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Alex Highsmith sees quarterbacks competing for all off-seasons for the Steelers and says it’s “great”

The Pittsburgh Steelers found themselves in an unfamiliar territory just two weeks after another iteration of a training camp at St. Vincent University in Latrobe. For the first time in the 18th season, the Steelers will achieve true completion in quarterback positions after Ben Roethlisberger’s retirement.

Veteran free agent Mitch Trubisky, incumbent Mason Rudolph, and 2022 rookie draft pick Kenny Pickett will be training later this month in hopes of shutting out their first job at Steel City. You will be competing with the person in charge for play time at the camp. The tournament attracted a lot of attention through OTA’s off-season and mandatory mini-camps and became the main story of the Steelers of the new era.

It wasn’t a lot of fun for some because they knew the names involved in the competition, but third-year outside linebacker Alex Highsmith was on Tuesday with his hosts Pat Carwan and Jim Miller. Appeared in Sirius XM’s Moving The Chain Show. Compete every day knowing that the Steelers will eventually become a better team.

“Yes, it’s great to see the two compete and get better every day. Mitch is someone who has been to the playoffs and has experienced quarterbacks, so what he brings to the table. And it was great to know him and see how he works. His daily life is amazing, “said Highsmith, according to Sirius XM’s audio. I told Kirwan and Miller. “And Kenny also came in as a rookie and had the idea that he just had to be great. I saw how he carried himself and he always worked really hard in practice and years. One of those who is asking the person above.

“I can see him and Mitch developing chemistry. I’m just really developing a relationship so that Mitch can teach him some things,” Highsmith said. I added. “And I’m excited to see these two really working and competing, so I’m just excited about what’s in front of him.”

It is very interesting that Highsmith makes no mention of Rudolph. Especially after Rudolph started some games played by Highsmith and became his teammate in the last three seasons. Perhaps it’s the way things are going internally, with the belief that Rudolph doesn’t run much throughout the competition, at least from the player’s point of view, and can go out through trade early rather than later. It’s a signal.

You have read it all before his off-season. Turvisky is his second year offensive coordinator, Matt Canada’s system, with a wealth of experience (29-21 in his career), along with a high pedigree (2nd overall in 2017) and an ideal set of skills. Brings a record). He also brings the playoffs experience to the position. This is essential for Steelers teams looking to compete quickly during the transition season, loading defensively while adding some serious parts to the attack.

When it comes to pickets, he’s a future franchise quarterback in black and gold, and the Steelers certainly want him to be. So far, he has come in and has the right mindset, learning playbooks, trying to get used to his new teammates, and actually working on his tech. It should not be exaggerated that the former pit star continues to be praised by veteran teammates for his preparation process and overall thinking.

We’ll look at how quarterback competition takes place in training camps, and so far it’s been as good as everyone wanted, both inside and outside the company.

Trubisky knows that this could be one of the last shots to stick to the NFL as a starting quarterback and has a strong relationship with the picket, as Trubisky did, I’m glad to hear that it helped carry the pick of the first round under his wings. In Chicago, it’s not much of a former second-place overall pick.

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