psychologist through either a Clinical or Educational training path

A BPS Qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology

A BPS(British Psychological Society) Qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology is also required to become a clinical neuropsychologist in UK.

Certification by the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology (ABCN)

In most cases, you do not need this certification to secure a job as a neuropsychologist in UK, but some employers might prefer to request it instead during job applications. So, it is like an added advantage if you are able to secure this certification.

Clinical Neuropsychologist In Uk

In General, Terms, for you to become a clinical neuropsychologist in UK, you should have a good degree as a start. Also, it is often commonly advised to follow or be a part of the relevant communities of neuropsychology study in your country.

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In case you are in the UK, the British Neuropsychological Society (BNS) or the BPS Division of Neuropsychology (DoN) is quite great options of communities for you.

Both organizations welcome graduate students as members and have frequent meetings where they share the most recent updates relating to this field of study. 

You definitely need these important updates because those comprise first-hand information on what best to do next in your pursuit to become a clinical neuropsychologist in UK

Also noteworthy, For you to become a clinical neuropsychologist in UK, you should be a person who is passionate about brain activities, neuroanatomy, philosophy, psychology, and few aspects of maths, at least because this line of work exposes you to a variety of people and behavioral styles, ranging from your colleagues to actual patients; for instance, professors, philosophers, psychopaths, autistic kids, elderly people, among others, you should also have an adaptable personality.

You also need to be someone who likes to learn always, because there are always new things to learn in this profession and you have to be able to make intelligent use of the resources accessible to you for your intellectual improvement.

Most persons mistake a clinical neuropsychologist for a neurologist, but they are not the same. Neurologists provide the basic medication treatment for the physical symptoms and causes of brain disorders, while clinical neuropsychologists study and treat the resulting effects of cognitive, mental, and behavioral brain disorders.

Conclusion: The average Clinical Neuropsychologist salary in UK is £56711 per year, about 67,029 USD and 27, 839, 155 Nigerian Naira.

If you are passionate about saving lives and still making a decent living altogether, becoming a clinical neuropsychologist in UK is what you should consider as a profession.

Carefully read the detailed requirements above that you need to become a clinical neuropsychologist in UK. Read also: How to Improve Your Immune System


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