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2022 Steelers Fantasy Football Preview: Can Life Be Better In The Post-Ben Roethlisberger Era?

The last few seasons of the Ben Roethlisberger era were hard to see, but the combination of Mitch Trubisky and Kenny Pickett isn’t always much better. I’m still talented in skill positions here, but QB’s questions depend on everything.

2021 Review

record: 9-7-1 (13)
PPG: 20.2 (21)
YPG: 315.4 (23)
Passed YPG: 222.2 (15)
Rush YPG: 93.1 (29)
PAPG: 39.1 (4)
RAPG: 24.2 (28)

2021 fantasy ends

QB: Ben Roethlisberger * QB21
RB: Nagy Harris RB3
WR: Diontae Johnson WR8, Chase Claypool WR38
TE: Pat Fly Armor TE13

Numbers you need to know: 2.26

This was the average time Roethlisberger threw in 2021 and was the fastest in the league. Now, releasing the ball quickly is obviously not a bad thing in nature-for example, Tom Brady had the second fastest average slow time-but in the case of Roethlisberger, that’s not necessarily what he did. It wasn’t because I was making the right pres-quick decisions and finding holes in defense. Often it’s just because I didn’t want to face the pass rush. Here is an example:

The Steelers had to reach the 1-yard line with 4 downs, 2 score downs and 3:09 remaining, and Roethlisberger threw it into flat Harris with a 1.5 second snap, leaving plenty of time 4 To converge on him well before the line that one Bengal gets. You can see what the playcall was trying to achieve-the receiver on the right has been cleared so they are trying to send Harris the ball into space with a man-but Roethlisberger Just throws it away so there is no chance for Harris.

But the problem is … it wasn’t a bad play for the value of Harris’ fantasy! He scored points in the PPR league. And there are many situations where Roethlisberger was willing or unable to sit in his pocket and further develop his play, causing Harris and Johnson to pick up a few yards of an essentially meaningless reception. did. But those plays were very important to the value of Johnson and Harris.

It doesn’t mean that Harris and Johnson weren’t good players and didn’t reach their goals. But, at least in part, they saw a huge amount of targets due to the malfunction of the attacks commanded by Roethlisberger. Of course, Roethlisberger’s limits prevented the attack. I think the fact that the defense knew he didn’t have to worry about aiming for the top made things difficult, especially for Harris as both a receiver and a runner. But even a guy like Trubisky, a talented scrambler, or even Kenny Pickett, who thinks they’re more manoeuvrable than the late Roethlisberger if nothing else. Did you have such a volume?

Both Johnson and Harris can prosper without Roethlisberger, and can argue that if the overall attack is better, both may be in a better position to succeed. Of course, that is not a guarantee of Trubisky and Rookie QB. That makes them a bit more suspicious, if nothing else, than the flashy stats of last season show.

2021 off-season

Draft topic

1. (20) Kenny Pickett, QB
2. (52) George Pickens, WR
3. (84) DeMarvin Leal, DT
4. (138) Calvin Austin, WR
6. (208) Connor Hayward, TE
7. (225) Mark Robinson, LB
7. (241) Chris Oradokun, QB


OL James Daniels, LB Miles Jack, DL Larry Ogunjobi, OL Mason Cole, CB Levi Wallace

Main departure

QB Ben Roethlisberger, CB Joe Hayden, LB Joe Shobert, TE Eric Ebron, OL Zack Banner, WR Juju Smith-Schuster, OL Trea Turner, WR James Washington

Opportunities available

12 carry, 7 RB targets, 138 WR targets, 18 TE targets

2022 preview


Chris Towers Forecast

QB Mitch Trubisky PA: 575, YD: 3968, TD: 23, INT: 14; Rush-ATT: 67, YD: 267, TD: 2
RB Nagy Harris CAR: 289, YD: 1156, TD: 9, TAR: 86, REC: 65, YD: 485, TD: 3
RB Benny Snell CAR: 67, YD: 267, TD: 2, TAR: 23, REC: 17, YD: 86, TD: 1
WR Dionte Johnson TAR: 138, REC: 97, YD: 1118, TD: 8
WR Chase clay pool TAR: 113, REC: 55, YD: 769, TD: 5
WR George Pickens TAR: 71, REC: 49, YD: 560, TD: 3
TE Pat Fly Armas TAR: 86, REC: 65, YD: 647, TD: 4

Biggest question

How does the QB switch change the attack?

Roethlisberger’s inability to stick to the ball and develop play led to a rather ugly play-he averaged 6.2 yards per attempt in the last two seasons-but it’s also Dion Tajsonson. And led to a fairly huge target number for Nagy Harris. It’s not unreasonable to think that the Trubisky and Picket combination might make the Steelers’ attack more functional as a whole, but the targets are distributed in a way that makes them particularly difficult to stand out. There is a possibility.

1 sleeper, 1 breakout, 1 bust

Just because Josh Allen took a big step with them, he didn’t buy the notion that a year spent with Brian Dabol and the Bills organization magically made Trubisky much better- I think the proposal would take too much credit from Allen and his job, he did to get better. That said, I’ve seen Trubisky put together a solid fantasy player stretch in the past. This includes an average of 20.1 PPR points per game for the last six games of 2020. Trubisky has a capacity of over 400 yards in the season, and the Steelers believe he has a lot of short and easy throws to give Trubisky a decent floor. He needs to postpone the picket, but it turns out that Trubisky is a viable low-end starting option.

This Steelers attack has historically created so much value for running backs that I have less concern about Harris than Johnson. Harris may be talking about playing a few more times than playing as a rookie, but when the push rushes, Pittsburgh will do what they always do. I hope his efficiency will improve in the second year, and Harris should still have a solid role in the pass game-especially the less mobile picket to work ahead of Trubisky. If you decide to win. Harris outperforms # 1 RB overall, even if this attack is pretty good in terms of both aspects of the game he expects. And I look forward to taking a step forward.

Given the dramatic cost gap, there are far more risks in drafting Johnson-Claypool is off the board at 108.61 in NFC ADP-But Claypool can be more or less intangible. I don’t think sex is zero. Claypool stumbled when his chances increased and caught 15 of 31 targets in the last five games with 132 yards and one touchdown. Also, the addition of Pickens in the second round pick shows that the team may not be completely satisfied with what they have so far got from Claypool. I was able to see him eventually take third place on the team with a WR snap and leave the field with a 2 WR set. If the attack doesn’t create a deeper opportunity, he can be quite useless for fantasy.

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