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2022 Off-Season Question: Is Dan Moore Jr. Answering with a Left Tackle?

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ 2021 season is over and has already been removed from the postseason after a 42-21 defeat by Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City Chiefs. They barely made the postseason with 9-7-1 records and a little help from their friends.

This is an off-season of big changes, with the retirement of Ben Roethlisberger, the possibility of retirement of General Manager Kevin Colbert, and many important players such as Joe Haden, Stephen Twitt and Juju Smith-Schuster. There are decisions about the future of. , And others — Some have already been decided, others have not.

Apart from exploring their options in quarterback positions, the world’s top priority is once again to deal with aggressive lines that weren’t well done a year ago. thinking about. Dan Moore Jr. looks promising as a full-time starter, but Kendrick Green was clearly not ready. Chukwuma Okorafor was resigned, but Trai Turner was not. James Daniels and Mason Cole have been added as free agents.

These are one of many other topics we are exploring every day and will continue to do so. Soccer has become an entertainment all year round and there are always questions. There is rarely a concrete answer, but this is your place to explore the topics we present through all the uncertainties.

question: Is Dan Moore Jr. a long-term answer with a left tackle?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are full of questions this year. One of the most underrated is the second grade Dan Moore Jr.’s left tackle. Moore, who was thrown into the fire as a rookie last year, opened this year as a starter after Zack Banner was frustrated by rehab and shifted Chukuuma Okorafor to the left tackle. Insert Moore into the starting five. He took the rookie lump as expected, but improved as the season progressed. In total, he allowed 7.5 bags, 1 bag for every 93.6 snaps on average. Only one of them passed his last six starts. This is a clear sign of improvement. His run blocking has also improved, which is an underrated aspect of his game. Moore is smart, hardworking, and well-trained.

That said, can he reach the level of a long-term starter? It’s hard to say, as I’ve had different results in just one year under his belt. He is not Rashawn Slater. He is not the one who you can watch some games and know he is a man. But he’s not bothered, he has the tools, traits, and work ethics to consistently improve. Whether he takes a step or leap in 2022 will determine his long-term outlook.

Moore’s greatest room for improvement is his power and functional strength. It was important for him to be strong to stop the bull rush and it was a problem for him last season. In Patmeyer’s aggressive passset system, Moore is required to jump the defensive end of the set and chase after the widely placed pass rusher instead of giving up the ground. “Bringing them to battle” is Meyer’s mantra, and strength alone cannot get the job done, but it’s important.

If this next season shows more uneven play, especially if the signatures of James Daniels and Mason Cole help close the other holes in the leaking boat that was this offensive line, Pittsburgh will be in the future. It would be wise to look for the tackle on the left. But if Moore’s season is strong, he gets the right to start hoping for a above average tackle. This is better than Kelvin Beachum and may not be as good as Marvel Smith.

So far, that’s all speculation. Moore’s future is in his hands. After the end of 2022, there’s a much clearer conversation about what he’s capable of – the average and the good.

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