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7 Bakeries In Anambra With Quality Bread

If you have been in Anambra, or you are a resident of the state, you can attest to the quality bread produced by the different bakeries in Anambra.

Anambra State is known for its predilection to business. They are business moguls and see close to every opportunity as a business venture.

Bread making is thus a very lucrative business in Anambra state. There is even a vast market for bread sellers only because of the large number of inhabitants of the state which closes to up to 5 million.

Bakeries set targets for different kinds of customers. They produce their bread and other confectioneries to suit the taste of their consumers.

Set aside from taste, bread is produced for different income earners. The bakeries in Anambra State are so diverse that no matter how much you earn, you can still afford a bread meal.

Even as some bakeries target low-income earners while others target high-income earners, this post aims to highlight the seven best bakeries in Anambra State where you can get quality bread.

When we say best, we mean quality. Due to the different taste buds in persons, the likes of individuals vary, but we can assure you that what we have written here on the best bakeries in Anambra State, was based on the likes of a large group of individuals.

Quality of course comes with a price. The quality we meet in the bread here is commensurate with the prices for which they can be obtained.

7 Bakeries In Anambra With Quality Bread

Wendy’s Bread

Wendy’s bread is the best on the list of the top 7 bakeries in Anambra state that produce quality bread. It ranks as the best based on popular and heightened demands for bread.

This bread produced by Wendy’s bakery is found mainly in big stores and supermarkets in Onitsha, Anambra State. Wendy’s bread bakery produces a variety of bread types including fruit bread, coconut bread, sardine bread, and special bread.

Wendy’s bread not only offers different flavors and blends but also, is soft and bromate-free. It also lasts for a good number of days before it expires.

Wendy’s bread is located at 2nd Business Park by Area Command/CPS Enugu Road, G.R.A in Onitsha. Also in Amaudo, Umuchi Omeke, Ekwulobia all in Anambra state.

Roban Bread

Roban bread is one of the best picks for bread lovers. Roban bakery is one of the quality bread makers in Anambra state.

The quality of Roban bread and its taste is simply irresistible.

Although Roban bread is normally meant for sale at Roban stores only, trust Anambra people, this bread is now commercialized.

You can find it in most big supermarkets, and if you are expecting the price to be the same, then you are just funny. Change in location = Change in price.

The sellers did not go to the bakery to come and do a giveaway with Roban bread. They are also interested in making cool cash.

Roban bread is mainly sold at Roban stores branches. In Anambra State, Roban stores are located adjacent Central Bank of Nigeria Office, Awka.

Roban bread comes in different mixes. There’s milk and butter bread, chocolate bread, fruit bread, and wheat bread.

Food for thought: Wheat bread is a plain kind of bread mainly for the elderly, and those trying to cut down on their sugar intake among other reasons.

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Hi Hoa Bread

This bread is produced by a Chinese restaurant and its bakeries in Onitsha, Anambra popularly known as Hi Hoa. This bakery has very good quality bread. Their bread is tasty, soft, and lightweight.

You will want more after eating this bread.

Hi Hoa bakery is located at upper new market road, Onitsha, close to the site of Old Savanna bank.

ShopRite bread

ShopRite bakery is popular in most states in Nigeria, not only in Anambra popular all around Nigeria. This bread is sold mainly at ShopRite shopping center and is known for its irresistible taste and high quality.

Diamond Pizza Bread

Diamond Pizza bread is a product of Diamond Pizza bakeries in Anambra state.

This is one of the popular bakeries in Anambra state because of the quality bread it produces. This bakery is situated on the Enugu-Onitsha expressway, opposite the central bank of Nigeria.

The Diamond Pizza Cake Bread ranks as one of the best bread in the Southeastern part of Nigeria, with varieties of flavors including fruit and sardine bread.

1 City Bread

1 City bread is another great bakery in tasty and quality bread in Anambra State. This bread stands out from other bread bakeries in the Anambra state.

Stanel Bread

Stanel bread is a product of Stanel bakeries in the Anambra state. Stanel Bakery is located at Stanel world, Enugu-Onitsha expressway, close to Women Development Centre Awka.

The bread is majorly sold at Stanel world and also at designated supermarkets in Anambra State. It is a high-quality bread sold in Anambra state.

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