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Ask Alex: Steelers Mail Bag-Steelers Depot

Welcome to the Pittsburgh Steelers email bag. As always, we are here for the next hour to answer whatever is in your mind. Before training the camp, add just a few of these.

To your question!

Henning: Hey Alex, I hope you have a great day! Why are people so obsessed with getting the first job for Mitch than Kenny? The only thing we talked about after the draft was that this was probably Mitch’s leg up competition. And now, suddenly, everyone is trying to give it to Mitch. Players that give sound bites to that range are also included. why is that? Just the impression of OTA? In other words, Kenny didn’t have a firm grasp of the playbook at that time.

Alex: A little! Hopefully you do the same. That’s a fair question. I think it’s based on OTA. Trubisky ran wire-to-wire as a starter, and Pickett was established as # 3. But it’s just a spring job, and many things can and will probably change in the camp. I think the songs will shift this summer and it will be a tougher battle. It’s a momentary prisoner. You see something happening now and think it doesn’t change / doesn’t change. So that’s how Trubisky is recognized.

Sensayshunnn: How do you imagine a CB depth chart shaking with a crystal ball?

Alex: I really don’t know. It can proceed in many different ways. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind during the camp. I don’t even know what the base corner between Sutton, Witherspoon and Wallace looks like. Next, we’ll go into a subpackage and put in more, cassey, and norwood, but it’s hard to say. But there is depth, talent and options, which is more than this time a year ago.



Record forecast for 2022/2023?

Alex: Save it until just before the season when this year’s photos are much sharper. But I have a good idea of ​​where I’m leaning. Don’t expect you to like it.

Christopher Pokins: Alex, the article, and the conversation are all over the map, saying “Pittsburgh needs to extend D. Johnson.” I have my own thoughts, but I was thinking of two things: 1. How are you? 2. What do you think the Steelers will do?Thank you

Alex: It depends on more variables than you ask and more than we know. Annual average, transaction structure. Whether they should do it is a big and broad question. But I’m in the camp of exploring every possible way to close a deal. There is no doubt that hot receiver markers complicate things. What will happen? I was generally optimistic about the deals that took place before the first week. Now I’m far less confident. If I had to guess today, I would actually say no, I don’t think so. The team can tag him at any time next year if needed. This is an option that looks more realistic, even if you don’t pay a lot of money for QB.

Stan: Team fans rarely unite for something as obvious as a hatred for the name “Acrisure”. I think almost everyone is determined to call the stadium something else. Which of these options do you like:
1. Looney field
2. Three Rivers.
3. Heinzfield.

By the way, I have to say that this decision has lost trust in the Rooney family. “Sure,” they knew this would be a difficult name to say or accept for the Steelers nation. Whether it’s a huge sum or a relationship with Thomas Tull, this is generally a selfish decision that hurt fans.

Alex: The name is terrible, but not so serious. It’s just a name. Adjust and get used to it. Looney doesn’t go beyond how the business works. Someone offers far more money than others, you are going to make that deal. They reached this point on many principles, and being financially wise was one of them. Everyone has a number. Acrisure met it.

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